Riansh-love between police officers episode 2

So As I promised that today is my silver jubilee of my first ff so I will post this one also. So it is here.

The episode starts with:

They both head inside and Riddhima shows vansh his cabin. He sits at his chair.

Vansh: nice to meet you again.(wink)

Riddhima smiles.

Riddhima: if you think that I am scared of you for what I did to you on the road then you are wrong because I won’t apologize because I know I was right. Law is equal for all.

Vansh was amazed by her words.

Vansh: I understand. And I don’t want you to apologise. What you did was right. I must admit that you are brave and fierce.

Riddhima smiles.

Riddhima: sir these are the cars. If you need any help you could call me.

Vansh nods and she leaves.

Vansh(thinking): something is definitely there in this girl.

Riddhima gets a call. She attends it and comes to Aditya in full excitement.

Aditya: what happened ma’am?

Riddhima: Aditya…he is here..in mumbai..

Aditya: who?

Riddhima: he…

Aditya: who ma’am?

Riddhima: dumbo!! Aryan!!

Aditya: oh wow! Aryan!! I am very excited to meet him. You keep talking about him everytime.

Riddhima: you will meet him soon now.

Then she hears a voice from vansh’s cabin.

Vansh: Riddhima…

Riddhima(thinking): what does he want now.

She goes to his cabin.

Riddhima: yes sir!

Vansh: why these cases are left unsolved.

Riddhima: I really don’t know about it sir! The earlier dcp who used to work here..he never discussed any case with me..so how can I know.

Vansh: ohhh ok. Now I will solve all these cases. And you have to help me.

Riddhima nods.

Vansh: first we have to solve this case.

Riddhima looks on.

Riddhima: what the hell!! Human trafficking!! Sir never told about all this to me! That’s why I always used to think that he is a corrupt officer. I was right.

Vansh: yes he must be!! That’s why he hid all these important cases.

Riddhima: first we have to track their location and save all the poor children from them.

They both call the officers and work on the case.

Riddhima: According to the information,they have caged total 60 girls with them!!

Vansh: we have to now reach the location as soon as possible.

Aditya: I know how can we do this!

He walks to a side and comes after a while.

Aditya: this is the location.

Riddhima: very good! Let’s go!

They leave for the place. Aditya was driving. Vansh was sitting beside him and Riddhima at the back. Other officers were following them in different vehicles. They reached the place. Vansh took his gun from his pocket and headed inside. Riddhima too followed him with a gun. They headed slowly slowly. Aditya and Riddhima shot two guards. Then they reached a room and saw the girls sitting there and crying. Their faces had blood stains. They were been tortured. Riddhima was very sad for their plight. They entered the room and untied all of them. Riddhima was having tears in her eyes. Vansh saw this.

Riddhima (tears): how can someone be so heartless to torture small girls.

Vansh: calm down! We saved them.

She headed towards a girl who was crying very badly. She hugged her tightly. She felt a connection with her.

Riddhima: calm down ! Now I will save you.

Girl: they are very bad! They torture us daily. They beat us with sticks and belts! They burn our hands and feet with hot iron rod if we don’t listen to them.(crying)

Riddhima was shocked to the core. She was burning in anger.

Riddhima(anger): I want to kill them.

Vansh: we will kill them but first we have to transfer all of them to a safe place.

Riddhima : yes.

Riddhima called maya(junior inspector). Maya along with some other officers slowly slowly took all the girls out and they took them to the police station.

Riddhima: sir I just want to kill them(anger)

Vansh: we will not give them a easy death. We will torture them more than they tortured those girls.(anger)

Riddhima:yes you are right. Let’s go!

Riddhima (thinking): why did I felt a strong connection with that girl..her voice and face was just like my ruhi. I guess I am overthinking. I want to meet mom dad and my lil sister ruhi very soon. God please help me!

They both head to the cabin where the one who kidnapped the girls was present. They slowly started shooting all his goons. Aditya came and arrested the kidnapper and took him into the car.

Riddhima and vansh(in unision): mission successful!

They both smile. Suddenly a goon comes from behind and was about to stab vansh from back but Riddhima saved him in nick of time and got stabbed in her hand. Vansh shoots the goon.

Vansh(shouting): Riddhima..

Riddhima: sir I am fine.

Vansh: fine my foot. He takes her to the hospital.

Done for today guys..I guess it was a long one and I wanted to highlight the wrong practices of human trafficking which are stoll practised in india. Hope you like it. Take care! Love you all!



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