Riansh-love between police officers episode 13

1234Aayu(writer of born to be united and souls forever )will not be able to post today because she is not well.


The episode starts with:


Riddhima laughs seeing Aryan scared of vansh. Then she gets a call!


Riddhima: your brother will live 100 years( when we are talking about someone and his/her phone comes or the person comes we say thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


Aryan: oh wow we were talking about him and he called.


Riddhima: talk about the devil and the devil is here(laughing)


Aryan also laughs.


Aryan : now pick up the call! Otherwise the devil will gulp you up!!


Riddhima: oh yes yes!


She picks up the call and puts it on speaker.


Vansh: Riddhima can’t you pick up the phone in just one or two rings(stern)


Riddhima: no sir..I have to think to pick up the call..


Vansh: shut up and now listen to me…


Riddhima (cutting him): sir but you told not to use phone in police station! You are yourself breaking the rules again!


Vansh: shut up Riddhima! This is for very important work! I am giving you 10 minutes time! Come to the police station otherwise be ready to face the worst consequences!!(stern)


Riddhima: oh ok coming.


She cuts the call.


Riddhima: your brother will not let us spend time together!


Aryan: yes!! We met after long then also this..


Riddhima: now let me go! I have to reach in 10 minutes otherwise he would kill me!


She leaves.


After 10 minutes police station:


Riddhima comes.


Riddhima: yes sir??


Vansh: come I will tell you!!


Riddhima: what?


Vansh: come na!


They both go.


Vansh: see we arrested that humam trafficking kidnapper.


She nods in yes.


Vansh: now we have to present him in court. Day after tomorrow is court hearing. So we need to call all the girls who he kidnapped and take them as a witness. We have to record their statements.


Riddhima: ohk ! I will tell maya and aarushi to call all of them in one hour.


Vansh nods.


Riddhima (thinking): we are calling those girls..this means I can meet her…that girl..and confirm that if she is ruhi or not..


Riddhima tells aarushi and maya to call them.


After 1 hour:


All the girls had arrived. Vansh and Riddhima took them to a seperate room. Aarushi and maya also came with them.


Vansh: dear girls! You know how brutally that kidnapper treated you! We want your statement for that so that he can be punished by the court! You all want your criminal to be punished right?


They all nod.


Vansh: then we want your statements for it so that we could use that as witnesses in court.


They all nod and agree for giving statements.


Vansh: Riddhima record the statements.


Riddhima: yes sir!


She goes to record. After an hour all the statements were recorded. Then Riddhima decides to go to that girl.


Riddhima: hi!


Girl: hello!


Riddhima: can I know your name please?


Girl: mom dad told me not to tell my name to strangers.


Riddhima: but I rescued that day! That means we are not strangers.


Girl: but..


Riddhima: please! I don’t know but I feel a strong connection with you!


Girl: ok my name is…


Just then vansh shouts Riddhima’s name.


Riddhima: oh no! Tell me your name fast!


Girl: ruhi..


Riddhima was shocked. Before she could say anything vansh came there and held her hand and dragged her out.


Riddhima: what are you doing!!!


Vansh: can’t you hear that I am calling you! See these statements!! This one needs to be recorded again.


Riddhima: sir please after one minute..I want to ask something from her.


Vansh: do that nonsense later. First record this.


Riddhima records the statement again.


Riddhima (thinking): means my guess was right. But still I am 99% sure! This gives me a clue about my parents that they are alive. But I need to talk to ruhi.


She gives the recording to vansh.


Riddhima: now tell me where is she?


Vansh: her parents came and she left.


Riddhima starts to cry. Vansh was shocked.


Vansh: Riddhima..what happened…why are you crying..


Riddhima: all because of you(crying)


Vansh: what did I do?


Riddhima: if you would have not dragged me out …I would have found my parents today..that girl..I felt a strong connection with her since starting..today I asked her name.. her name was ruhi.. my sister’s name is also ruhi..her voice..her face.. everything is like my ruhi..I would have asked her everything if you would have not dragged me(crying and shocked)


Vansh was guilty of what he did with her.


Vansh: sorry Riddhima..


Riddhima: what will your sorry do now..I am finding them from past 10 years and today when I got a clue you spoiled it.. wonderful mr. Vansh rai Singhania.(shouting)


She leaves from there.


Vansh(thinking): what did I do!! I snatched the clue of her family!! How can I do this!! I made her cry!!


He goes to her.


Vansh: Riddhima..


Riddhima: leave me alone!


Vansh: riddhima please listen to me..I am sorry..


Riddhima: I said leave me alone.


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