Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 4) surprise and suspense

Hi guys I am back with a new chapter but again will end with a mystery. You can call it my style or my habit I don’t mind. But I love responses and that makes me write a lot. It is why I have been trying hard to make this good.

Riansh: thank you dadi

Vansh : now I don’t want to spill more beans cause if I do I will be inviting hell for myself and I don’t want to die young so let’s finish breakfast and have some dessert.

Ridhima: better!

They ate breakfast and  was waiting for dessert to be served.

Riddhima : mrs. Dsouza why didn’t you bring my handmade fruit salad

Mrs. Dsouza: sorry Riddhima, wait I will bring now.

Riddhima : no need. I myself will bring it!

Vansh : but

Riddhima : no means no (he became quiet)

So Riddhima bought the fruit salad and started serving everyone.

Aryan,Siya and ishani : wow riddhu amazing

Dadi, Chanchal and Rudra: bohot achcha my beta! [it’s great my child]

She served herself and was about to eat when

Vansh: nnnnnnnnnnoooooooo!!!!!!

Riddhima : are you mad or what? I have ears ok no need to shout!

Vansh : if I didn’t shout then you would have eaten pineapple. You have put pineapple in the salad and you are trying to eat that despite knowing that you are allergic to it. And you know what happens right. I can lose anything but not you.

Everyone : AWW

Riddhima: aww calm down sweetheart! I didn’t eat it also now shut your mouth and eat your dessert by me. I am going to meet shaggy and him till then.

When she was going, Vansh said : stop sweetheart!

Riddhima : now what Vanshu

Vansh: wait I said you can’t eat fruit salad but no dessert.

Riddhima : stop beating around the bush and say directly.

Vansh : mrs. Dsouza now

Mrs. Dsouza brought a beautiful and delicious-looking chocolate cake and then:

Vansh :you really thought I would let Riddhi go without any dessert. Not fair isn’t it? Come and sit down

Riddhima : wow thanks vanshu and is it my favourite chocolate cake?

Vansh   : stop talking! Come and  eat sweetheart

Riddhima : what if I don’t?

Vansh : you want to challenge me  sweetheart?

Riddhima : well I love challenges! Specially open challenges!

Vansh : then pay for accepting VR’s challenge now!

Saying so he lifted riddhima in his arms while she was protesting;

Riddhima : leave me

Vansh : ok sweetheart!

He acted as if throwing but he couldn’t do that to his sweetheart as he hate tears in her eyes. She shouted but then felt as if someone held her tightly. It was Vansh itself.

Vansh:I can’t ever hurt you Riddhi

She smiled and said : I know sweetheart!

He made her sit on the chair and served her the cake,

Riddhima : if you brought the cake, made me sit to have the cake then you should only feed me right?

Vansh : surely sweetheart!
He fed her the cake as if she was a fragile flower.She recongnised the taste of the cake;

Riddhima: wait, you made it na. since when was I craving for this. Thanks vanshu!

Vansh: anytime sweetheart! Now give me the review.

Riddhima : yummy as always. You should cook and bake always vanshu. But if you do make something it’s once in a lifetime and it’s tastes like heaven.

Ishani, Aryan and Siya: really may we also try?

Riddhima: no vanshu has made this for me so NO SHARING

Vansh : I will make a better thing for you special recipe only for you Riddhi. Now sweetheart give them some.

Riddhima :ok

Saying so she shared the cake with the rest of the family members and then;

Riddhima : chalo na vanshu shaggy aur wo intazar kar rahi hogi! [let’s go vanshu shaggy and he must be waiting for us]

Vansh : ok let’s go

Angrey : ok I will call them to the hall.

Everyone: can we also come with you?

Riansh : yes, come on!

Everyone went to the hall with angrey;

Riddhima [shouted]: SHAGGY!

A puppy came running and jumped on Riddhima.[it’s a dog ] She carried it;

Riddhima : aww boy you missed me

Vansh : come on  (he took it in his arms) did you miss me too?

It was shouting as if agreeing with both of them.

Aryan : who is this?

Riddhima: jis cheez tum nahi samaj paugi wo nahi puchna chahiye aryan [the things that you don’t understand you must never ask aryan]

Chanchal: absolutely riddhima

Vansh:ok so everyone this is shaggy.shaggy this is dadi,chachi,chachu,aryan,ishani,angrey,siya and us.[he pointed towards everyone while saying their names]

Riddhima : ok so you got introduction. Now mrs. Dsouza take him to his place I had reserved in VR mansion.

Mrs. Dsouza : ok riddhima

She took shaggy and left, then;

Angrey : bhai shall I call him?

Riddhima and Vansh :ok we don’t have that much time so quick

Angrey : ok bhai!

He came with another man;

Vansh : welcome to VR mansion Mr singh! I know you are the best painter of India so I want you to show your talents and skills  now by  painting a portrait of me and Riddhima.

Riddhima : not just a portrait but the best one in the history!

Mr. singh :ok maam and sir

After about 2 hours a portrait was made and it was beautiful with a attractive frame(the cover pic it is the portrait)

Everyone : awesome

Riansh : interesting, very interesting!

They all laughed and riansh suggested to hang it somewhere but where was the problem and they started fighting ;


Vansh:no yours

Riddhima: no yours

Vansh: no yours

This went on for about 25 mins. They were not fighting  with each other but for each other.

Everyone was watching the show and admiring how deep their bond is..

After a lot of fighting everyone decided where to hang;

Siya and Ishani: vansh bhai’s room

Riansh : no

Aryan: riddhima’s room

Riansh : no

Everyone : then

Riansh:in the centre of the living room so that everyone could witness our bond.

They hung it there so that it could be visible to everyone in the house  and to ensure everyone knows how much riddhima is precious to vansh and no one can separate R FROM V.

Dadi: wow great idea! But beta[child] could you explain why all this

Riddhima: I will dadi but after I come from office we are already late but i can say one thing

Kisne kaha jine ke liye hawa chahiye

Kbhi kbhi sath na milne se jaane chli jaya krti hai


Translation – who told that oxygen is necessary for life

People often die without support

Riddhima:so I will die without vansh as if he wasn’t there [cut-off by vansh]

Vansh : me too sweetheart but I don’t like to talk about that and we are late ! shall we go now?

Riddhima : yes

Riansh: bye everyone

They took the blessings and bid them bye

Everyone: bye

Riansh : bye. come on angrey!

When they were going riddhima fell unconscious and fell in vansh’s arms;

Vansh: riddhimaa…………..

Riddhima: vansh vanshu……….

She fainted in his arms and vansh shouted in a broken voice: Riddhi [a shock ](jatka laga kya)

Phew done with the update ! I tried to write this very quickly as tomorrow I am going on a trip and not updating for a lot of time and staying away from you guys is not my cup of tea. So think why she fainted and I answered your questions. Hope it was not boring as I am writing with a bad mood so yeah. Take care and bye everyone ! see you in my next chapter … although I say I won’t update I update as I love your responses towards my book and stay late in the night to write chapters so pls do comment.

Again special thanks to aisha di for her shayari now enough of talking bye and this has +1000 words.. hope you like dit!

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