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Part 18

Here it goes…….

Vansh : you??

The sight shook him to the core. It was Ragini whom he assumed dead since 5 yrs.

Vansh: Ragini you are alive??  (shocked)

Ragini: yes Vansh I am alive  . ( with happy tears)

Vansh: but how?? You died in front of me Vyom shot you     . How is it possible??

Ragini: I will tell you everything Vansh trust me

Suddenly she faints. Vansh was shocked and didn’t know what to do.  How would Ridhimma react seeing her?? .His mind was just numb.

All the youngsters and elders were dancing in the hall . Ridhimma as looking here and there to find Vansh  . Then suddenly she saw Vansh coming  there and he was lifting someone. When she went to him to see what happened she saw Ragini’s face and got shocked . Vansh looked at her he was not able to understand what to say.

Soon everyone saw Vansh and Ragini and stopped the music. They were equally shocked  seeing Ragini alive . Vansh carefully laid Ragini on nearby couch. Sia   sprinkled some water on her face . She slowly gained consciousness. When she opened her eyes she saw the whole Raisinghania family in front of her. She sat straight in a moment. Anupriya came and sat beside her.

Anupriya : are you fine Ragini??

Ragini: yes  aunty thankyou.

Kabir: but Ragini Vyom shot you that day then how…

Ragini: that’s a long story Kabir.

Ishani: then tell what are you waiting for ?? (snapping angrily)

Vansh looked at Ishani he knew Ishani didn’t’ like Ragini back when he was in relationship with her. She always thought that Ragini was a money minded girl. Ishani understood Vansh stare and composed herself.

Ragini: when Vyom shot me after that I was alive . Vyom kidnapped me and told that the after he shot me Vansh cried and fainted out if shock at that moment he kidnaped me and held me in captive.

Vansh: but I checked your pulse it was not there.

Ragini: actually the bullet with which Vyom shot had a chemical with which the pulse will get slow for sometime. It was all a plan of Vyom to destroy Vansh . I was in his captive for 5 years. After that I got to know that Vansh killed Vyom and ran away . (crying)

Anupriya hugged her while all other were looking at her with sympathy. Vansh and Ridhimma were looking at each other . There were many things going on in their mind . Both were having moist eyes  . Ragini saw this she went to and Vansh held his  hand . Ridhimma saw and was afraid that her fear came true but to her surprise Ragini brought Vansh towards Ridhimma and joined their hand . They looked at Ragini with surprise .

Ragini: (smiling ) don’t look at me like that I saw Vansh how he was happy with you . More than he was with me so you are right for him. (looking at Vansh) I will always remain his best friend but you are his true love.

Vansh  hugged Ragini and said

Vansh: thankyou Ragini for understanding me.

Ridhimma: yeah really thankyou Ragini (hugging her)

Ragini looked at both of them smiling. Ishani was looking at Ragini doubtfully. She was not sure if it was a drama or for real.

Dadi: now everybody go to their rooms and rest it was a hectic day for all. Anupriya take Ragini to guest room.

Anupriya: yes ma.

Anupriya took Ragini to guest room. Everyone went to their room while Ridhimma Vansh were alone. As soon as everyone was gone Vansh hugged Ridhimma tightly .

They stayed in each other embrace for a long time. After breaking the hug Vansh cupped Ridhimma’s face and said

Vansh: you okay?? ( with concerned voice).   Ragini just fainted in front of me and I couldn’t think of anything else I brought her here.

Ridhimma : you did right Vansh , no need to be sorry I understand. But how did you find her??

Vansh: (thinking) I can’t tell her about attack planned on her and Ragini is wearing same ring too. I need to clear my doubt before telling Ridhimma.

(to Ridhimma) I went outside for a call when I saw her  there and suddenly she fainted. The day was tiring now you should go and rest . I have to talk to Angre.


Ridhimma nodded and went. She was passing by guest room when she heard her talk.

Anupriya: so Vansh went behind you after seeing you . I think Ragini Vansh still loves you.

Ragini: its nothing like that aunty. He loves Ridhimma . Don’t overthink. Now you should go and rest.


Ridhimma hide behind pillar while Anupriya went away. She was having tears in her eyes.

Ridhimma: why did Vansh lie to me. Does he still love Ragini. Will he leave me ??

She was unable bear the thought of Vansh going away from her. Crying she went to her room.

Seeing her going like this Ragini smirked


Precap: Ridhimma: Vansh lets break this engagement . Here is your ring.

So part 19 ends. Hope you liked it. Please comment let me know your views …..

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