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Here it goes……..

Vansh and Ridhimma were enjoying themselves very much . They were walking on the beach and talking .

Vansh : Ridhimma you didn’t answer my question when are going to complete our incomplete date ??

Ridhimma: (blushing) we will complete it so don’t worry. I didn’t know Vansh Raisinghania is so desperate for a date (laughing)

Vansh :you don’t know many things Ridhimma . Don’t worry you will know it soon. But now you are wet and you may catch cold so can we go home madam.

Ridhimma: sure Vansh.( smiling widely)

After a while all return home and go to freshen up. Vansh comes to hall and saw Kabir there .he went to him

Vansh: Kabir I need to talk to you . Come with me .

Kabir: what happened Vansh ??

Vansh: you come with me I will tell you everything on way.

Kabir and Vansh went somewhere after this. They returned after a while

Vansh: tomorrow be ready Kabir ,okay

Kabir: okay bro , I am excited .

Vansh: who gets excited in this things?? Seriously Kabir

Kabir : I enjoy it .Any problem bro.

Vansh: leave it . I am going to Ridhimma.

Saying this he went. He went to ridhimma’s room and saw her near window staring at the sky. He went towards her and tapped her shoulder. Ridhimma came out of thoughts and turned to see Vansh .

Ridhimma: Vansh you here ?? Is everything fine??

Vansh: everything is fine Ridhimma but what were you thinking??

Ridhimma: nothing just thinking about my life. You know Vansh I was all alone in life until I met sejal and Aryan . They are not only my family but they are the ones because of whom got love of parents which was lacking in my life. Rudra uncle and Chanchal aunty love me like their own daughter. Then suddenly this Vyom came and turned everything upside down. I was in depression for 2 yrs then you came and filled my life with happiness . Thankyou Vansh (hugging him)

Vansh hugged her back and both stayed like this for sometime. After sometime Vansh broke the hug and made Ridhimma sit on couch nearby and sat himself. .

Vansh: Ridhimma do you believe me??

Ridhimma: what is this question Vansh ofcourse I believe you ,more than myself

Vansh: then I want you end this Vyom chapter forever. Punish him for his deeds .

Ridhimma: I will be happiest to do so Vansh .but how will I do it??

Vansh: you will get to know it tomorrow and also tomorrow I will tell you my past so be ready

Ridhimma: okay but…

Before she could complete Vansh got up and went away. Ridhimma was not understanding what happened to him.

Ridhimma: why he behaved like this ?? Is there something bad in his past??

In Vansh room

Vansh was very tensed that how will Ridhimma react knowing his past.

Vansh( to himself): don’t know how will she react tomorrow but I can’t afford to lose her. She will be angry if she gets to know from someone else.

Next day

Ridhimma and Vansh left. During their whole journey Vansh was silent. Ridhimma observed that he was tensed but chose to remain silent. Vansh stopped car . It was a old factory and his basement. Ridhimma and Vansh walked inside and then what Ridhimma saw shocked her. Vyom was tied with chain and was having many bruises on his body. Then she saw Kabir there and she was more shocked.


Vansh and Kabir came to basement where Kabir was shocked to see Vyom .

Kabir: Vyom?? He was supposed to jail right ?? Why he is in this state??

Vansh: I kidnapped him Kabir to punish him for his crime in my way.

Kabir looked at Vansh and then said

Kabir: you tortured him . How come he is alive by now then??

Vansh : because I want Ridhimma to punish him personally for his deeds.

Kabir: good idea Vansh but she doesn’t know about you past.?? How will she react seeing this??

Vansh: I will tell her everything tomorrow. You just support like you used to do.

Kabir:(hugging him) I am always there for you Vansh.


Ridhimma: Vansh how come Vyom is here ?? Why he is in this state??

Vansh: Ridhimma I kidnapped him so that you can punish him.

Ridhimma: Vansh but this against the law . Kabir how can you permit him to do this??(looking at Kabir)

Kabir: Ridhimma the intensity of punishment for the crime this bastard has done is very less as compared to the intensity of crime and pain of victim. So I think Vansh is doing right . Did you forgot that you were in come because of this bastard. He cheated you and you were in depression for that. Just chucking him into the jail won’t be a good punishment for him. Right Vansh

Vansh : yes Ridhimma . When I sent him to the jail for the scam he did with my name he bribed the officer and was living a comfortable life in jail . So I decided to give him his punishment. Ridhimma remember the time he cheated you he called you characterless . Because of him you slipped into depression. He tried to molest you . Punish him Ridhimma

Ridhimma remembered all the things that happened with her because of Vyom. She got very angry and it was visible in her eyes.

Ridhimma: you are right Vansh , this person should be punished by me only. Vansh bring me hot water and hot oil .

Vansh signed his man to bring it.

Man: mam here it is

Ridhimma: pour both of them on him .

The man did as said and Vyom was screaming at his loudest. Kabir and Vansh took a seat and were enjoying watching him in pain . Ridhimma was full of rage and was feeling satisfied hearing his scream.

Ridhimma: bring a red hot iron rod and hit him. Tie his mouth with a cloth .

The man did as said and started beating him mercilessly. Vansh was shocked seeing Ridhimma fierce side at the same time was happy .

After sometime Ridhimma asked them to stop . She went to Vyom and stated slapping him.

Ridhimma: this is what you deserve Vyom . ( turning towards Vansh) do what ever you want todo with him I won’t object .

Saying this she went out of basement . Vansh went behind her . She stopped near car . Vansh came and hugged her. She was crying in his arms. After a while she stopped crying.

Vansh: feeling better ??

Ridhimma: ya , but how did you do this ?? And why do I feel it related to your past??

Vansh : you are right , but I will tell you every thing in detail.

Vansh and Ridhimma drove to beach . They sat on a bench . Vansh held Ridhimma hand tightly and took a deep breathe and started.

Vansh : Ridhimma listen to me carefully and then react .

Ridhimma: okay Vansh

Vansh: when I was 15 yrs old I lost my mother and father in a accident. We all were devastated . Ishani and Sia were still small and dadi was not in a age to work mom was actually care taker of Sia and Ishani and was busy with them so all responsibility was on me. So I entered into illegal buisness to make money and provide them a comfortable life. Soon I became a mafia and my partner was Vyom . We were very successful pair and cracked many deals . Ishani Sia also completed their education. But the problem was we had many enemies . We were attacked frequently . I always tried to save my loved ones from those attacks and in this process we killed them .Then suddenly ragini came in our lives. We three became best friends and shared everything. She even knew about our profession and accepted it. ( takes a deep breathe) I and ragini loved each other .

Ridhimma was shocked and looked at him . Vansh was looking at her with moist eyes. Ridhimma held his hand in response and Vansh continued

Vansh: the problem stated when Vyom started loving ragini too . He proposed ragini before me and ragini refused him. When he got to know that ragini and I are in a relationship he turned vengeful . He cheated me and I broke the partnership . One day he kidnapped ragini and killed her in front of my eyes. That day ragini asked me to promise that I will leave this profession . I promised her but as underworld didn’t leave me and continued to attack . I protected my family but never broke the promise .

So this was my past . Ridhimma when you were attacked by Vyom it broke me and I decided to punish Vyom in same ruthless way like we used to do in underworld.

Vansh looked at her and held her hand tighter and shook his head indicating not to leave him and understand him

Precap: anupriya gets to know about Vyom death. Vansh plans surprise for Ridhimma

So here part 12 ends . hope you liked it. Please comment and and let me know your views . Silent readers are requested to comment.

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