Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 13

The next day morning ,
A person is seen proposing riddima and saying ,
Person : maine jab pehli baar tujhe dekha hai tabhi mujhe tumse pyaar hoo gaya dheere dheere meri khayalon mein tum aane laga aur tune toh meri dil ko ek hi hasi se ek hi nazar se chori kar liya aur ab iss dil teri hoo gayi vaise toh meri ek hi khwahish hai tum meri banna aur meri har zamaana mein tum hona bas meri yeh hi mannat hai.(when I saw you for the first time I fallen in love with you {I.e. love at first site } slowly you started to come in my thoughts and you every time when you smiled , when you gave a eye look you stole my heart and now my heart became yours and I have just one wish and that is you should become mine and in my whole life time you should be with me that’s it only this is my wish )

After saying those words the man stood up and he is vansh (yes your guess is correct guys) and then ,

Riddima : vansh jab tune meri zindagi mein aayi mein teri ban chuka hu aur hamari choti choti takraana mein hum kareeb aane laga vaise toh mein bhi yeh hi chahti hun ki mein teri ban jau aur tu meri ban ja bas yeh hi mannat hai meri bhi (vansh when you came into my life I became yours and in our small small fights we became more close and even I too wish the same that I become yours I you become mine just that enough for me even )

Vansh becomes overwhelmed and hugs riddima and she too reciprocates and then she kisses his forehead

Vansh sleeping on his bed hugging the pillow tightly and saying

Vansh : riddima you always be with me never leave me and you are right I am yours and you are mine

Saying so he is hugging the pillow even more tightly and says

Vansh : riddima you are so soft you have a smooth skin

My point of view :
Heh bagwaan koi toh isse kaho na woh sapna mein hai aur yeh ab jo kuch bhi hoo rahi hai woh khuwaab hai 😅🙄🙃😒😂🤣sapna lok se baahar aaja vansh bhai
(Oh god anyone can say right that it was just a dream and what is going on now is just dreaming oh come out of dreamworld vansh dude )

And suddenly he opens his eyes hoping that he can see riddima’s face but when he sees pillow in his hands he throws it away and thinks ,

Vansh : oh god what happened to me why I am behaving like this

Heart : bcoz you are in love deeply with riddu darling

Vansh : I accept that I love riddima but who are you to say my riddima as your riddu darling she is my sweetheart , she is my everything ok this is last warning for you

Heart : hey yaar I am your body part only and I am yours how could you say that riddima is yours ok riddima is yours but riddima is even mine bcoz I am a part of you and don’t worry only I will take riddima’s heart as she is my love ok

Brain : oh you both are idiots stop talking
Nonsense and you heart look vansh will listen to me ok and vansh you are not in love with her she is just an assistant , she is just your best friend nothing more than it ok and it was just infatuation , attraction that’s it

Heart : how dare you to say that my love is infatuation or attraction ?? I will kill you right away be careful

Brain : I am saying the truth and liars doesn’t bear truth bcoz you are lying that vansh is in love you don’t know that the great vansh rai singhania doesn’t fall in love

Heart : par tune jaanta nahi ho ki pyaar mein kisi ne bhi paagal banjaati woh koi bhi hoo sakti aakhir woh bagwaan ya iss great Vansh Raisinghania bhi aur tune jaanta nahi ki iss ko pyaar ka junoon hai aur jab riddima iski zindagi mein aayi iski zindagi ki andhera kamra ko khola aur uski hasi aur aankhein ki jugnu ki naam se bolne waali pyaar diya aur tune kitna bhi koshish kiya tum pyaar ko mita nahi sakti kyunki bagwaan bhi aise nahi kar sakti hai yaad rakhna hamari dono ka dil aur dono ka atma ek hote hai aur aise hone ki kisi ne rokh nahi sakte (but you don’t know that in love any one will go mad even if he is god or even this great vansh raisinghania and you don’t know that vansh’s passion is of love and when riddima entered his life she opened the door of darkness and loneliness of vansh and she brought fire flies in his life of darkness and his life bright up don’t even try to destroy the love between RiAnsh keep this in your mind and no one stop our heart and souls from uniting )

And then The brain and the heart of vansh start fighting and then

Vansh (in a loud voice) : stop it both of you its been so much just stop it

Brain and heart at a time : but vansh listen to me……(before they could speak anything)

Vansh said ” shut up ” and went to take a shower and then he decided to confess his feelings today

At 10:30am riddima’s house :

Someone is seen proposing riddima (guys for your kind information he is not vansh )

And then he holded riddima’s hand tightly

Precap : vansh gets angry

1. Who the person could be
2. Is he loves riddu
3. Is he going create a rift between riansh
4. Is he the new enemy
5.why vansh got angry
6. If vansh will confess his love or not
7. Instead it riddu can propose him??
8. Or she could accept the unknown person’s proposal
9.or she loves him
10. Whom she really loves

Answer your answers in comment section and wait for next episode and I post 3 episodes next time bye guys
Be ready to see jealousy vansh in next episode bye bye

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    Uff a dream yaar! But never mind it was sweet, waiting for the real one. Great episode!
    1.Who the person could be- Vyom?
    2. Is he loves riddu- Lust?
    3. Is he going create a rift between riansh- Yes but hope not
    4. Is he the new enemy- maybe?
    5.why vansh got angry- because of the proposal, it’s his Riddhu
    6. If vansh will confess his love or not- he has to!
    7. Instead it riddu can propose him?? I would want that
    8. Or she could accept the unknown person’s proposal- to make vansh jealous?
    9.or she loves him- she loves him only
    10. Whom she really loves- Vansh!
    😂😂answered all your questions! Post soon❤

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