Hi guys, so here is chapter 3 of my FF hope you like. Sorry for delay but I am not getting time to write due hectic schedule and lots of test . I will try to update 2 times a week . Those who have not read last chapter here is its link


Here it goes…..

Ridhimma was walking towards her home while thinking about Tori’s word .

Ridhimma’s pov

Why being a divergent is dangerous ?? Am I a faction traitor ?? In school we were taught that “faction comes before blood” . They always said faction is most important but to which faction do I belong??

All this thoughts were making me feel frustrated that I started running after a while I stopped panting and looked at the surrounding , it was the factionless area. People who failed their initiation became factionless. I don’t want to become one of them. I sat facepalming myself on a nearby rock . Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. I looked up to find a factionless man standing there

Man: can you give me some food??

Me: sure

I put my hands inside my bag to take some fruits . Dad always said to keep some extra food for this situation only . As we belong to abnegation we need to be selfless. I take 2 apples from bag and forward my hand to give it to the man . Shockingly the man instead of taking apples held my hand

Man: you shouldn’t be going alone you little girl. (smirking)

In a reflex action I kick him hard on stomach and he falls hard on ground. Then I run from there and don’t stop until I reach the abnegation sector. When I reach there I see Kabir standing there waiting for me.

Kabir: where you have gone?? (concerned voice)

Ridhimma: just went for a walk . Since when you are standing here??

Kabir: since few minutes now lets go home dad must be waiting.

Ridhimma: yeah , lets go

After reaching home we have our dinner in silence and then retard to our room.

I lay down on my bed to sleep but sleep was far away. Tomorrow is the choosing day. Tomorrow my decision will decide my future. Erudite is never an option for me as I never liked them and off late their behavior has been worse. Decision will be between abnegation and dauntless . My choice will decide whether I will be a traitor or loyal. Tori said I shouldn’t tell anyone about me being a divergent not even my family . Whatever will happen but my divergence shouldn’t bring problems for my family . Thinking about tomorrow I slowly drift to sleep.

Choosing day

All the factions were sitting in a big hall. I and Kabir were with dad and other abnegation members. Dad was talking to other abnegation members . I look at dauntless members . Amid the crowd I see tori standing there . Her words are still fresh in my mind . I shifted my gaze to stage where a tall man was standing. He was Ajay Raisinghania, representative of abnegation. This year it was abnegation turn to host choosing ceremony. He took the mic and started speaking.

Ajay: today we all stand here to see the future of our children and see what they choose. Our ancestors divided the society on basis of human nature to provide us a better life . Our children will take this ahead and will prove it right . So without wasting time lets start.

He started calling names . Those name were called they went to stage and took a knife and put their blood drops in a bowl among the 5 bowls kept on table . There were soil, water, coal, grass roots and last bowl was covered with a transparent glass .

Soil signified amity (first bowl)

Water signified erudite(second bowl)

Coal signified dauntless(third bowl)

Grass roots signified abnegation(fourth bowl)

Transparent glass signified candor (fifth bowl)

One by one each 16-year old walks up to the stage and chooses his or her faction. My brother name is called . Kabir nervously goes to stage takes the knife and cuts his hands. I expect him directing his hand towards grass roots but shockingly he directs his hands towards water and let his blood droplets fall on water.

I was shocked that my selfless brother chose erudite. I close my eyes and imagine stacks of books hidden under his bed and various places in his room . Now he will be called a faction traitor. But the bigger question was if my brother couldn’t belong to abnegation how could I ??

My name is called and I glance at my father he nods his head I go towards the stage. Tori’s warning , divergent , Kabir’s decision all the things were moving in my head. I come in front of table take the knife and cut my hands. A wave of pain arises in my body. I close my eyes think for a moment and then direct them towards the coal letting my blood drops fall on coal. I chose dauntless

I am selfish I am brave

Precap: Ridhimma jumps off a high building and lands on a net . A man pulls her out of net. She hears a female voice saying

Girl: Vansh announce her name as first jumper.

So here it ends . Hope you liked it. Please comment and let me know.

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