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Morning at Singh’s

Riddhima was about to enter to kitchen to get everything ready for breakfast but stunned to see sight in front of her as Anupriya is doing what see used to do daily for a minute or two see didn’t believe what see saw, she even pinched herself and again see found same sight and then she rushed to help her thinking it might cause problem for either her or Siya but to her surprise Anupriya told her

Anupriya: Go and get ready fast. I’ve left designer suit for you both in my room go get it and get Siya ready too.

Riddhima can’t trust her ears so she still standing there only so Anupriya speak

Anupriya: I don’t like to repeat myself (in stren tone)

And next moment she rushed to Anupriya’s room grabbing dress ahe left to her room and she handed over dress with tag Siya to Siya and told her

Riddhima: Get ready in it.

Siya carefully looked at dress and next moment she spoke

Siya: Why you’re spending so much money for designer clothes you could have saved it for…

But before she can complete her sentence Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: Its not by me. Anu mom brought it for both of us and I don’t even know why and not only this she even working in kitchen. I don’t know what get into her that she is behaving in this way. I can’t believe her heart also have place for her seems like she is changed.

Siya who heard everything carefully she spoke

Siya: Trust me Di people like her can’t change ever, shemust be upto something. Are any guests coming over today cause since child that’s the only time we’re being treated good. And I must…

But some realisation strike and she angrily continue

Siya: I so knew it and I am right Maheswari’s are coming today for alliance so she is being so good and I tell you…

And before she can complete her sentence they heard someone clapping so both turned in direction to find Anupriya and Ishani standing there and walking towards them Anupriya spoke

Anupriya: Well done, smart one to understand and now you know the reason let me make it clear don’t create any scene while they are here else it won’t be good for you both and get ready they will be here in ten minutes. (And she put some jewellery on table) wear this too.

And before either Riddhima or Siya can say anything she already left from there and angry Siya spoke

Siya: Di I told you and today I’ll make sure that Maheswari’s know the reality of this woman.

Riddhima: You won’t do anything.

Siya: why Di why? (Frustration was clearly audible in her tone)

Riddhima: Because it’s about reputation of our family we can’t spoil it for the sake of Papa.

Siya: He is no longer our Father. He is father of those two brats only.

Riddhima: Siya you’re misunderstanding him he is our father and he love us.

Siya: Love my foot, trust me di even if we die for him he won’t care for us and you are sacrificing your whole life for the sake of him.

Riddhima taking Siya’s hand in her keep on her own head and speak

Riddhima: I swear you on me. Don’t do anything. Trust me everything will be fine.

Neither of them speak anything later they just hugged each other and cried silent tears while thinking if their mother is alive by their side would they will be facing same problem.

While in hall Singh’s welcomed Maheswari’s and Anupriya and Amar were busy talking with Sakhshi and Suraj, Kabeer all the time indulge in his phone, Ishani who was standing at stairs was spellbound seeing Kabeer and she kind of started developing like for this guy but soon her thought process disturbed by Anupriya’s voice

Anupriya: Ishani beta let’s go bring your sisters here.

Ishani nodded and both left from there and soon arrived with two other girls Anupriya holding hand of Riddhima with so much love and affection and Ishani helping wheel chair Siya and soon Anupriya introduced both to Maheswari’s and half and hour or so Sakshi speak

Sakshi: I think we’ll let them talk in private for a while.

Soon all agreed with it but color of Ishani’s face bagen to fluster in moment she have started developing liking for Kabeer so she already uncomfortable with thought of they getting to live life as couple and now this she felt like she’ll kill Riddhima right now and controlling her anger she left from there.

Soon one by one all left from hall leaving Riddhima and Kabeer there.

And breaking ice between them Kabeer spoke

Kabeer: Hi, you can ask me any questions if you want to.

Riddhima: I don’t have any. If you have any then you can ask too.

Kabeer: I want to know one thing.

Riddhima: You can ask.

Kabeer: You’re happy with this alliance right? No one is forcing you for this right?

Though Riddhima want to tell him that she is sacrificing herself for her family but she didn’t find any courage to speak that but instead she asked him

Riddhima: Is there any meaning of this question?

Kabeer: Yeah, if you’re not ready then we’ll walk out and I’ll let my parents know that I don’t like you.

Rejection is no more unfamiliar to Riddhima she is used to it somehow but scared of reaction of Anupriya she didn’t said a word. And Kabeer who was looking at her all the while didn’t find any change in her expression so not able to understand her he spoke

Kabeer: Your silence answered me that you’re not happy with this alliance. Don’t worry we’ll call it off from our side.

Scared of Anupriya’s reaction Riddhima finally spoke

Riddhima: Won’t your parents will be mad at you?

The only experience she have about parents since her childhood is being made at her for every action of her so naturally she come up with this question.

Kabeer: Instead of spoiling your life I’ll bare their anger for few days.

For the first time someone have thought for her apart from Siya and Aryan, Riddhima felt good and anyway she have to say yes for this alliance and learning that her to be life partner is considering her before making decision flustered her heart and her lips raise into smile and she spoke

Riddhima: I am not being forced or anything. I am happily agree with this.

Kabeer too smiled at her taking her hand in his hand he said.

Kabeer: You know the first moment I got to know that I am promised to someone I was mad and not ready for it but the moment I saw you my anger melt away and I was more than happy that I am promised to you.

Riddhima smiled at his confession and felt bit special and both chitchat for a while and soon other members were back to hall and both Kabeer and Riddhima agreed for alliance.

Sakshi and Anupriya both are more happy than others and soon both come up with decision to do Sagun rasam today only.

And both family together started making preparation for same but nobody notice fuming Ishani in this and after a while everything was ready and both the family happily completed sagun rasam.

And on Kabeer insist both family agree to have lunch outside.

Vansh’s office

Morning was bit hectic for Vansh because of dance academy fiasco but almost everything is taken care by Angre but still he have to make official statements and have to take care of certain formalities and with anger he completed all.

And as soon as he entered his office his anger went beyond limit as for the first time in life someone have defeated him and he can’t even do anything but step backward he was frustrated too and all the while Angre was looking at him but not able to utter even a single word and soon Vansh composed himself and looking at him he spoke

Vansh: What now?

Angre: Nothing much. Everything sorted our man are looking for that man and (he stop and hesitate for a minute but knowing it won’t help him much he continue) your mam called to know improvement on searching that girl.

Vansh didn’t speak a word he throw he phone on the floor in anger and broke into pieces and next moment he spoke

Vansh: Send this photo too mom and told her I lost photo with this phone.

Angre: Sir but madam will…

Cutting him in between Vansh roared

Vansh: Do as I say right now I am not interested in all this drama and get that damn man

Angre didn’t utter a word just nod in silent he took photo of phone ans sent it to Uma in return receiving photo of girl on his phone and order to search her as soon as possible.

Checking that message Angre just spoke

Angre: Like mother like son

Vansh: Did you just said something?

Angre: No.

He didn’t mentioned anything to him and giving new phone from cupboard he left from there.

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