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Almost in twenty minutes Riddhima reached to Bani’s address and soon servent led her to Bani’s room and entering her room she was shocked cause it’s looking like some tornado have paid exclusive meeting to this room. Riddhima carefully make her way till bed where Bani is seating and as soon as she went close her nostrils feeled with liquor and Riddhima speak

Riddhima: Bani Singhania I thought we’re going to club but you’re already drunk. πŸ™„

Bani: Shut up, I am not drunk I was just trying to calm down my self so had two or three drink. 😏

Riddhima: Two or three I doubt it but tell me what is bothering you? πŸ§πŸ€”

Bani: See Veer always told me that he wanted to me too give chance to him and our marriage and today when I agreed ge didn’t said anything and just left without saying anything. And he didn’t even answered any of my call so I am scared now. πŸ˜”πŸ˜£

Riddhima: Bani Singhania stop overreacting he might be shocked so wait for his answer okay. 😬

Bani: Are you sure? πŸ€”πŸ§

Riddhima: Yes Bani. Let’s go club so you can have new atmosphere. 😊

Bani: Yeah and please inform your husband that you’re (but suddenly something strike to her and she continue) I am sorry I don’t mean to… 😣πŸ₯Ί

Riddhima cutting her in between

Riddhima: It’s okay. πŸ₯Ί (Bit of disappointment was there in her voice)

Bani: Okay Ridz can I ask you one thing? πŸ€”

Riddhima: Since when you started taking permission Bani? πŸ™„

Bani: Ohh wait a warning it’s bit personal and this time don’t try to escape it.

Riddhima just nod at her. Bani continues

Bani: Ridz as much as I know you, I know that you’re not the one who make nonsense decision but still I am confused why you agreed to marry your husband I mean one who not even come with proposal by himself and never show up in front of you after marriage. πŸ˜³πŸ€”

Riddhima: Bani let’s not talk about it please. 😐

Bani: Today I am not going to listen any of your excuse so please. πŸ™

Riddhima: But we’re getting late for club Bani. 😢

Bani: The one I choose have better crowd after 10 it’s just 8 we have two long hours so start Riddhima.

Riddhima sigh and speak

Riddhima: Bani actually I needed money for Siya’s operation at that time and I don’t have any source to help me and meanwhile I got this marriage proposal and they were agreed to clear all the medical bills of Siya’s operation plus was ready to give me 10 extra lakh with help of that I can make Siya’s life well so I said yes for that.

Bani’s lips were curved into perfect O shape and even anger is visible on her face same time.

Bani: And where were your father when you’re fighting with this all?😑

Riddhima: At the same place as he is right now. 😑

Bani: Are you sure he is your real father?🧐

Riddhima: Unfortunately yes. Anything else? 😏

Bani: Yeah but will talk about it when we’ll be driving to club. Wait for me here I’ll be back in few minutes. πŸ€“

Riddhima nodded at her and Bani is out of her sight very next moment and Riddhima’s mind went back to the night which lead to all mishap in their life.


Anxious Riddhima was waiting for Kabeer’s answer and soon he told her to get Siya to hospital as suggested by Dr. and he told her that he’ll meet her there only.

And by now due to Sakshi’s call Anupriya is also known to Siya’s situation and just to keep her rather to say their image clear in front of Maheshwari she was standing at RidYa(Riddhima and Siya) room with Amar and they helped her in getting Siya to hospital but meanwhile Anupriya have very well threaten her to not ask for single penny for any expenses .

Soon they reached hospital and Dr. started examining Siya and after an hour or so he came out and declare that there was nothing to worry about is just gastric problem only which cause due to change in diet plan though it was difficult for Riddhima to believe but she didn’t utter a word and even Dr. told them that they can take her to home.

And after completing formalities they depart to home. But in all this chaos Riddhima have missed to notice Anupriya’s smirk and her absence while Dr. was checking Siya.

Day after the incident took place it was Anupriya’s birthday and both families was enjoying it fullest but soon Riddhima found Kabeer missing for long time so she dialed his number which she found ringing on sofa so she disconnected call and ask Siya

Riddhima: Have you seen Kabeer? 🧐

Siya: Ouch no one loves me anymore. 😞

Riddhima: Drama queen you know that’s not true. 😣

Siya: Yeah 😍 I am just pulling your leg he was going upstairs as far as I remember.

Riddhima: Okay. Enjoy yourself I’ll be back in few minutes. πŸ™‚

Siya: Or may be hour. πŸ˜‰πŸ€“

Riddhima: Siya. 😌 (Her cheeks were turned red by now)

Siya just gesture zipping her lips and smiling Riddhima started climbing stairs to search Kabeer.

And he search him in Dadi and Anupriya’s room but not find. Even she peeped in Islands room but he was not there too and Riddhima don’t want to make any scene by going to Ishani’s room so she is about to go down stairs but she heard someone’s crying from Ishani’s room so she entered into her room only to find sobbing Ishani whose clothes were ripped while sleeping Kabeer on her best and his clothes were lying on floor indicating he is naked beneath duvet and seeing all thing Riddhima have already assumed things which have happened here but still she didn’t want to make any scene and making a note in mind to deal with Kabeer regarding this later she is about to depart from room but before she can do that Ishani screamed at her.

Ishani: Are you happy now? πŸ₯Ί

Riddhima: (She is already feeling sad, angry due to betrayal of Kabeer and she is not ready for anything else but listening to Ishani she was shocked and surprised beyond limits and still covering all emotions she speak in barely audible voice) Why would you say that? 😳 and lower down your tone someone might hear you. 😣

But it was too late Ishani’s scream have catched everyone’s attention and everyone is there by now and same as Riddhima everyone is stunned at the sight. And before anyone can recover from this shock Isahni dropped one more bomb.

Ishani: Mom it’s all because of Riddhima. πŸ₯Ί

Riddhima: Ishani what are you saying?😳 Even in my dreams I don’t want such things to happen with any girl and you’re my sister why would I?

But before she can complete her sentence a tight slap from Anupriya landed on her cheek stunning everyone

Anupriya: I have always treated you like my own daughter, I even choose your happiness before Ishani and all you did is this? 😞😣

Riddhima: Mom what I’ve done? Why are you saying this all? πŸ€”(She is still clueless)

And instead of Anupriya Ishani replied

Ishani: I don’t know what you’ve mixed in his drink but after that in toxic state he came to my room, he manhandled me, forced himself on me and did “IT” with me. (And she started crying again gaining everyone’s sympathy apart from Riddhima and Siya)

Riddhima: Have you lost your mind Ishani why would I do that? 😑

Ishani: Cause you never wanted to marry him so you did this all to avoid getting married to him. You ruined my life.

Suraj and Sakshi were shocked and angry seeing and listening to all drama and soon with Ishani Anupriya-Amar and Sakshi-Suraj started blaming Riddhima and catching everyone’s attention Siya scream

Siya: Stop everyone my Di can’t do such thing. She have loved your jerk son Mr. Maheshwari and Mrs. Maheshwari you only have said earlier that you’re blessed to have Riddhima as daughter-in-law what happened to that all? (Her breathe started getting heavy but she continued still) And Me. Amar Singh you’ve two more daughters but you always seems to care for brat Ishani, you all were blaming Riddhima for whatever happened but have anyone thought how broken she is at the sight of man of her dream cheating on her with another girl? Let me answer it for you no you have not and (glaring at Anupriya and Ishani) I suggest you to stop playing victim card and think for someone’s feelings.

(By now she lost her breath and before anyone can say anything she lost consciousness and worries Riddhima forgetting evey thing around her rush to her and try to wake up her but she is not responding to her. So she turned to Amar and speak

Riddhima: Papa please do something.

But instead of Amar, Anupriya replied

Anupriya: He won’t. (Turning to Amar she spoke) Today you have to choose between us and them.

Amar was hesitate to pick between either of them but seeing that Riddhima speak

Riddhima: Let me make it easy for you Papa. πŸ₯Ί

And next moment she called ambulance and soon it arrives and she took Siya to hospital while leaving home all she heard is Anupriya’s word

“Don’t come here again this home’s door are close for you both from now on”

And without giving any answer Riddhima rushed to hospital.

Flashback Ends.

By now remembering it all she again started crying and before she can composed her self Bani entered in room and saw her crying and handing tissue papers she spoke?

Bani: Ridz what happened?

Riddhima: Nothing, I am still assumed that they never turned up at hospital and instead they break the news of Ishani and Kabeer’s Sagun while Siya was fighting the battle between death and life. 😐😭

Bani: See Ridz thinking about it will bring pain only so better for you to not think.

Cutting her in between Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: How can I stop thinking about it all my own father have turned his face, instead of helping he was up with court summon which is not allowing me to my own grandmother. It’s not easy for me to forget all this. These things haunt me everyday. I am just thanking my unknown husband everyday because of him I’ve Siya still with me. πŸ˜‡

Bani: By the way my one question is still pending (She tried to divert Riddhima’s attention).

Riddhima: Shoot.

Bani: Now what about your unknown husband? I mean what will you do now?

Riddhima: I don’t know but because of him I am in trouble right now that I know.

Bani: What happened now?

Riddhima: Skip it will discuss it later, I’ll need your help in that for sure. But now let’s go to club today you’ll meet Riddhima 2.0. πŸ™ƒ

And Bani to smiled at her and they started getting ready and Bani make Riddhima wear her dark red short dress in which she is looking damn hot and s*xt while Bani have choose to wear black body hugging dress revealing her curves. They both settled in car and started moving towards club to have best night of their life.πŸ˜‰

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