Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 22 RIDHIMAAA

Episode starts with angre driving car kabir in side driver seat and vansh at back seat alone!


Vansh remembers his and riddhima’s memories –

I love you riddhima

betashan dil ne tujhko hi chaha hai har dua mein maine tujhko hi chaha hai tera jana jaise koi baddua..tera jana jaise koi baddua. Dur jaoge jo tum mar jayenge hum..sanam teri kasam oo.. sanam teri kasam!

Vansh hits his hand on seat! But his hand starts bleeding as their was riddhima’s hair clip

Hua yeh kya hasar mera! Juda hua sabar mera..kyu tere bina ek lamha main na jiya!

His alarm starts ringing on watch named “wedding time”

Raat bhar ashquon ne tujhko pukara hai har dua mein maine tujhko hi manga hai tera jana jaise koi baddu..dur jaoge jo tum mar jaenge hum sanam teri kasam..oo..sanam teri kasam

He takes out alchol bottle from cars pocket and remembers riddhima told him not to drink!

nasha tera dil ko laga.dena nahi mujhko daga..main teri aadaton ka mara hai meri kya khata? tere bin manumkin dil ka guzara hair har dua mein maine tujhko hi manga hai tera jana jaise koi baddua!!

Angre stops car

Angre: this is the location boss!

Vansh gets out of car in very anger

SCENE 2: (Inside the house)

Vikram: baby doll just two minutes and you’ll be mine!

Vikram kisses riddhima’s lips (gaali mat do)

But his and her lips didn’t touched because of tape stick at riddhima’s lips! (mil gaya sukoon πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚)

Suddenly door breaks

Vikram: don’t you dare to come close I’ll shoot her!

Vansh: and you say you love her? This is not love!

Vikram: this is love! I’ll shoot her go back go back

Vansh comes forward

Vikram shoots riddhima’s hand

Riddhima can’t shout because of tape!

Kabir (anger): riddhima… You bastard vikram how dare you shoot my sister!

Vikram: again I’ll shoot her go back

Vansh: ok ok!

Vikram takes riddhima and leaves from there

Vansh: Riddhimaaaa………

He cries! He cries a lot!


A black BMW is shown a man wearing a blue tuexudo comes out from car!

Reporters: sir, sir its been 2 years where is riddhima mam we want answers sir!

Man: let us go!

Reporter: you can’t ignore us you have to answer!

A litte 2 year boy comes out of the car

Boy: what happened vansh mamu and who is riddhima?

Vansh smiles takes him in his arms

Vansh: she’s a angel! Abhay

Abhay: wow! I also want to meet angel!

Tears roll down from his eyes

Vansh to reportes: now let us go!


A man is shown who met an deadly accident! A women came running smiled seeing his dead body and rushed to her house! She took her passport some money she was about to leave for airport but-

Kid: riddhima mamma! Where is Vikram daddy?

Riddhima: hitesh, your dad will never come! Never ever!

Women: what! Is he?

Riddhima: yes!

Women: finally and now you go to your love!

Riddhima: what about hitesh?!

Women: I’ll handle him you go

She left for airport

Riddhima: I’m coming I’m coming vansh!


I swear I’m hurting my own feelings by writing this πŸ˜‚ and riddhima ka baccha! πŸ˜‚

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  3. siddhi kya behen kiss janam ka badla le rahi h please dont tell me riddhimma married vikram yaar aisa to mat kar behen..

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