RiAnsh – Destiny’s Play #1 – Haunting Nightmares of past


RIDDIMA SINGH RATHORE : A girl who is silent , she is immature and kiddish too , but she is unhappy in her life because of the past memories , she hardly smiles .She is angre’s younger sister , she is now 19.

ANGRE SINGH RATHORE : A single parent of riddima , now in USA , was a business tycoon , he is being in USA since 1year .

ROHAN MEHRA : A brother figure to riddima cum best friend , he is now engaged to Gayatri , who is also riddima’s best friend since childhood.

TANYA SHARMA : A sister cum best friend to riddima.

NATASHA OBEROI : best friend of riddima , and others .

GAYATRI MALHOTRA : Was engaged to rohan , and a sister figure to riddima .

VANSH RAISINGHANIA : Was angre’s best friend and business partner of angre , was living in USA from childhood .


A Girl is sitting near the shining Moon gazing it with teary eyes , her legs are hugging her chest and she surrounded her legs with hands . She is bitterly crying reminiscing some past memories , she is sobbing and then someone kept hand on her shoulder and she turned back to see a group of people around her , all sat down on their knees near to the girl , and a person from the group , wiped her flowing tears with his thumb , and another person sat near her and the girl instantly hugged her . It’s Gayatri / Gayu , her best friend cum mother ,

Gayu : calm down riddu , I know about your condition , you shouldn’t have to fall weak , that god and destiny wanted to do so , and it happened , but don’t worry , everything will be fine .

Riddima then wiped her tears , and gestured all to sit .

Riddima : vaise , when will bhai come back rohan bhai ??

The person who wiped her tears at first , smiled .

Rohan : hmm , he will be here soon darling , don’t worry .

Riddima : don’t say the word ‘SOON’ ,
I just hate that word , say me the correct time .

Rohan : yaar , even I don’t know , angre just said me , he will be soon here .

Another person came near him. It’s sejal .

Sejal : (whispering) vaise rohan , is it true ??

Rohan (stern) : what ???

Sejal : (whispering) about angre .

Rohan : will say you soon .

Riddima : what you will says soon rohan bhai ??

Rohan : nothing , she asked me about the IPL match scores , I said her I will say soon , as I missed to see yesterday’s match .

Here , Natasha , Gayatri , Rohan , Sejal and Tanya are her best friends .
All live together in a Mansion .

Natasha and Tanya : will you eat anything riddu?

Riddima : hmm , no . You all leave and go to bed , it’s 11:30 pm .

All leave .

Riddima : if you left me also , your memories always be with me .

She then dozed off at the window .

AT 7:00 AM –

A person is sleeping , while her face is pale , and the tears now dried indicating she cried whole night , she freaked out and opened her , she is sweating heavily , she came near the dining table , and took a glass of water and gulped it in a go.

Scene freezes here and shifts to another place .


A Person is sitting on the chair , while keeping his leg on the other , he is explaining something .

Person 2 : well , it’s an awesome presentation MR RAISINGHANIA .

Vansh : well , is the deal done Mr Ken ??

Person 2 : of course .

They shake hands and Mr Ken leaves . Another person enters in .

Another person : vansh , I am leaving .

Vansh : but where angre ?? , This sudden , any problem ??

Angre : yaar , now we have to work on Mumbai’s branch , do you forget??

Vansh : well , ok .

PRECAP : Vansh and angre arrive at india , riddima remembers her past .

Stay tuned to know the past of riddima . Any guesses ?? , Comment down your views , thank you all.

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