#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 40

Aryan seeing riddhima  going with Neil make him feel happy!:
But he was sad the one who has planned his marriage with his best friend was not with his love,  everything was scattered, Riddhima was not with vansh neither he was with siya…

Relations were just entangled, just because of one old past everything got ruined..

It was not a tale but reality, which was pointing towards many  lives…

When he was lost  in all these thoughts, he received a call.
‘Vansh’ was the caller ID flashing in his screen.

He was shocked, looking behind he found him there sadly chuckling and looking in his phone.
Instead of picking up the call he went towards him and stood thier bowing his head down..

No matter what happened but they have built something strong between them.
Seeing Aryan, Vansh stood up straight stealing direct eye contact with him but gave a soul ful smile to him and hugged him tight.

‘I am sorry, I am really sorry! I don’t want to spoil things now, I know it’s all because of me but u know na….’


Riddhima what was that behaviour!? You already know then too?
Why? I mean he was already in guilt but why u did that?

Neil said while parking the car at the Angre’s apartment.

‘Neil this is not the right time.’

‘Are u waiting for the things to get more scattered!?’

‘No just a perfect time. ik it will now soughted very  soon.now let’s go and yea don’t mention anything to bhai..’

Walking the way towards the door, she saw something unexpected turning towards the guard she asked…

‘Did bhai went somewhere!?’

‘Yes, actually no one is there in the house.’ The guard said.

Getting aside riddhima said to Neil ‘Where they must have gone…now?’

‘What about your apartment?’

‘There sejal would be there I won’t be able to face her…’I even can’t come to her marriage, she was wrong I am not all to her, all I can’t even be able to be a friend.

‘Riddhima! Now Don’t be in guilt for anything that happened now it can’t be changed, It was planned and why it was planned is cleared now so? But I still didn’t get why u behaved with Vansh like that..

‘I was at guilt, Guilt of punishing Vansh without any mistake of his, keeping a sister away from his brother, he just suffered and without any mistake he suffered he suffered alot.
He just went through everything he should not we have to wait till that Raghav’s case got settled!?
He has no connection with me, then why!?

‘He had! That was all love..He accepted all hatrated because he loved u. He knew all will be alright, all these hatrated will turned into something else which will unite both of u..
Some relations are just being to be united ‘Born to be united’ u see..
Neil said while wiping some tears…

‘Neil let’s go to my Apartment I should not hide from anyone now…’

After reaching there it was the destiny waiting for her…

Her whole family who she loved selflessly was there a cute smile crept on her face and her dreamy dream come across…

Dadi came and hugged her thight telling how much she is happy alive.

Ishani not holding her tears any more went to give a slight smile on her face.

Angre was having the most happiest face..

Aksh was having no bond of happiness making himself all ready to give a number of complaints he was ready to pave the way to her beautiful.

There was her friends, which were not less than anything to her life.
Giving a soulful smile her eyes melt and make the way tears out.

At the very corner her love was standing who suffered all the things no Matter what.
A slight smile on his face not less than a smirk..

She finally wept her tears which were making her eyes blur.


The door opened..

The scene witnessed a couple sitting in the living room, both were holding a picture frame.

That one picture frame collecting many memories, people who witnessed all the up and downs together, A Happy Family! 🙂

Some meant, true relationship to be hold at last!..
It’s all about the hold which lead us to the end.
They were Born to be United!

The End! 🙂


Yea… That’s all.

First of all A very sorry wala sorry for disappointing you all..
Ik It’s not a way to end but yea I will be soon vanished till December I guess…
I wanted to complete this…or I would be hanging in the middle.
Thank u so much for all the Love and support..
All the negativity and all the positivity.
I received all the things was much more than what I deserved!..
Thank u for loving me and my stories..
This story will be very close to my heart till end, it’s really special for me.
I know I ended just like that but I have to..
Hope u will understand!:)
And forgive this writer of urs..
At the end a very big wala Thank u!
Most probably I will be back with full Bang (Maybe)
After first week of December!:)
Agar beech mein kabhi I write some crap at midnight I will surely post it to get a view better in my writing.
All the best to all the new writers here..
I will be not able to read but yea…we try and then we accomplish!:)
All the very best to all!…
Thank u so much!:) For making me @1234aayu this is not a one I know, u all motivated me a lot.
And yea…don’t forget me!…
Neither I can forget u all..
Will be in contact u can pm me 🙂❤️
Hopefully I will do great in my pre borads..
Signing off from the very first story RBTBU RiAnsh Born to be united!:)
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