RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 3

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Hi Seanna, thank you so much! Well, Riddhima’s does have a past, but keep reading to know about it.

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PREVIOUSLY, Vansh attempts to influence Riddhima into marrying him.


Vansh walked inside the house and looked at his mother pacing the length of the hall, and shifted his gaze to look at his distressed family. He didn’t know what had happened in the few minutes of his absence, but the tension in the room worried him. When Ishani walked inside behind him, their mother looked up at them and Vansh noticed the fury unfurling in her eyes.

Uma walked toward the two of them and stood in front of Vansh, her gaze widening in anger. How had her upbringing proved to be so wrong? She’d always thought of them to be her own children, but the Vansh standing in front of her, wasn’t the son she was always proud of.

Uma (angrily): What was that, Vansh?

Vansh: What is it, Ma?

He tried walking closer and holding his mother by her shoulder to calm her, but she stepped away and shook her head. She wasn’t going to let his niceties envelop her until he clarified himself.

Uma: Don’t come near me until you tell me what all this is about! You very well knew the alliance was for Ragini and not her younger sister. For God’s sake, Vansh, the two of them are sisters. Why would you do something like this which would bring in differences between them?

Vansh: I’ve done nothing wrong, Ma. Riddhima is the girl this family deserves and nothing anyone says is going to change my decision.

Uma (raising her voice): What is wrong with you, Vansh? You aren’t the son I’ve always been proud of. (gently touching his face) We’ve always been proud of our children, please don’t prove me wrong. Think about the family, Beta!

Vansh: I am, Ma, and that is why, Riddhima is going to be the daughter-in-law of this house and not Ragini.

Ajay: Vansh, you must go apologise to their family. Even if Riddhima agrees for the marriage, the way isn’t right and you’ve to understand that.

Vansh (exhaling deeply): I’m going to my room for now, Papa. Can we please talk about this later?

Uma tried stopping Vansh but he walked past her and ascended the stairs to go to his room. He didn’t want to have an argument with his family for a girl they’d barely met. His family didn’t know her and he, surely, knew her much better than them. He wasn’t going to let her sweet demeanour fool them and he’d ensure that he broke and ruined that godd’mn arrogance of her.

Moments later, when he walked inside his room, he stood in front of his Dadi’s photograph and looked at her, nostalgia slowly coursing within him. Her soft, aging facial features curved the corners of Vansh’s lips as he reminisced his moments with her. He realised, all over again, that it had been a while since she’d left all of them.

Vansh: Dadi, nothing I’m doing is wrong, you know na? You know I’ve always thought of this family before myself. Ma and Papa aren’t believing me, but trust me when I say, this is for the better. I wouldn’t let my family fall at someone’s feet, ever.

He continued staring at the photograph, the memories from the evening returning to him. His Dadi had always taught him that being a good human was of utmost importance, but he’d failed her in more than one way possible. At the same time, he couldn’t regret his decision, either.

He was going to marry Riddhima, by hook or crook.


“What was that behaviour, Riddhima?”

Riddhima stopped and turned around toward her mother, her face scrunched in anger. She couldn’t believe her mother had even questioned her. If anything, she’d believed her mother would understand why she had behaved that way.

Payal: I asked you something, Riddhima. What was that behaviour there?

Riddhima: What behaviour, Ma? Do you expect me to be nice and polite after what the Raisinghania’s did? How dare they reject Di and think of an alliance for me?

Payal: The least you could’ve done was be nice to the others. They seemed very clueless about the entire ordeal.

Riddhima: Please, Ma! All these rich and influential people really know their way out in the society. I’m so damn sure the entire family knows about their son’s ill demands. (muttering under her breath) The eligible bachelor, apparently!

Payal: I doubt it, Riddhima. The family seemed really nice – very warm and welcoming. Right, Ragini? And I think, even Vansh is a good person. (walking toward Riddhima) I think, he really likes you. The two of you…

Riddhima (interrupting): Ma, Please! Don’t even think of it. I’m not going to get married in a family that rejects Di for me.

Payal: But Beta, why are you thinking of it that way? Maybe, this relation was always meant for you.

Riddhima: Would you have said the same thing if this had happened with Di? Would you have gotten her married somewhere she didn’t want to? (smirking) You wouldn’t, Ma. Because she is your own daughter, but I…

Her mother slapped her, disbelief coursing within her. She’d never thought of Riddhima any different from her own daughter, yet she’d been questioned. She stared at Riddhima as the pain pierced through her, the thoughts collecting in her mind repeatedly. She fell down on the ground, the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Ragini was a part of her, but Riddhima was a part of her heart – a fraction of her heart she held so closely to herself. Despite what had happened in the past, Riddhima was her baby – the baby she held in her arms after that young child had lost everything in the world, and she would never forget the way Riddhima’s fingers had wrapped around hers, wanting to feel secure. Yet, when it came to question her motherhood, she didn’t think of stopping once.

Ragini: Ma! Ma, Riddhima didn’t mean it that way. Just listen to her once. (shaking her) MA!

Payal (looking at Riddhima painfully): You’ve never considered me your mother, Riddhima? All these years, you’ve only thought of me as someone who gave you food and shelter, right?

Her voice shook painfully and Riddhima wrapped her arms around her mother, the tears rolling down her cheeks. How had she been so selfish to think of her ownself and disregard everyone else’s emotions and sentiment? She pressed her hand to her mother’s head and slowly brushed her hair, trying to calm her. Her ‘Ma’ would always be the omnipresent soul in her life and she could never, ever disregard her.

Riddhima (weeping): I’m sorry, Ma. I didn’t mean it that way, please maaf kardo (forgive me). You’re my mother and no one can change that ever, I promise. I don’t even know how those words slipped past my lips, Ma. I’m just really sorry.

Payal: You could say those words only because that’s what’s in your heart, Riddhima. I’ve told you several times that the past haunts me, but you keep reminding me where we started from. You would never let me forget that I’m not the woman who gave birth you, right?

Riddhima (continuing to weep): No, Ma! I don’t care who gave birth to me. You’re my mother and nothing is going to change that ever.

Her mother moved away from her and wiped the tears from her face. Riddhima’s words kept revolving in her mind and she couldn’t ignore how the words had slipped past her lips so seamlessly. As Riddhima tried moving toward her, she held up her hand and shook her head. She couldn’t forget everything so soon, so effortlessly.

Payal (standing up): I need some time to myself. Please, leave me alone.

Riddhima: Ma, I’m sorry…

Payal (interrupting): Ragini, I wouldn’t need anything for dinner. See what Riddhima would want and the two of you can make it together.

RIddhima and Ragini tried to talk to her, but she avoided them and walked to her room. The words had broken her completely, and she didn’t want to see either of her daughters now. As she closed the door, she sat by it on the floor and continued crying, her tears slowly exhausting. Why did the past keep haunting her?


The next morning, Riddhima tried waking up early to make some of her mother’s favourites. After the events of the previous evening, she couldn’t forgive herself for her behaviour, ever. Yet, she hoped, her mother would be more generous and forgive her.

She made her mother’s favourite ginger tea and slowly walked to her mother’s room, knocking on the door softly. When her mother’s voice leaked over the distance, she peaked inside the room and walked toward her slowly.

Riddhima: Ma, your favourite ginger tea.

Payal (nodding her head): Keep it here. I’ll have it.

The smile from Riddhima’s face dissipated and she looked at her mother sadly, the guilt wavering within her.

Riddhima: I’m sorry, Ma. You can punish me, but please don’t stop talking to us.

Payal: No, Riddhima. I’m just getting used to how quiet I’d have to be a few years later. Yesterday, you said I’m not your mother and a few years later, when you stay unmarried and we let go of alliance after alliance, then the society will say that I’m not your mother and that’s why I don’t care about you.

Riddhima: How dare they? I’ll always be there to defend you, Ma.

Payal: Kabhi kabhi, Beta, kuch baton ka jawaab sirf shabdo se nahi diya jaata. You’ve to do it and prove yourself. Lekin, shaadi toh tum karne se rahi, toh you be happy, aur main logon ki baatein sun leti hoon. At least, one of us will be happy that way.

[Sometimes, Riddhima, you cannot fight with people using words. You’ve to do it and prove yourself. However, since you wouldn’t get married, you be happy and I’ll listen to what the society says. At least, one of us will be happy that way.]

Riddhima: Ma, but…

As she began speaking, the doorbell rung and her mother asked her to open the door. She hurried out of the room, sliding the tray on the table on her way. She had no idea who was visiting them early in the morning, but she assumed, it must be one of their acquaintances. She pulled the door open, forcing her lips into a smile, but as soon as she saw the visitor, the smile from her lips faded and she stared at him, the fury beginning to weave its way into her system.

“Good morning, Ms. Goenka!”

Riddhima: What are you doing here?

Vansh: Would you not let me in?

Payal (from inside): Who’s it, Riddhima?

Riddhima shouted over the distance, telling her mother that it was a courier delivery and shutting the doors behind herself, walked out. She pulled Vansh away from the house door, and brought him to the emergency exit, the area of the building which was usually less occupied.

Vansh: What is this nonsense?

Riddhima (cutting him through): Why the h’ll have you come here?

Vansh: I’d just come here to invite my fiancé…

Riddhima: Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, the eligible bachelor? Stop assuming things, I’m not going to get married to you.

Vansh: I haven’t given you an option, Riddhima. (walking closer) If you think I have, then I cannot tell you how foolish you are. If I was to give you an option, I wouldn’t have wasted so much of my time researching about you and spying on you.

Riddhima (pointing a finger): Look, Mr. Raisinghania…

Vansh held her finger and twisted her hand behind her back before pulling her closer to himself. He’d borne enough of her adamance and arrogance, and he was going to make her realise who she was willing to fight against. If she’d thought of his words as some mere threat, she was highly mistaken.

Vansh: Listen, Ms. Goenka. I will marry you by hook or crook, whether you want it or no, I don’t care. Nothing has ever mattered to me more than my family and your ego will change nothing, either. So, you like it or no, I will marry you.

He stepped away and jerked her hand away. He couldn’t bear any more of her arrogance and the only way to stop her was by exerting his power on her. For how long could she disregard his words? He looked at her sharply, anger slowly beginning to bubble within him. Despite what needed, he had to break her damn confidence. He figured, that was the only way he could force his decisions on her.

Riddhima stared at him, reddening in anger. How dare he exert his power on her, over and over again? She stared at him, wanting to push him down the stairs, but she clenched her fists trying to calm herself. If anything happened to him, it wouldn’t take long for the Raisinghania’s to file a case against her family. After all, the entire family had to be like him.

Vansh drew out an envelope from the pocket of his blazer and held it out for Riddhima. As she folded her hands across herself, adamant on ignoring him, he pulled out her hand forcibly and pushed the envelope inside her palm, crushing the paper of it.

Vansh: Our family has a musical evening planned tomorrow, and Ma wants your entire family to be there. (adjusting his blazer) I’ll see you soon.

Riddhima: We wouldn’t come.

Vansh (walking away): Let your mother know of the courier delivery!

She stared at his retreating figure in anger and clenched her teeth together. How the h’ll did he always know his way out of every single situation?


That’d be it for this episode. Please let me know what you think of this episode and also, if any changes are needed, do suggest. Thank you for reading!

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