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This is not my work at all, author of this story have written another couple version and I requested to post RiAnsh version but person is no more into writing so I am posting it word to word just classifying it to be of RiAnsh and that too with due permission and trust me you all will love this much more then mine story.


A girl in mid twenties is getting ready for beautiful day of her life…. She is only child of her parents and they have treated her like princess ever since her born and she is happy because like her favourite fairy tales today her Prince charming will come on white BMW instead of horse and will take her with him for wonderful palace of him where she will live her life like queen her most beautiful future life unaware of the strom that coming towards her which will be shattering all her dreams like a house of cards…

Same day a man in his mid twenties dresses in his Royal blue sherwani smile seeing his beautiful bride to be’s pic unaware of strom which is going to bring tears of blood in his eyes after wiping that beautiful smile…

Same day at some club

Whole club is crowded with youngsters who either want to enjoy the life in their own way or want to forget pain like either girlfriend or boyfriend ditch them,parents said something even silly reason like they didn’t get branded ‘ITEM’ they want ultimately they come at such place , they booze and dance like maniac and leave.

A boy in mid twenties who is falling in category one he has bring his gang at club and all are buzy in their so called “ENJOYMENT” after a bottle whisky,half bottle of Scotch and few shots that eligible bachelor of town is in bed of room of same club with hottest girl came to same bar that day unaware of storm coming to his life.

So I am done with Prologue… Hope you all like it…. So please let me know whether to continue it or just drop the idea. Eagerly waiting for your feedback. Do vote for it and leave a comment

And any guesses about who is bride and bridegroom and who is that eligible bachelor is????

I am not able to upload poster which I made for this story. I’ll try to post next part with that poster.

  1. Lovely prologue…i think the bride is riddhima, groom is kabir and bachelor is vansh

  2. Sound interesting

  3. Amazing prologue

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    It’s really super 😊❤️💗. I think the bride is Riddhima and groom is vansh and bachelor is Kabir or groom is Kabir and bachelor is Vansh. Thanks for lovely updates 😊❤️💗. keep rocking 🔥🔥🔥.

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    Amazing…waiting for the first one

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    Amazing…post soon💞

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