#RiANSH Another Name of Love PROLOGUE


Hlooo dear readers and writers 😊😊

This is my first fan fiction I hope u guys will like it….

This is introduction of cast☺️

Vansh Raisinghania : A businessman Ajay and Uma’s son, Ishani and Siya’s elder brother, Kabir and Aryan’s cousin. He is very angry in nature but very sweet with his family. He doesn’t like outsiders.

Riddima : An orphan she’s very sweet in nature she loves everyone. She is physiotherapist and part time party planner. Currently she is living in New York.

Uma raisinghania : mother of Vansh, Sia and Ishani. Wife of Ajay Raisinghania. Elder daughter in law of house.

Chandrika Raisinghania : mother of ajay and Rudra. Mother in law of uma and Anupriya. Dadi of Vansh Sia Kabir Aryan and Ishani. She loves all children but more Vansh ✌️

Anupriya Raisinghania : Wife of Rudra, Mother of aryan and Kabir.

Rudra Raisinghania : husband of Anupriya, father of Kabir and Aryan. Ajay’s brother, son of Chandrika.

Ishani Raisinghania : Uma’s daughter, younger sister of Vansh and Sia. Cousin of Kabir and Aryan, Angre’s wife. (Soon)

Sia Raisinghania : Uma’s daughter, sister of Vansh and Ishani, Kabir and Aryan’s cousin.

Aryan Raisinghania : Rudra and Anupriya son, Vansh ishani and Siya’s cousin, kabir’s brother, Love interest of sejal

Kabir Raisinghania : Rudra and Anupriya son, Vansh ishani and Siya’s cousin, Aryan’s’s brother.

Sejal Sharma : an orphan Best friend of Ridhima (like sister) a party planner, love interest of aryan.

So this is introduction of cast ☺️

And yeah no one is in negative role all are good but I don’t know about my mind it can flip my whole story in just one second 😉

Must say u all r very good writers I like everyone’s story. Keep it up ☺️

And please comment about my story

Thanks ♥️ lots of love from me ✌️

  1. Nice prologue❤… Waiting for the first episode🥰

    1. Mishti_26

      I’ll post soon

  2. Waiting for the first episode….!😃🤗🤗❤💥💥

    1. Mishti_26

      I’ll try post it asap😎✌️

  3. Mennahussein55

    Nice prologue.
    You made me very excited for the first episode.
    Best of luck to you dear in your first ff.

    1. Mishti_26

      I’m very happy that u like it u Don’t know I’m fan of ur ff I really like it ☺️☺️

  4. Awesome intro dear…I’m excited for this one…
    Update soon

    1. Mishti_26

      I’ll post soon ✌️

  5. Nice prologue

  6. Waiting for episode

    1. Mishti_26

      I’ll post it soon 😊

  7. Waiting for the episode

  8. Riansh1212

    All the best dear! Waiting for the first episode👍🏻

    1. Mishti_26

      Thanks I’ll post soon ✌️

  9. Lots of love dear 😍🤗♥️
    Waiting for 1st episode

    1. Mishti_26

      U ll get 1st episode soon

  10. Awesome prologue…..☺☺..waiting for first episode

    1. Mishti_26

      Thanks I’ll post soon

  11. Candid11

    Nice prologue

    1. Mishti_26

      Thanks ur ff is also good keep it up ☺️

    2. Candid11

      Aww thanks mishti I’m sure ull do well all the best

  12. Annoyinguser

    Nice waiting for first episode

    1. Mishti_26

      Thank you I’ll post soon

  13. Hurain pirxada

    Wow dear..another ff…i’m so excited for ur ff..and now its 79th riansh’s ff i guess…just love u all writers of immj2 ffs…

    1. Mishti_26

      Thanks and I’m impressed u r counting ffs☺️

  14. Nice prologue. Best of luck. Take care dear

    1. Mishti_26

      Thanks ♥️ take care of yourself too 😊

  15. This is the same everyone is writing.ok.i just hope the story will be different.

  16. Wow amazing prologue😍😍❤️😍❤️😍. Iam waiting for your first episode 😍👌❤️. Thanks for updates 😊😍❤️. keep rocking dear you and your updates 😊😍❤️.

  17. Priyadharshini

    So nice updates introduction😊
    Thanks for updates 😊

  18. It’s really super and awesome starting💖😊
    Waiting for next one 💖💕.

  19. Wow fabulous intro😍❤️
    Thanks for updates 👍
    Keep rocking🔥🔥🔥.

  20. Nice . Name of the story please tell .

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