Riansh : An Incomplete Love Story – (Part-8)

🕯Ending Tale🕯

Author’s POV:-

Saying so she opened it, she looked at the letter. And a shiver ran down her spine and her body was numb.

Riddhima: Vansh……

Saying so she fell on her knees.

Vansh: Riddhima…Riddhima…Nothing will happen don’t worry.

He sat in front of her and kept his hands on her cheeks and felt her cheeks wet. She hugged him tightly he was shocked but slowly he hugged her back.


Kabir was walking on the corridor, remembering how he called Riddhima down and before he can meet her he saw her running after Vansh. That broke his heart.

Kabir: Riddhima, I love you so much but today when I saw you with Vansh I got to know that you don’t love me anymore. The way you were tensed to see him running, your love for him was clearly visible in your eyes. But now what do I do to forget it? I can’t hate you. Even you betrayed me I’m not getting that feeling to hate you.

Kabir said to himself and then moved back to his room. Turning on the lights he moved in. He saw everything was decorated, then he saw Ahaana sitting on her knees in front of him, he was shocked to the core.

Kabir: Ahaana, what are you doing in my room and everything? Get up now.

He ordered her in his harsh tone. Ahaana looked up.

Ahaana: Kabir after a lot of thinking, I finally came on a decision to propose you. You know I was felling attracted towards you since the day I first saw you. I don’t how just in a short span of time I fell so deeply in love with you that I can’t even imagine that. I really love you Kabir.

She said and he looked at her shocked.

Kabir: Ahaana, are you mad or what?

He said and then saw her getting up she looked at him with teary eyes.

Ahaana: Kabir, what happened?

He took the flower from her hand and then crushed it under his shoes and clutching her shoulder he looked at her but his hold was too tight that she flinched back and fell on the bed with him over her.

Kabir: I trusted on you and told you everything about me and Riddhima, still you proposed me. Don’t you any shame left or are you that shameless. Even I told you that I only love my Riddhima. Don’t you get this?

He shouted and his grip grow tighter and she looked at him as tears were flowing through her eyes.

Ahaana: Kabir, you are doing wrong. Riddhima is married.

She told him and he looked at her.

Kabir: I know that she won’t come back to me but that’s not your problem just get the hell out of my room right now.

As he shouted, pulling her up he pushed her towards the door. She looked at him as he threw everything arranged. He then turned around and saw her leaving. He pulled her.

Kabir: Better you stay over here, I can’t stay with all these things.

He moved and closed the door at her face. She turned and saw everything with teary eyes, coming in she threw the cake on the flour which she ordered to cut if he will say yes.

Ahaana: Ahaana you are mad, even on knowing he will refuse to you. You went to propose him and now you are crying. I can’t stay here anymore I have to forget him anyhow. You came here to enjoy your vacation with your dad not for love.

She sad and grabbing her sandals wore them and wiped her tears and masking a fake smile came out.


Vansh saw her in his embrace crying, she was crying for so long that his shirt was wet.

Riddhima: Why you didn’t told me anything?

She looked up at him and then saw his eyes wet.

Vansh: That’s why I was saying you, you can go back to Kabir.

As he said she looked at him shocked.

Riddhima: Vansh have you gone crazy, why will I leave you?

She said and hugged him tightly but this time he broke her hug.

Vansh: Riddhima, there is no cure of Brain Tumor. At last I have to die, I’m fighting with it since so long earlier it wasn’t getting diagnosed because its size was too small. But now even doctors are saying it’s too late. It’s at last stage.

Riddhima looked at him shocked and then slapped him in anger.

Riddhima: What you said, you will die? I won’t let that happen. You can’t leave me all alone. I don’t have anyone except you.

She looked at him crying, he took her in a tight hug.

Vansh: Riddhima…..

He without telling her anything picked her up and made her slowly sit on the couch. She looked at him as he kept her down. Looking at the table, he saw their lunch kept.

Vansh: You haven’t eaten anything, come let’s have it.

She looked at him and caught his right hand and keeping it between her hands. He looked at her and then slowly with his left hand took the first bite of chapatti and brought to her face, being an ambidextrous person it wasn’t a big issue for him. She took it and then fed him.

Riddhima: Vansh, let’s go back to India. I don’t want to stay here anymore. We’ll began your treatment

She said to him and he smiled at her.

Vansh: Just wait for 2 days, I have a meeting then we can go back.

He said and saw her glaring at him.

Riddhima: No…you are not going on any meeting. Is your meeting more important than your health?…No…we are going back.

She looked at him and he smiled at her.

Vansh: Riddhima fine, I’ll talk to Angre we will go day after tomorrow.

He said and she took other one but stopped in the way.

Riddhima: Wait a minute, it’s one of the same thing.

Riddhima asked on realizing. He laughed at her reaction and took her in a hug, she looked up at him as might be she got the worst news of her life but finally he changed himself for her.

He broke the hug when he saw her phone ringing, he saw Angre calling. Picking it up, he moved to a corner.

Angre: Boss clients are calling, you didn’t went for the meeting.

Vansh remembered that due to that letter he forgot about the meeting.

Vansh: Angre, ask them to wait I’m coming.

Angre nodded at this but before he could say something Vansh disconnected the call.

Vansh came to Riddhima and saw her thinking something, he came and sat beside her and looked at her.

Vansh: What are you thinking about?

She came out of her thoughts and looked at him.

Riddhima: Vansh promise me, you won’t leave me alone.

He looked at her sad face and then promised her.

Vansh: Riddhima, I’ll come in few hours.

She frowned and raised her eyebrows. But he didn’t told her and gave her phone back. He moved from there.

He turned and saw her still thinking. He came back to her and kissed her on her forehead. She smiled at him.

Vansh: Will miss you.

Saying so he left, while Riddhima eyes fell on the telephone.


Ahaana came in her room and saw her father searching something in the messed room. She wiped her tears and making a forced smile came to him.

Ahaana: Dad……

She said and he turned around.

Raj: Ahaana, where were you? Help me I’m not getting my spectacles.

Raj sending picking up the cushion and then throwing on the floor getting disappointed by not finding anything.

Ahaan: Dad….

He hummed as he saw her sitting on the couch. She signed him to come down as he did she removed the spectacles from his eyes.

Raj: Oh it was here….Where were you?

He asked and she became sad before he could see that she covered up her expression.

Ahaana: Nowhere dad was just roaming around, so you were going to watch a movie?

Ahaana said and he nodded sitting beside her. She kept her head on his shoulder as he started the movie. She grabbed the pop-corn as a tear escaped her eyes hearing his words.

Raj: Ahaana who is he?

Ahaana looked up and then saw him looking at the movie.

Ahaana: Hero.

Ahaana said thinking he was asking from movie.

Raj: I know he is the hero of your life, I’m asking what his name is?

Raj again asked and she clutched his shoulder.

Ahaana: You’re the hero of my life dad.

She said and closing the movie, he turned to her and saw her frowning.

Raj: I’m serious, why are you crying?

He asked and she looked at him raising her eyebrows.

Ahaana: Dad I’m not crying, it was just……..

She said and wiped the tears from her cheeks when he interrupted her.

Raj: Oh stop lying in front of me, when you were of 8 months since then I can catch your lies within second what if you are 28 now.

She smacked on his arm playfully.

Ahaana: Dad I’m not of 28. I’m just 24.

Ahaana said and passed him her wide smile.

Raj: Really don’t change the topic… Who is that idiot, who made my baby cry? I’ll teach him a lesson.

He said and was about to get up when she made him sit again. She hugged him tightly.

Ahaana: Dad, he don’t love me. He loves that Riddhima, I hate her dad I hate her….

She said and he tried to console her.


Riddhima came out as she remembered of the phone call of someone coming, she moved to the receptionist.

Riddhima: Excuse me, actually I received a call in morning that someone came to meet me and my husband. You know his name or you have any identity of him.

She asked and looked at the receptionist.

Receptionist: Yes mam, he is staying in our hotel only. His name, one second ma’am.

She said and started checking while Riddhima looked around the area, her eyes fell on Kabir who was standing at a corner drinking wine.

Riddhima: Kabir…

She whispered to her but as receptionist heard her.

Receptionist: Yes ma’am, its Kabir only.

Riddhima nodded at her and then moved towards Kabir. She came and stood at his back, patting on her shoulder. She saw him turn around.

Riddhima: Kabir…

He got up as he saw her there.

Kabir: Riddhima….

Riddhima looked at him with emotionless expression. He caught her hand.

Kabir: Riddhima you…..

Before anyone of them can say or talk anything. Riddhima felt someone grabbed her hand, she turned to look behind and saw Vansh glaring at her and Kabir.

Vansh: Stay away from her….

He said and pulled Riddhima with him, Kabir sat on the chair as he saw Riddhima not even saying a word to Vansh.

Vansh pulled Riddhima with him, pushing the door open. They entered in, Vansh turned around and saw Riddhima smiling. She changed her look immediately and then looked at him.

Vansh: Stay away from him….

He said and was moving towards the balcony. When she caught his hand.

Riddhima: Vansh….

Vansh came back and looked at her.

Riddhima: In morning and few weeks ago, you were asking me if I wish I can go back to him. But today you asked me to stay away from him. Why?

She asked him and as she did he pulled her close to him holding her by her waist.

Vansh: I asked you for once and you refused that’s it. You are not going back to anyone.

He said and saw her smiling.

Riddhima: You are too cute.

She said and he glared at her, leaving her there he moved towards the balcony.


As Ahaana told everything to Raj, he looked at her and then said.

Raj: Ahaana you are mad, you should have given him sometime. It was obvious that he would have reacted that way.

He said and she looked at him through her teary eyes.

Ahaana: Dad….

Before any of them could say anything, they heard a knock on their door. They saw a waiter standing there.

Waiter: Ma’am today we are organizing a party as it’s the 25th anniversary of the owner of this hotel.

She nodded and smiling took the flowers from him.

Ahaana: Party? Something is going to happen in this… I have a gut feeling

Ahaana mumbled to herself and came back in.


Just like this everyone received the invitation card. All after getting ready came to hall. Kabir saw Riddhima standing with Vansh who was just throwing angry glares at him while holding her hands tightly.

Ahaana came and saw Kabir drinking, she tried to talk to him and moved towards him. Before she could talk they heard a voice.

Owner: Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s my 25th anniversary and I got this party from my staff. I hope you’ll will enjoy this party.

She ignored him and then again moved to him but saw someone else was there in place of him. She came back to her place.

Ahaana: He was there only, now where is he?

She thought and then saw him looking at someone, before she could follow his gaze, her father came.

Raj: Ahaana, go and enjoy. You’ll feel better.

She nodded and smiled. Just then a guy came to her.

Man: Would you like to have a dance with me.

She nodded and kept her hand on his. Both came to the dance floor, she saw Kabir dancing with someone while looking at someone else. Again and again she failed to follow his gaze but this time she did. She saw a couple dancing while talking to each other. She smiled to see them but then remembered of Kabir.

She looked at the man who was trying to talk to her, but all this while she didn’t looked at him even. Suddenly she was twirled around and fell in someone’s arms. She looked at the man and saw him looking at someone throwing him those deadly glares, she followed his and saw him glaring at Kabir who was dancing with someone while the girl was looking at him.

Vansh twirled Riddhima and she came to Kabir, he caught her hand and then pulled her to him. Riddhima saw Vansh glaring at him. She left his hand and came to a corner all alone. While Vansh left Ahaana and came to her. He without saying anything was about to take Riddhima with him when she felt dizzy.

Riddhima: Vansh, water…

She said and nodding he left her after making her sit on the couch. Kabir came and gave her water, she without looking up at him took it. Then she saw Vansh standing there holding the glass tightly, then she looked up to see Kabir. Vansh left from there. She was about to follow him when Kabir caught her arm.

Kabir: Riddhima, at least try to listen to me.

He said and she jerked his hand and turned around.

Riddhima: Kabir what do I listen to you? Why are you making my life miserable, already I don’t have less problem don’t make it more tough for me.

She said and was about to go but he again stopped her.

Kabir: Riddhima, just answer me one question. You love him? Are you happy with him?

He asked and she closed her eyes as now he was testing her patience. She turned around.

Riddhima: Yes I do, I do love him and I’m happy with him. You have any problem?

He shook his hand and she left from there, Kabir saw her leaving and wiped his tears. He turned around and saw Ahaana there. He was shocked and she caught his hand and brought him to a corner.


Riddhima came in the room and saw Vansh sitting in the balcony, his back was facing her. She took a deep breath and then moved to him. Entering in the balcony she saw him drinking, she was shocked to see him like this.

Riddhima: Vansh….

He didn’t looked up at her and she caught the bottle and threw it on the floor breaking it into many pieces. He grew angry and then caught her arms pinning her to the wall.

Vansh: What’s your problem? If you want you can go to him as since morning I’m watching you with him only. Leave Riddhima, leave from my life. Just Go……

She heard him and then saw him leaving her.

Riddhima: You are my problem. I can’t leave you.

Riddhima said and he caught her arm.

Vansh: I’ll divorce you, then you can go to him. You can live happily with him.

He said and she looked at him shocked. She clutched his collar into her fists and looked in his eyes.

Riddhima: Are you mad? What’s your problem? Why are you hell bent on sending me with him? First you married forcefully then now you are forcing me to leave you, you never tell me your issues. You don’t even told me that you are not well thinking that I’ll leave you and when I said I won’t you don’t get, don’t you get for once and all that I’m not leaving you. I love you and you want me to go to the person who is my past. What do you want from me?

She shouted at him with all her efforts. He heard her, she left his collar realizing what she said. She was about to move back in when he pulled her and pinned her to the wall and joined their foreheads.

Vansh: Repeat what you said?

As he asked she saw his closed eyes and holding her arms.

Riddhima: Nothing leave me….

She said trying to remove his grip but he didn’t left her. But Vansh held her more tightly.

Vansh: Riddhima please….

She looked as she saw his tensed face.

Riddhima: I love you, but promise me you won’t ask me to leave from your life.

She said and tears came out from her eyes. He opened his eyes to see her crying.

Vansh: Never. I love you Riddhima.

He said and moving kissed her on her cheeks, removing the tear droplets from her eyes. Riddhima looked at him as he gave her the smile. He moved forward and took her lips into a soulful kiss.


Ahaana brought Kabir to a corner.

Ahaana: Was she Riddhima?

She asked him and he didn’t replied. She kept her hand on his shoulder.

Kabir: Yes…

He said and she looked as she saw him sad.

Ahaana: How rude she was with you? And you still love her? She betrayed you and she have the courage that she could talk in front of like she did nothing wrong. I wish she’ll never be happy in her whole life.

She said and Kabir didn’t even a heard a word as his mind was revolving with Riddhima’s words. He felt her hand on his shoulder, looking up he saw her.

Ahaana: Kabir she don’t deserve you, believe me. She just used your emotions until it was useful to her.

Ahaana said and might be somehow he believed her.

Kabir: Ahaana will you marry me?

He asked so suddenly that she was shocked to the core. She was opening and closing her mouth trying to form a sentence.

Ahaana: What?

She asked him and he nodded.

Ahaana: Are you sure?

Although she was glad by his statement. She was in need of confirmation. He might have said that in anger.

Kabir: Yes, will you marry me?

She nodded and hugged him although he hugged her back but not wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, Vansh looked at Riddhima lying under him closing her eyes, Riddhima opened her eyes and look at him lying over her. She caressed his face and gradually pulled him for a kiss. Vansh smiled over it and hugged her within the kiss.


After 2 months:-

Riddhima knocked on the door and hearing a come-in. She entered, she saw doctor checking one of the file, she wiped her tears and sat in front of me.

Riddhima: Doctor, what does the report say?

She asked while crossing her fingers, praying the news will be good but might be god isn’t going to listen to her now.

Doctor: Mrs. Riddhima, sorry to say there is a bad news.

She gulped down the saliva formed in her throat.

Riddhima: What is it?

Riddhima asked and saw him showing her the file he was checking.

Doctor: Riddhima, you must be knowing that brain tumor is a deadly disease. It can be cured but it have many risks if we under go with operation, then there only person can lose his life if we fail to work on it properly and I guess you won’t go with that even. The 5-year survival rate for people with a cancerous brain is 36% and Mr. Vansh is suffering from that only, as earlier it wasn’t getting diagnosed so we wasn’t treating it but now it’s very less time. If I say in short then other than going on with the surgery we can’t save him anyhow. If we won’t go with surgery then he can survive for probably a month if it doesn’t increase and if it does then sorry to say not even for a week. Decision is yours will you go with the surgery or not?

He told and saw tears flowing from her eyes continuously, she sat back straight fidgeting with her fingers. He forwarded her the glass of water.

Doctor: Riddhima if I say being your friend than don’t go with the surgery as according to the reports he can get a life of 1 month and it isn’t showing any type of increase. But yeah his death will be very painful.

Riddhima without saying anything kept her head on the table while tears were non-stop flowing from her eyes.

Riddhima: Rohan why is it happening with me only, what I did wrong? Was me being born was wrong? Was me helping them was wrong? Was me marrying him was wrong? Was me being hated by him was wrong? Was me being cursed by Anu mom was wrong? Was me saving Vansh was wrong? Was me refusing Kabir was wrong? Was me accepting Vansh was wrong? Or was me falling in love with Vansh was wrong? If not, then why the hell I’m being punished for everything? Why?

Rohan came and held her hand tightly.

Rohan: Riddhima, calm down it must be difficult for you but right now Vansh is in need of you and my little friend.

He passed her a smile, but she was shocked.

Riddhima: Rohan, don’t please.

Rohan frowned at this.

Rohan: Riddhima, what happened? You should be happy.

Rohan said and saw her thinking.

Rohan: Wait Siya gave me those reports, here it is.

She looked at him and took the reports opening it she saw.

“Urine Pregnancy Test – Positive”

She was numb to the core, she looked up at Rohan and saw him expressionless.

Riddhima: What should I do?

Riddhima asked him and saw him looking at her angrily. He took the phone and dialed a number.

Rohan: Send her to my cabin.

He ordered and got up and moved to a side. After a while, a girl came in and saw Riddhima sitting she ran to her and took her in a hug.

Rohan: Siya…

He shouted and she left her and sat in front of her.

Siya: Congratulations bhabhi… You know I’m so happy for you.

She said and saw Rohan standing in front of her.

Rohan: Siya your bhabhi is turning mad, she is asking me what should I do?

Siya frowned and then looked at her face, she was tensed.

Siya: Bhabhi… Don’t tell me you are thinking for abortion.

She said shocked and saw Rohan sitting in front of Riddhima on his knees and holding her hand.

Rohan: Riddhima, you know Vansh is in critical if I say truly then you even know there is no chance of his survival, I know you can’t see him like that but you have to tell him and go on with this baby. It will be with you as Vansh last sign.

He said and she hugged him tightly.

Riddhima: Rohan how will I live without him, it’s very difficult I know how will I breathe even? I don’t know when, where and how I feel in love with him even when he insulted me to the core when he used to hate me. I don’t know when and now it’s impossible for me to even think of living without him.

Riddhima said while sniffing and hugging him.

Siya: Bhabhi, you’ll have to be strong because there are even many complications in your pregnancy. You have to be very careful even while eating anything. Perfect calories and everything should be perfect.

Riddhima nodded and broke the hug.

Rohan: Riddhima go and tell him and my Riddhima will have to be strong and fierce which she was in school. Siya will look after your complication and from today she will stay with you and Vansh in VR Mansion as your personal doctor. And I’m not taking your permission as Vansh told me that’s even my house I can come and go anytime.

She nodded at him giving him a smile and moved out from the room.

Siya: Rohan I told her that there is many complications but as I know through reports bhabhi won’t be able to survive even for a week after her delivery.

She said and looked at the door while tears were flowing through her eyes.

Rohan: May be they will be together in heaven where no one will disturb them.

She hugged him.


Riddhima entered in their room and saw Vansh sleeping on the bed while thousands of wires were attached to him, thanks to her blur vision. She wiped of her tears not even leaving a single drop in them. Making a forced and yet looking beautiful smile she came to him. He sensed her presence at once and opened his eyes to look at her face.

Vansh: Why my sweetheart was crying? I saw you wiping your tears, you think me as a fool?

She let out a chuckle just to make him change the topic.

Vansh: Where you went?

She looked at him and moving forward gave him a forehead kiss.

Vansh: Don’t change the topic by kissing me, tell me where you went?

She came forward again kissed him on his cheeks.

Riddhima: Doctor.

She said and caressed his face.

Vansh: What that idiot friend of yours sad? That there are few chances of my survival If he does this then I’ll survive if he does that I’ll survive. I know I won’t survive.

Riddhima gave him a smack on his arm.

Vansh: Ouch…I’m your unwell husband why are you beating me?

Vansh acted and saw her crying without giving him any expression. She was about to move when he pulled her back.

Riddhima: Leave me….I won’t talk to you…I hate you..

She said and he pulled her closer. She felt his hands on her waist caressing her.

Vansh: Say again you hate me.

She looked at his face and saw him smirking, maybe that’s why he was VR even being unwell, how can anyone gain the chance to romance.

Riddhima: Where was your this patience for whole one year?

She asked him and saw him looking at her.

Vansh: I thought you hate me.

She heard him and saw him giving her a sad expression.

Riddhima: Yeah I do…I hate you right now.

She said and he caressed her waist roaming his hands there. She saw him smirking as she closed her eyes and then removed his hands.

Riddhima: Are you mad? You are not well and instead of taking rest you are romancing with me.

She said and saw him still smiling.

Vansh: These medicines aren’t going to help me I need you beside me to sleep.

She got in the duvet and hugged him tightly as he felt her tears on his shirt.

Vansh: I don’t want to change my dress as its very difficult for me to control myself.

She looked up at him and saw him raising his eyebrows.

Riddhima: Vansh…I want to tell you something.

She said and laid back wiping her tears waiting for more to come. He hummed at her.

Riddhima: Vansh….I’m pregnant.

She said closing her eyes, this news should be the happiest news but turned out to be sad and piercing through their hearts. Vansh felt as if his heart skipped one beat, his breath hitched. Both didn’t reacted for god knows how many minutes. May be it was silent heart to heart talk.

Vansh: Riddhima…..I really don’t know what to say.

He finally said and heard her sniffing, she looked up at him and then joined their foreheads.

Riddhima: Vansh….you promised me na that you won’t leave me. How are you going to betray me now? See I used to punish my betrayers and your punishment is you are not going to leave me. Am I clear?

She shouted at him being angry and he held her arm tightly to calm her down pulling her in a hug.

Riddhima: I hate you Vansh….I hate you….

She said and threw her arm around his neck. She was losing her consciousness due to weakness.

Riddhima: I hate you s….so mu….ch…. I… LO…VE…YOU….

She said and finally lost her consciousness which he didn’t noticed that

Vansh: I love you Riddhima.

When for a while she didn’t reacted even a bit he panicked.

Vansh: Riddhima…Riddhima… Open your eyes.

He said lying her down on the other side. Picking up the phone he dialed to Siya.

Siya: Vansh bhai, what happened are you okay and bhabhi?

Vansh heard her question and was looking at Riddhima.

Vansh: Siya, I don’t know how, she was crying then she lost her consciousness.

He said panicking and waited for her to check.

Siya: Bhai don’t worry, bhabhi must have cried a lot that’s why she caught weakness and being tired from morning she must have lost her consciousness. You don’t need to do anything she will wake up by tomorrow.

Siya said and Vansh disconnected the call without saying a word as just a hum was enough. He looked at Riddhima and kissed on her cheeks and then moving his hands to her belly caressed her there.

Vansh: Baby even if we won’t be with you, we will always with you as your shadow, even in the darkness we won’t leave you. Don’t ever forget how much your mom and dad loves you.

Vansh said and kissed on her belly and hugged her tightly.


{A/N: I’m sorry to give a note in the mid and breaking the flow but I won’t be able to type about Vansh’s death already my hands are shivering with just the thought and since how many hours I tried to type but not even a line is possible for me. Sorry}


After 8 months:-

Ahaana turned around and saw Kabir lying on the bed. May be it was due to her curses that she got pregnant and then suffered a miscarriage and now she won’t be able to become a mother again. She laid down there and looked at Kabir. She reminisced the day when he got to know Riddhima was innocent.

Flashback starts:-

Aryan: Kabir you are wrong this time, you all took her wrong. Today when Vansh is no more aunty you are still cursing her you don’t know if she didn’t helped us that day neither I was standing in friend of you nor your daughter and my baby

Kabir clutched his collar and looked at him

Kabir: What do you mean?

Ishani came and stood in front of them.

Ishani: That day when I was about to tell her that I was pregnant with Aryan’s child and Aryan is in Vansh captive, she went to talk to Vansh who in turn blackmailed her and she married him.

Reason was worth approval, she saved their dignity in front of the society and got curse in return.

Flashback ends-:

That day she shouldn’t have followed Kabir and then won’t have met with that deadly accident. Her curses were now destroying her life.


Riddhima looked at the baby girl in her hand who perfectly resemble her Vansh.

Riddhima: Baby you know I should just hate your dad but it’s not possible for me. As soon as he got to know about the operation he went under it. Even when I tried to stop him saying that he will take the risk. We both knew that day that he won’t wake up again and it was my last met to him in this birth. Don’t worry we’ll surely meet in next and I hope you’ll be our daughter, cute one. Right?

As she said one of the tear droplets fell from her eyes on baby’s cheeks. It was her premature birth so she was under observation. Riddhima knew her end was also near. She got down from the bed and moved to the hall to see Siya and Rohan reading something.

Siya: Bhabhi why you came down….?

She asked and was stopped by Riddhima who moved to Rohan, Siya followed her.

Riddhima: Rohan I’m sorry but I saw that how much you care for Vanya, I know my end is near I heard Siya talking with you that day. If I’ll die will you both look after my baby.

She said and looked at them. Both hugged her.

Rohan: Riddhima nothing will happen….

She interrupted him and handed over the baby to Siya.

Riddhima: Rohan don’t lie.

She said and kissed on Vanya’s forehead.

Riddhima: Mumma will miss you baby.

She smiled and baby held her fingers as she fell on Rohan’s arms breathing her last while Vanya sucked her fingers.

“Every love story doesn’t have a good ending……”

……”THE END”……


Hope you liked the story.

Story was sad as it was incomplete sorry for this…

Sorry for any grammatical mistake……..

Signing off: 

Your Niyati….

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