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Riddhima was looking around her room and inhaled a deep breath.

Her POV :-

That’s great… It’s been 10 days since I’m in this room married to this monster who is sitting in front of me typing something useless and baseless like him in his laptop. I can’t move out from here even. Just time to time I get my breakfast, lunch and dinner and even sometimes Dadi, Siya or Ishani comes to have a word with me.

Ishani that was really shocking when she first time came to my room and called me bhabhi. Siya looked at my face and burst into laughing. I know it’s shocking but she is changing for good now..

I looked and saw Vansh coming to me. What does he want now?

Her POV ends:

Vansh looked at Riddhima who was smiling thinking about something. He smirked and got up. He moved to her and kept his hands in his pockets. Riddhima looked up raising her eyebrows.

“What?” She asked confused by his look.

“Get ready. We are leaving for London. I’m having an important meeting there.” Vansh said and passed her a cold look.

“Then why me, you should be the one to go. So go. ” Riddhima asked and within in a second she was pinned to the wall. “Leave me Vansh….”

“You don’t have the right to question me back. ” He said to her as if warning her. “Get ready and no need to pack anything.” He said and grabbing his phone and laptop moved out of the room.

She rolled her eyes “What does he think of himself? Burj Khalifa. How tight was his grip? It’s still hurting. ” She said and looked at his finger print on her hands.

Giving a look at the door, she moved to her cupboard and taking out a pink salwar suit got dressed into it.


Vansh moved out of the room and in the way he saw Ishani and Siya sitting and chatting while looking at him.

He heard a low voice, “Boss” Recognizing the voice he turned around.

“Boss, as you said jet is ready” Angre told him.

“Ok….. We will be leaving in 15 minutes.” Angre nodded as he heard Vansh.

“Where are you going Vansh?” He heard Dadi’s voice and turned around.

“Dadi I’m having a meeting in London. So I thought to take Riddhima with me also.” He told her and saw her nodding.

Ishani and Siya looked at each other. And then all saw Riddhima coming down from the stairs looking gorgeous in her baby pink salwar suit.

“Wow Bhabhi…. Looking beautiful.” Siya complimented while looking at her. She passed her a smile and looked at Vansh’s gaze. She raised her eyebrows.

“We are leaving dadi” He said trying to divert her look. Bowing down he took her blessings.

He moved out and was followed by Angre who stopped on hearing Aryan’s voice.

“Angre even you are going with them?” He asked raising his eyebrows and all looked at him.

“No… I was just going till airport” He said and moved out following Vansh.

Riddhima looked at Dadi and smiling took her blessings. “Khush raho” Dadi said and getting up she left while Ishani and Siya followed her till car.

As soon as they came out of the door. Ishani came in front of her.

“Bhabhi where are your bags?” Ishani asked confused.

“Vansh asked me not to pack” Riddhima told and raised her eyebrows waiting for her to complete her line properly.

“Then what will you wear there? Nothing… Hawww Bhabhi.” Siya and Ishani said and slightly whispered to her.

“I wasn’t knowing that your brother isn’t worth to get me a dress or two. ” She said and passed them a wink.

Getting inside the car, she waved her hand at them.

She entered and looked at Vansh sitting beside her and Angre in front seat with driver. Vansh was busy in tabbing on his tablet, Angre was busy in his phone. She slid down the window pane and enjoyed the view outside.


As soon as both entered into his private jet. Riddhima sat near the window seat.

He chuckled and sat beside her. As he heard the announcement he looked at her who was endulged in looking outside. As he grabbed her seat belt she looked at him and gave him a questioning look.

But he royly ignored it and did his work and sat back. Riddhima ignoring him again started looking outside.


Both reached the resort and saw his servants there with a girl standing in front of them.

Both reached the resort and saw his servants there with a girl standing in front of them

Riddhima looked at her from top to bottom. While she moved towards them and forwarded her hands to Vansh.

“Welcome back sir. ” She said and Vansh handshaked with her. He looked at cofused Riddhima.

“Riddhima she is my PA over here.” He said while she gave him a as-if-i-care look.

“Roshni, show her the room.” He said and Riddhima saw the girl nodding.

“Mam follow me” Riddhima heard her and nodding followed her.

In the way:-

“So your name is Roshni?” Riddhima asked her and looked at her.

“Yes mam” Roshni told her.

“Since when you are working for Vansh” Riddhima asked again and saw her confused face.

“Around two years” She told and saw her nodding.

“So you must be knowing Vansh well” She asked again and looked at Riddhima smirking.

“Yes mam and you know what he is not just my boss but my friend too and that’s why Vansh appointed me to look after you and your daily routines properly.” She said in a go.

“Sir” Riddhima said.

“Huh” Roshni asked confused.

“It’s sir for you and why he appointed you for me. I know how to take care of myself” Riddhima said “where is the room?”

“This way mam” Roshni said and both again moved in the way “by the way mam how you both got married.”

As Roshni asked Riddhima got the views of the day both got married. Standing in front of the door she said.
“You said Vansh is your friend ask him” She said and giving her a fake smile closed the door on her face.


Riddhima came out of washroom and saw Vansh lying on the bed spreading his arms there. She threw the towel on the sofa and stood in front of him crossing her hands over her chest.

“You asked Roshni to take care of me” As he heard her voice he opened his eyes and looked at Riddhima who was standing in front of him adorn in red suit.

“According to Riddhima’s theory, What I did now?” He asked and kept his right hand under his head while lying in the same position.

“I said did you ask Roshni to take care of me?” She repeated her question and raised her eyebrows once again.

“Yes I said…. ” He said and sat straight.

“What had you taken me for? A two-year old kid or something like that” Riddhima said looking at him in anger while tears formed in her eyes “I know how to take care of myself. Since childhood I’m taking care of myself. I don’t need anyone’s help. Once I believed on someone i dont want to do that again and about you I don’t know but that Roshni shouldn’t come in front of me and……. “

Before she could say further he grabbed her wrist and pulled her under him on the bed and kept his hands on her mouth “How much you speak? See I’m not doubting your capability I asked her to take care of you as you are new here. She isn’t just my PA she is yours even. So if you want to go out then you can go with her. You must not be knowing where is which room so in all this she’ll help you. Ok? And please before making theories and applying them on me. Ask me ok?” He said and removing his hands from her mouth laid beside her.

“Btw from where you learn to speak this much? Sejal?” He asked and looked at her.

She raised her eyebrows “How you know about Sejal?” She asked

“Are you having a memory loss?” He said with sarcasm “You only told me the day you came to VR Mansion.”

“I didn’t came you brought me” She said and saw him looking at him and getting up he left the room.

“Now what I did?” She sat there confused.


Vansh came to the pool side and sat there dipping his legs in the water.

“Why I married her?” He asked looking at himself in the water.

“Because you know she was a spy” He heard a voice and turned to left and was shocked to see himself beside him.

“So what? Even Ragini was a spy why you didn’t get married to her?Why Riddhima only” He heard a voice again and looked at his right to again see himself.

“Because you weren’t aware that Ragini was a spy and you were aware of Riddhima being a spy” He heard the voice from his left side.

“So what? You will marry every girl who will come to spy on you.” He heard from his right side.

He looked at them as they began arguing on the matter.

“Vansh sir” He heard the voice who breaked his conscience and turned around to see Roshni standing there.

He got up and moved towards her. “Yeah Roshni” He asked and face palmed himself.

“Sir woh dinner is ready but Riddhima mam isn’t opening the door.” She said while looking at him.

“Give me the food. I’ll feed her.” He said and saw her nodding.

Roshni turned around and was about to leave when her feet tripped because of water and she was about to kiss the floor when Vansh caught her by her waist. She held him by his shoulder. He helped her get up.

“Are you ok? ” He asked and saw her nodding and mumbling a sorry she left.


Riddhima getting up moved out of the room. She came to the pool area and saw Roshni in Vansh’s arms. She without even giving them a second look left from there.

Her POV:-

I was getting boared sitting in the room so I came out. As I entered the pool area and saw around, I saw
Roshni in Vansh’s arms. Oh so he came out because of her. I moved back to my room.

I don’t want to see someone romancing especially my husband.

Her POV ends-:

Riddhima was pacing around the room crossing her hands around her chest.

“Wow over here I’m hungry and my own… Own husband is romancing outside. Good. GO… Wait why the hell I’m caring… I don’t love him. But no after all he is my husband. He can’t cheat me.” She said and keeping her hand started to think.

“But what if that Roshni Woshni is doing all this? If Vansh left me. So what? I didn’t get married to him willingly. But Riddhima then to he is your husband.” She confused sat on the couch

“Huh.. He isn’t Vansh he is confusion for me. Till next birth I’ll be solving him. Wait a second, why I’ll be solving him? Ohk fine Riddhima let’s clear this matter from him only.” She said and moved towards there to stop and turn around. “But what I will ask?”

As she stood there only, Vansh entered the room by opening the door due to which she was pushed but he caught her hand to pull her but not able to balance both fell on the floor while Riddhima was under him.

Both looked into each other while he was grabbing her arms so tightly as if owing her but the pain was unaffectable for her. She was lost in his eyes and didn’t bothered about his hands. He losing his grip brought his hands to her face and removed her hair locks and tucked them behind her ears. He was caressing her face while she was lost in his black orbs.

He moved a bit forward to kiss her and she closed her eyes but before he could claim them his phone rang. Understanding there position both got up and adjusted themselves.

Vansh looked at the caller ID to see an unknown number. He swaped the green button and keeping the phone on his ears mumbled a “Hello”. He looking and Riddhima and hearing a voice from the phone after a second said ” Wrong Number”. Disconnecting the call he looked at her.

“Roshni told me that……. ” He said while looking at her then only she interrupted.

“Haan exactly You and your Roshni. Now what she told you. I’m not sleeping or I’m not breathing. Listen I don’t care but you ask your Roshni to stay from me or I’ll kill her.” She shouted at him while he was looking at her in shock.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you shouting?” He asked calmly.

She was about to say but as a knock came on the door Vansh went to open it and saw a waiter standing there with a trolley. He got aside and keeping the trolley there waiter left.

“Come, let’s have it.” Vansh asked and was about to sit when he heard her voice.

“I don’t want.” Saying so she was about to move towards the washroom when he held her hand and picked her up.

She wriggled in his hold but he didn’t left her. He kept her on the bed and she was about to get down when he pulled her back. He came close to her face while she moved back and her back hit the bed post. He held both of her hands in his one grip. He moved to her lips when she squeezed her eyes and lips close and trying to free her hand. He smirked and tied her both hands with the bed post.

“What’s wrong with you? Why you have tied me?” She shouted while trying to free her hands whereas he ignoring her brought the plate in front of her.

Taking a spoonful of morsel he brought her in front of her mouth, she turned her face away but he again brought and she moved back. “Ek baar mein khila rha hun to kha lo warna mujhe aur bhi tareke aate hai.” He said as if warning her.

“Dhamki hi dena jaante ho na, pyar se to allergy hai” She taunted him.

“Pyar se hi baar kar rha tha par tumhe chilana tha to bugahto.” He said and again forwarded the spoon and she without saying anything more took it.

Both completed eating and keeping the empty plates back on the table. Vansh was about to leave the room.

“Oh hello, free me.” She shouted at his back. He looked at her and sat beside her and brought his hands on her hands and removed the fold and fred her hands.

“Idiot” She mumbled while rubbing her hands. She glared at him and moved to washroom when he again pulled her.

She closed her eyes in frustration. “Get ready in 10 minutes you are coming out with me.” He said and looked at her.

“Abb main jaun. From last half an hour you are pulling me.” She said in frustration.

He left her and moved out of the room while she left to washroom.


Vansh came out while scrolling through his phone. He was standing in the center of the Hall when Roshni came in front of her with a file.

“Sir this is file for which you had asked.” She said and passed him. He grabbed it and keeping the phone back in his pockets starting checking the file while she was standing close to him.

Riddhima ascended down the stairs and saw them engrossed in a file. She eyes Roshni from top to bottom gave a smirk in her direction.

She came in front of them. Vansh didn’t looked up as he was knowning who is there while Roshni looked up and passed her a smile.

“Rest I’ll check after coming. Keep the file in our room.” Vansh told to Roshni and was about to move out when he heard her scream turning around he saw her on the floor.

He saw Riddhima smiling but she then bent down and helped her get up. “Are you ok?” She asked on which Roshni nodded.

Vansh nodding left the Hall with Riddhima.

Riddhima’s POV:-

Huh Roshni Woshni. Idiot. She took me as an stupid. She was trying to get close to my husband my…. Now I’ll tell who Riddhima is No Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.

Even if I don’t love him still he is my husband. Let me even see how she get succeed in her plan.

Her POV ends-:

Vansh looked at Riddhima who was smiling. He smiled and get in the car.

“Where are we going?” Riddhima asked sitting beside him.

“Let Roshni come.” Vansh said smiling and looked at Riddhima’s face.

“Now why the hell is she coming with us.” She shouted at him.

“She isn’t coming with us.” He said and looked at her confused face “I was just kidding”

She looked at him in confused way.


Roshni looked at the screen in front of her while caressing her elbow.

“Hahahaha Roshni…. Bhabhi did right with you. I just asked you to get them close but you started making her jealous. Haha serves you good” Ishani said through the video call while laughing out loud.

“Are you fine Roshni?” Siya asked looking at her elbow

“No yr… I need to go back to my place and this Ishani. I’ll kill you” She said and applied the ointment over her sprained elbow. “Why you asked me to do all this?”

“Arey I only didn’t asked you to do this even Angre scheduled his meeting over there on my saying.” She said and patted her back.

“Di if bhai got to know about all this then he’ll hang us to death.” Siya said thinking of his anger.

“Who will tell him Siya. Don’t worry. ” Ishani said and then looked at Roshni “btw where are they now”.


Vansh parked his car near the shopping mall.

“Shopping Mall” Riddhima said looking at the building in front of her “Why are we here?”

“To look at the design of the building” He said with sarcasm and looking at her confused face “Obviously to shop. Now come…. Without asking any questions.”

Both entered in while Vansh held Riddhima’s hand and directed her to the clothing section. After shopping for a two hours. They came out. Riddhima was confused by his actions.


He brought her to a hotel rather than his resort. She quietly followed him.
Both entered in a room.

“Umm…. Wear this and meet me in the garden area of this hotel” He said and handed over the dress to her. He left the room while she stood there confused.

She looked at the dress in her hand then thinking for a while changed into it.


Vansh looked around the area smiling. On hearing bangles voice he turned around to see Riddhima adorned with the red saree.

He smiled looking at her

He smiled looking at her. She looked up and saw the decoration in front of her eyes. A smile crept on her face for a second but it turned to be confused again. She looked at Vansh who came to her and forwarded her his hand.

She thinking for a while grabbed it and he pulled her to him due to which she kept her hand on his shoulder while he on her waist

She thinking for a while grabbed it and he pulled her to him due to which she kept her hand on his shoulder while he on her waist. Turning on the music both swayed there body on the tune.

As soon as the song ended Vansh bent down on his knees and forwarded a rose to her. “I love you Riddhima. I really love you that’s why I asked you to marrry me. Even on knowing that you came to my mansion as a spy I married you as I really love you.” He said and looked at her shocked face.

Without saying anything she left the place ignoring his numerous shouts.

She entered her room and closing the door sat in front of the bed.

“I cursed the person who truly loved me. He… He being aware that I’m a spy got married to me just because he loves me.” She said and hugging her knees close to her chest kept on crying. “On one side I was in love with that Kabir who did nothing rather than using me. He used me everytime being his girlfriend, his spy in every case he just used me other side here is Vansh who even hates betrayal got married to the girl whose name itself is a betrayal. I don’t know what should I do. I’m confused.”

“What’s the confusion about?” She looked up to see Vansh in front of her.

“Vansh” She mumbled and wiping her tears looked at him. He raised his eyebrows as if repeating the question. “I don’t know what should I do? I’m confused. I’m confused about my feelings. I know I don’t love Kabir now but I even don’t love you. Love doesn’t happen within a day. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I don’t know anything.”

“Umm… It’s a serious issue. You know a famous personality said that whenever you are having a conflict between heart and brain. Always chose heart. So keep your hands on your heart and ask his decision. ” He said and kept her hand on her hand.

Riddhima thought for a minute and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at him smiling “I think I used give this relationship a chance”
She said and closing her eyes wiped her tears when she opened her eyes she didn’t found Vansh anywhere.

Smiling she understood he was her imagination. She came down and see the same arrangement there but Vansh wasn’t there. She moved back to her room and closed the door but just then a knock came on the door.

Thinking it to be Vansh she opened the door and saw Roshni there. “Man Vansh sir asked me to bring you back to resort” Riddhima still confused just nodded and followed her.


Both entered the resort. Riddhima looked around to see everyone except Vansh. She then turned around to ask Roshni but she wasn’t there.

Thinking Vansh to be in there room, she left towards the direction.

Entering the room she saw none there. Moving towards the washroom door she knocked there but as no one was inside so nor any voice came.

All this were making her worried “Did I hurt him?” She sat there drifting in the thoughts.

Just then Vansh entered into the room. She got up and moved to him.

“Where were you? I’m searching for you since so long. You know I came to the garden area but you weren’t there. Then Roshni brought me here.” She looked at his face and taking a deep breath asked “Where were you?”

“Why?” He asked.


“Why you care? Where I was I was alive” He shouted but in a bit low tone

“Vansh” A gasp escape her mouth.

“Riddhima…. If you were having so much issue with me loving you then you should have told me there only I wouldn’t have said anything.” He said while pinning her to the wall. “Better late then never”.

“Par Vansh atleast listen to me.” She said and saw him looking other side. “Vansh I was confused about all this so I didn’t answered but now I decided to…. “

“Now i decided what I need to do?” He said interrupting her. He said and forwarded her an envelope.

She took it and tearing it took out a few papers. Before opening it she looked at his face which wasn’t holding any emotions.

She opened it and was shocked to see the heading “Divorce Papers” Her breath hitched as she heard his voice.

“Sign them and there won’t be any need of decisions.” He said and was about to leave the room.

“Ye sahi hai phele zabardasti yeh shadi karo phir bina puche iss shadi mein rakho aur phir jab tumhara man chahe divorce de doo. Humse puchne ki bhi kya zarurat hai.” She said while he turned around on hearing her voice.

She moved to him and taking out the pen from the side drawer said looking at him “You want divorce na?” She said and was about to sign on it.

When he pulled her and closing the door behind pinned her to the door and claimed her lips.

He looked at her face while kissing her. She was shocked by his sudden movement but he didn’t forced her with that. He just kissed her to calm the situation between them. The idea was awkward but it worked in there situation.

She calmed down when he left her lips. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked her.

“Huh? Just a minute. You were the one who was asking me to sign the divorce papers and I was doing that only. So what’s wrong with you?” She said looking at him confused.

While he moved forward closing more spaces between them. “I said and you’ll divorce. Don’t you even know how to fight back and answer. You could have refused” He said and looked at her eyes calmly.

“Tumhe na mood swings hote hai woh bhi ajeeb wale. Abhi gusse mein divorce dene ki baat kar rhe the abb kuch aur hi bol rhe ho” She said confused with him. “I was thinking to give a chance to this relationship and thats why I came to talk to you but you weren’t there. I wasn’t going to leave you. You were leaving me. “

“You won’t leave me.” He asked and saw her nodding. “Promise”

“Promise” She said and smiled at him. He hugged her tightly keeping his face in the crook of her neck.

She hugged him back smiling. He broke the hug after a while and was about to move back.

When she pulled him by his collars and kissed him on his lips. He smiled at her and snaking his hands on her waist while she encircled her arms around his neck. Both kissed each other passionately.

Vansh started roaming his hands around her back she was feeling something very new and exciting she moaned in pleasure..

They both made love….

Happy ending


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