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Vansh pulled out of the kiss and looked at her, she was glaring at him.

“What the hell? How dare you to kiss me? Forget that. How dare you to even touch me?” She shouted in front of his ears.

“Can you please shout in a bit low tone? It’s hurting my ears” He said and saw her glaring.

“Ohk fine done……now Come” He said and dragged her.

“I’m not going to come with you… Leave me right now….” Riddhima said and held the pillar “I said leave me”.

He looked at her for once and then moved back to her and picked her up in his arms shocking her.

“Put me down” She shouted and wriggled in his arms but it was difficult for her to break his hold or to make him lose his hold on her.

He brought her to the Hall, she looked around and saw many gazes on her. She looked at him and saw that he wasn’t reacting.
He brought her under the pavilion.

Riddhima’s POV

I was walking aimlessly on the road. After listening to Kabir I don’t know what should I do? Where should I do?. Thinking about all this something came in front of me and after that everything was black.

I opened my eyes and saw myself in a room but as the vision was blur I blinked my eyes and saw I was in a room. I holding my head sat there.

Just then I heard Vansh’s voice although nothing was clearly audible and due to my headache I wasn’t able to concentrate. Ohh I again came to VR Mansion, this mansion loves me a lot even if I don’t wish to come he brings me here back everytime. I’m in his study how will I not get that I had sneeked in many times to collect the proofs.

He called himself my paremeshwar, he compared himself with my bappa.
I answered him back and he came to me and pulled me slowly towards himself. Then he kissed me. How dare he?

When I didn’t respond he left me and then holding my hand dragged me towards the door. I held the pillar and he looked at me.

He then picked me up in his arms. He needs a psychiatrist he is turning insane. I tried to make him lose his hold on me but how can I a small and innocent child can break this monster’s hold.

We came to the hall and I saw the same arrangement is he going to marry me now? That means he don’t know I’m was a spy. Oh no….. Then I saw everyone was looking at me. I know I’m beautiful that doesn’t mean they’ll stare at me.

Then I saw they were glaring at both of us. But vansh wasn’t reacting.
He broke Newton’s third law of motion for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

He made me sat there under the pavilion. I won’t marry this monster ever.

Riddhima’s POV ends.

Author’s POV

Vansh made Riddhima stand under the pavilion.

“Bhai aap bhabhi se aise hi shadi karoge? ” Siya asked looking at Riddhima ” I mean bhabhi ki dress”.

“I can’t take another risk Siya” He said and looked at Riddhima “She’ll again ran away.”.

She glared at him ” I said I’m not going to marry you”.

She said but ignoring her, he sat down pulling her due to which she herself sat there.

Priest started chanting the mantra, vansh looked at Riddhima and he was holding her hand tightly in a grip.

She was trying to lose it but it was impossible for her. Her nails pricked on his hands. He glared at her but she was busy in trying that.

Pandit asked them to get up for garland exchange. He left her hand and she got up immediately and she was about to move out when he held her elbow and made her wear the garland. She looked at him shocked making him irritated. He took the other garland and made her hold it and then he himself wore it with her hands.

She was still in shock while taking the opportunity he made her sit down back on the place again holding her hand in a tight grip. Priest was chanting the mantra while other family members were looking at them as they know they neither can go against VR nor they have the power like him. So they chose to stay silent.

Soon their marriage was completed by last words of the priest “Aaj se aap dono pati patni”.

He looked at her shocked face and passed her his smirk

He whispered in her ears welcome to hell sweetheart’.

Bowing down both took blessings from elders.


Riddhima with Siya entered in their room.

“Good Night Bhabhi” Siya said on which Riddhima nodded. Turning her wheelchair she left the room.

Riddhima sat on the bed trying to calm herself. “Why Kabir, Why you betrayed me?” Getting up she moved towards the window and peeped out to.

“Bappa, what is my fault in all this? Why I’m the sufferer over here?..” Riddhima complained to her bappa while looking at the moon.

“Over here such a handsome husband is standing and you are gawking at that moon” Listening to Vansh’s voice. She turned around. With out saying anything she moved towards the bed and picking up the pillow and duvet.

She came towards the couch and arranged them there, “Do you think we’ll be comfortable over here?” He said and Riddhima inhaled a deep breath to calm her anger.

“It’s neither for us nor for me, it’s for you. Abb shadi ki hai to bhugto” She said and passing him a fake smile was about to leave when he pulled her and pinned her to the wall. “Vansh leave me.”

“Don’t you think you are speaking a way too much?” Vansh asked giving her a glare.

“No and for first and a last time I’m saying I’m not scared of you. Now leave me” She gave him a slight push although pushing him was difficult for her but when he loosen the grip her push worked on him.

Riddhima moved towards the bed and laid there covering herself with the duvet.

Vansh was just glaring at her he also adjusted himself on couch and tried to sleep.

Time skip
3 am at night

Sleep was nowhere to be seen in Ridhima’s eyes she was just passing silent tears her face was swollen due to continuous crying she got up and moved towards the window

Ridhima- kyu kyu Kabir tumne mere saath aisa kyu kiya tumhari khatir main iss sher ki gufa mein aayi thi aur tumne to muje uske hawale chod diya I hate you I hate you..

Ridhima sat near the window and was staring at moon continuously and she drifted into a deep slumber.

Next morning

Ridhima was sleeping near the window in the sitting position . Vansh’s sleep was disturbed by sun rays he got up and looked towards the bed

Vansh- where is ridhima? Did she again…. Ohh god this girl…

He moved towards window only to find a sleeping ridhima near the window .

Vansh-Ridhima what is she doing here( sleeping obviously) she is looking so cute while sleeping .

He smiled a bit and lift her bridal style and made her lie on bed he was about to move when vansh’s kurta’s button stucked with ridhima’s hair. He pulled away unaware of it due to which his three buttons got broke. Riddhima opened her eyes and met with his eyes.

He looked at her and then at their position.

“What the hell are you doing over here? ” She shouted and got up. Her gaze fell on there position. She looked at him and tried to pull away due to which she fell on him.

“What are you trying to do? Something Something! ” He smirked at her while She gave him a glare.

As she wasn’t able to remove. He pulled her closer due to which she landed on him. “What??” she said while He was trying to remove it.

“Don’t use your useless brain too much. You were sleeping there. So I just made you lie down. ” He said and pointed at window “Waise Why were you sleeping there.? ” He asked.

“You are no one to ask me these questions. So better don’t” She snapped at him.

“Unfortunately I’m your husband. So I have that right. Btw I’m not interested in asking your experience of sleeping over there” He said and left towards the washroom.


Coming out of the washroom, Riddhima looked around but there wasn’t anyone.

“Is he some ghost or what?” She said and moved to her vanity where she saw her nuptial chain.


As soon as Kabir saw Vansh infront of him smirking, he grew a bit tensed.

“What are you doing here now? Are you this impatient to go to jail that you yourself came here. ” Kabir said while looking at Vansh.

“Kabir Kabir u r such an idiot I must say you thought u will send ridhima to me and she’ll find evidence and then u will send me jail and capture my empire am I right or am I right?

Kabir was in total shock he had sweat over his head he was now scared

Kabir- h..hh..oo..ww dd…oo y..oo.uu kn..o…w…

Vansh smirked evilly he took out his gun …..

Kabir- listen vansh u can’t kill me as am a police officer

Vansh started laughing as a miniac

Vansh took out his phone and played a recording

Pingle, you know I made her my target only. See if I solved Vansh Raisinghania’s case then first police authority will accolade me for my bravery and on the other hand I will get the empire of Vansh even as today Riddhima is going to marry her and after he’ll be in jail his property will be for her and then again by manipulating her I’ll get married to her and automatically his property will be mine and then I don’t care about her. Let her die.”

Kabir was bewildered he was shocked to the core .

Vansh – so mister Kabir I have sent this recording to the commissioner in count of 5 u will get the call
Tring Tring….

Kabir was going to pick up the call

Vansh-speaker pe rakho

Kabir out the call on speaker from other side commissioner told them that he has suspended Kabir from the force for lifetime. Kabir was totally shocked whereas vansh was smirking

Vansh-to mr Kabir how was my surprise

Kabir – how dare you how can u…..thudddddd

He fell down as vansh shot him dead.

This is the punishment to betray VANSH RAISINGHANIA

To be continued


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