#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 88 – Vansh Caught!!!

Episode starts with…

Vansh (whispering) (frustrated): Why don’t people give us some privacy!!! Always knocking on the door

Riddhima (glaring at him) (whispering): Seriously Vansh!!!! If you forgot let me remind you, you are in my room and that too without anyone’s knowledge

Vansh (whispering) (rolls his eyes): Acha okay!!! But who can it be now and why!!! Can’t they let you rest for a while, you are unwell right

Riddhima (whispering): How’d I know who’s behind that door and they want to check on me if am fine or not

Vansh (whispering): You have answers for all my irritation.

Riddhima chuckled seeing his frustration

Vansh (whispering): Ab what to do?

They heard a knock once again, Vansh was clearly losing all his patience

Riddhima (whispering) (chuckling): Acha relax. Let me find who’s that. You stay calm no sound

He with no option nodded while Riddhima tried to sound sleepy and molding her voice she was speaking amusing Vansh who was trying hard not to laugh seeing her acting

Riddhima (sleepy): Wh….o’s that!!!

Rudra: Beta it’s me!! Are you fine?

Vansh’s eyes widened and the mere thought of Rudra finding Vansh in Riddhima’s room and overcoming thoughts was freaking him

Riddhima: Da…d!!!

Rudra: Actually, you didn’t wake yet so thought to check you. Are you fine?

Riddhima: Da….d am fine!!! I want to slee….p more (trying to yawn)

Rudra (smiling): Acha okay. No issues. You sleep none will disturb you

As soon as they heard Rudra’s footsteps fade Vansh burst into laughter while Riddhima was giving him death glares.

Vansh: That was hilarious

Riddhima (hitting his arm): Shut up!!! Because of you, I lied to dad

Vansh (pulling her into his embrace): Aww…. My poor sweetheart. But isn’t it adventurous to lie to family to hide your love (wink)

Riddhima: You …. You are impossible (smile)

Vansh chuckled and hugged her. After a while, they both freshened up and Riddhima was standing near her dressing table drying her hair while Vansh sat across glaring her

Riddhima: Acha Vansh toh what’s your plan?

He glared at her as if confused

Riddhima: I mean how are you going to get out of the room and house? (giggling)

Vansh: You seem to be very eager to push me out (raising eyebrows)

Riddhima: Arrey it’s not that, the point is after a while definitely someone would come and call me for lunch as it’s already 12 pm. And even your family might have come by now, so, any idea how to escape from here? Ouch!!!!

Riddhima was holding the dryer for a much time and the muscles of her hand which had bruises pinged her and she cried of sudden pain, watching which Vansh got off his place and pulling the dryer off her hand, he helped her sit on the bed

Vansh (anger): Are you mad? You aren’t some wonder woman that you’d start doing everything in a day. You have bruises on your hand and your feet too which are still fresh and they are going to hurt you. Who asked you to stand there for minutes and use your whole energy in doing such small things?

Riddhima (smiling): So, how do I dry my hair (pointing her hair). Look water is still dripping and if I don’t dry them then I might catch a cold na (innocent face)

Vansh: Why am I here for?

Riddhima (confused): Huh?

Vansh: Sweetheart I meant to let me spend some time with my love by doing this small helps (wink)

He started drying her hair while she was adoring her cutie love; engrossed in each other’s eyes Vansh was observing her those hazel orbs which held love and only love for him much more than he ever expected. He cupped her face with one hand and moving an inch closer, he covered the distance between his lips and her eyes; placed a peck on her eyes making her smile.

Vansh: You know sweetheart, your these eyes have the audacity to melt me and control me. You have some magic in them

Riddhima smiled and kissed his palm on her cheek. Their moment was disturbed by a knock on the door; panicked Riddhima and Vansh glared at each other

Vansh (whispering): What the hell is this yaar!!! Cant anyone ever let us live in peace?

Riddhima (whispering): Can’t you come from the door rather than the balcony?

Vansh (whispering): Seriously Riddhima? I did all that to meet you and you instead of appreciating my efforts to meet you are blaming me!!! (Pouting)

Riddhima (whispering): I’d have appreciated it if you didn’t delay in meeting me

But seeing the guilt and shock expressions on his face Riddhima smiled and pulling his cheeks shocking him

Riddhima (smiling) (whispering): Am sorry and thank you for coming all the way ahead of what VR can never do

She kissed his cheek making him smile and she was all red by blushing when they once again heard the door knocking; gesturing Vansh to stay quiet she spoke

Riddhima: Who’s that?

: It’s me (stern)

Riddhima & Vansh (shock) (whispering): Bhai/ Angre

Riddhima (stammering): Ye….s yes bhai

Angre (stern): Riddhu open the door NOW!!!!

Riddhima: Vo… bhai… vo

Riddhima: Give me a minute bhai, am…. am opening

Riddhima (whispering): Vansh please hide somewhere

Vansh (whispering): But where?

Riddhima (whispering) (after thinking): Closet!!! Yes go and hide in the closet

Vansh (shock) (whispering): Are you kidding? How will I …. and…. how can I!!! I the VR hiding in a closet… OMG!! NO!!!!

Riddhima (smacking his arm) (whispering): Where did this VR go while climbing my balcony? Now go silently into my closet

Making faces; Vansh moved towards her closet and closed the door such that none can see him. Riddhima composing herself moved to open the door and once she opened she saw all the youngsters standing there all frowning confusing Riddhima but she was trying to act all normal

Riddhima: Bhai….

Before she could speak further; they barged into the room and closed the room and stood in front of her folding their hands over their chest surrounding her over confusing & shocking her.

Riddhima: Ishani what happened why are you all staring at me such?

Angre: You tell me Riddhu… why didn’t you open your door from morning? (Raising eyebrows)

Riddhima: Vo… ac… actually …. sleeping … yea I was sleeping

Siya: Seriously bhabhi? You who didn’t sleep all these days and today you tell us you were sleeping till late!!!

Vansh (thinking): Is she even my sister!!! Arrey can’t she assume that today she got extra sleep!!!

Ishani: Riddhima… are you fine? You are stammering?

Riddhima: Vo.. actually, nothing just some exhaustion

Sejal: Exhaustion of? (Raising eyebrows)

Vansh (thinking): Arrey she’s a patient who’s still recovering… I guess today all my sisters have stored their brains in their lockers (rolling eyes)

Riddhima: Vo… still these bruises are there na … it’s paining

Angre (stern): Riddhu, I don’t want to beat around the bush… Just tell where the hell is that idiot?

Riddhima’s eyes widened so did of Vansh

Vansh (thinking): How the hell did he get to know? Did I forget anything which would tell him of my presence… (after thinking a lot) I don’t think so, because I got only my phone and that’s with me. Then how did he know of my presence!!!

Riddhima (shock): W… who… bhai???

Angre: Riddhu…. you very well know whom I am asking of!! You better reveal where the heck he is varna I’d search him myself and drag him towards elders

Vansh (thinking) (shock): Is he even my friend!!! He is blackmailing me and his sister; doesn’t he have any humanity!!!

Riddhima (afraid): Bh…ai!!!!

Angre (firm): Where’s he Riddhu?

Vansh (thinking): Chal beta Vansh…. tera bulava aagaya!!! I swear I’d kick his ass for his intimidation

Riddhima: Vo….

Siya: Bhabhi, I guess you are having trouble … let me call Chachi, uncle, dadi, and others too

Riddhima: NO!!! (Yell)

Vansh (thinking): This sister of mine… ruk beta … you’ll come to me only when you need something then I’ll show you (determination)

Sejal (as if shouting): Pa….

Riddhima: He’s in closet

She closed her eyes in anticipation waiting for some reaction but when she didn’t get any, she opened her eyes to find 4 pairs of eyes staring at her… no, in fact drilling holes in her with eyes. Angre took a step towards the closet and

Angre: Sir, will you please do the necessity of coming out?

Sejal: Or shall we send some invitation ….

Siya: In the form of Mom, dad, and all?

Vansh (thinking): Are they even my family? Ab toh am gone!!!! I don’t know who’ll save me from their irritating torture!!! But I swear am going to kick all their ass’s once I get a chance. Chal beta nikal

Taking a long breath, he steadily opened the door and reached the room with baby steps, and before he could totally enter; he was welcomed by….


So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any are needed.

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