#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 84 – Past Continues (1)

Episode starts with…

I answered the call expecting it to be some from my men or Angre’s men but what I heard was a feeble voice of a female

: V…an…sh!!!!

I instantly recognized the voice to be of Chachi, I cross-checked the number but it was an unknown and indicated Angre to trace the number

Me: Chachi…. Chachi where are you?

It was pure silence and I once again spoke

Me: Chachi…. Chachi are you there? Where are you? Are you ok???

Utter silence was what I could feel. And suddenly I heard a sound of a gunshot and then the call was cut. I freaked thinking of all the assumptions. The only thoughts which were occupied by my brain was what if Chachi is in danger!! What if she is hurt!!! What if she….

Me (thinking): No, no!!! This can’t happen!!! I can’t let anything happen to Chachi. That gunshot…. (panic) I just hope Chachi is safe

Only the thoughts of losing her were freaking me and breaking my thoughts Angre found the location of the call and we both rushed in that direction and while on my way, Angre gave me some other information too which shook me to the core and all the while I was only wondering only one query and that was WHY!!!!!!!

We reached the location and found it to be some abandoned godown. Taking steady steps, we entered the place and the sight in front of our eyes was unbelievable. Chachi was tied to a chair with blood dripping off her shoulder as in a bullet hit her and her legs were tied with a metal rope with needles pricking her ankles and blood was oozing. Her hands had some bruises and they were tied with a rope to the arms of the chair and a bucket was hung above and something was dripping from it as in making a circle around her was some liquid dripping as it made a round around her chair. I was aghast and rushed to rescue her but Angre pulled me and gestured me to see to my left and then I saw a black hooded person making his way with an electric whip in his hand. He approached Chachi and in a split second, he whipped her making her scream and wriggle in the electric vibes passed on by that whip. I gasped seeing her blood tears, I clenched my fist ready to kill that bastard but Angre held me tight not letting me go, before I could react to him we heard chachi’s voice which was feeble

Chachi: W….hy!!!

: Because I hate you (laughing)

Chachi: Bu…t I….. I lo….v…e y…ou!!!

: (shout): Fake!!! Everything is fake! You never loved me! NEVER EVER!!!!

Chachi (crying): N…o

: (yelling): Neither me nor my dad. You are a sham

He once again hit her with the electric whip and as the current in it passed through her body she cried out loud shrieking her heart out unable to bear it. I couldn’t take this torture on her when her condition was such deadening. Unable to take anymore I got off Angre’s grip and approached them with my loaded gun

Me: Leave her…… leave her Kabir!!!

Yes, he was Kabir, I got this information when we were driving towards the godown after the call of Chachi. Angre informed me that it was Kabir who has been attacking Chachi for the past many months.

But I didn’t understand the reason and then he turned around and faced me with some evil glint in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.

Kabir: Woah…. See who’s here!!! Vansh Rai Singhania with his tail Angre

Me: Kabir whatever is the matter we can sit and speak. Leave Chachi

Kabir (anger): There isn’t anything left to speak

Me: Kabir she is your mother and look at her condition, she is bleeding

Kabir (laughing): This is so less to what I have planned for her. But you don’t worry my next step would give her pain for few seconds and after that, she’ll be pain-free

Angre (worried): What do you mean?

Kabir: You’ll get to know soon (smirk)

Me: Kabir!!!!! (anger) Why are you doing this? Why are you hellbent on hurting your own mother?

Kabir (shouting): Mother!!! Mother!!! Mother!!!! Does this lady even know the meaning of that word!!! I hate her to the core and am in her life only to avenge my dad’s death

Me: Kabir…. Are you even in your senses!!!! Look, there’s some misunderstanding and now it’s time to clear that. Let’s go home, relax, calm your mind, and then we shall sort this out. But for now, let her go.

Kabir (laughing): What do you think me to be? A kid??? or a fool???

Me: Kabir…. Please listen….

Kabir (shouting): NO!!!! NO!!!! You listen. This lady deserves to die and I’d make sure she gets it tonight (evil laugh) and I’ll give her with utmost happiness after all I have waited for years

Saying he hit her again making her cry out loud

Me: Kabir NOOOOOO!!!!!!

In a rage, I kicked him hard making him trip and fall off but instead of being afraid or reacting to my kick, he was laughing evilly. I saw Chachi crying and tried to get her off the chair and Angre was helping me when I saw a remote in Kabir’s hands and he yelled grabbing our attention

Kabir (yelling): Don’t you dare Vansh!!! Because you cant save her this time

Me: Kabir listen… calm down. We can sort this out with small talk. Hurting her isn’t a solution

Kabir (laugh): Hurt!!! You are mistaken. Am going to kill this lady here.


Unable to control the volcanoes in me I yelled back

Kabir: Because she deserves it for betraying me and my dad.

Angre: Kabir you are mistaken

Kabir: Mistaken my foot (shout)….. do you even have an idea of how bad our situation was after this lady left me and my dad!!!! If she had any issue with dad she could have left him but why me!!!! I was still a kid, who needed a mother to take care of but I didn’t have her as she was making a lavish life for herself. I used to cry for her warmth, her love, her care, and concern for me whenever I needed her she wasn’t there. Whenever I fell ill I wanted her to take care of me but she was nowhere near me. She was busy with her kids and husband who gave her money. I have seen my dad spoiling his life in her memory. He used to drink crying all night telling me how she left us and how badly he is missing her and how deeply he loved her. This lady doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. A mother is someone who loves her kids but this lady left her year-old son just for mere money. Dad strived hard to take care of me and used to take loans from many lenders and they used to hit dad when he couldn’t repay their loans. I didn’t get proper education in my childhood as my dad didn’t have money to take care of me. I used to go to work in construction sites and mines so that they’d pay me. I always had only one dream to take care of my dad as I saw him struggling to take care of me. I started doing a number of odd jobs even begged on roads to earn some mere money, that money for which this woman left us on roads. But all my dreams were shattered when dad passed away from heavy drinking when I was just 6 years old. It’s all because of this woman!!! She left us and dad was addicted to drinking and he left me all alone in this world where I had none as my own. I was shifted to an orphanage where I got an education, proper clothes, and food but I lost the most important and only person I had in my life my dad whom I loved a lot. I decided that if at all I any day would get to face that women in my life then I’d avenge my dad’s death, avenger our state, avenge her for making me an orphan, avenge her for our misery, and look after all these years I didn’t find her instead destiny got us back just to fulfill my revenge. I tried to kill her the very moment I got to know she is my that mother whom I hate the most but I wanted to give her painful death which she deserves the most. After gaining all your trust I tried to kill her by making her fall off the stairs and so I spilled oil and tied a single string on the steps striking with which she would fall and maybe die but no, she didn’t die instead even after falling off those stairs, she survived. I didn’t lose hope as that’s my life’s only motive and kept on trying to see her die. I cut her vehicle’s brakes; being aware of her allergy to Passion Fruit I served it and even tried to kill her with a bomb but nothing seemed to have killed her. Her stars seemed to be good then but today none could stop her death. Today… I’ll kill her and avenge my hard childhood, my dad’s struggle, my dad’s death, and my misery. (evil laugh)

Listening to which me, Angre and Chachi were shocked because his dad told him all lies and he believed them creating a grudge for Chachi in his heart. If there was any who was broken then that was Chachi, her tears had no full stop, they were flowing and with them, her blood was oozing out.

Chachi: Ka…bir!!! Beta I …. I lo…ve you!!! (crying)

Me: Kabir you have a grave misunderstanding as your dad manipulated you to such an extent where you feel your mother as the culprit but the truth is she was a victim and we know how desperate she was to meet you. There wasn’t a single place she didn’t search for you all these years. She used to cry hours for you and when she found you her happiness had no bounds. You need to listen to her before taking any decision in haste. Listen to me, let’s sit and talk about all this, you’ll get a clarity on reality.

Kabir (shout): SHUT UP!!!!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!!! How dare you!! How dare you point a finger at my father. He loved me and this lady too but this gold digger never valued his love

Me (yelling): SHUT UP Kabir!!! Dare you use such words for Chachi. If you cant listen to a word against your that beast father then even I cant hear a word against my Chachi. You have listened to whatever your father told you but I have seen her love for you and the way she used to cry for you. So, you have no right to point a finger at her.

Kabir (sarcasm) (clapping): Woahhh!!! Now, you’ll tell me about this lady! (anger) This isn’t time to discuss all this I didn’t release that harmful gas and kidnap her to listen to your lectures, it’s going to be the end of bad in my life the same way as Ravan has burned, even she’ll burn (evil laugh) and I’ll burn her. You… you can see that bucket above!!! It’s her death!!! Her DEATH!!!!!

I and Angre scanned above to see the liquid dripping around and we didn’t understand what he meant. Chachi who loved her son for years and when finally, she found him she was shattered as her that son was here to kill her. She wasn’t in any position to react, her tears faded and her heart broke into pieces. My eyes fell on her shoulder which had bullet injury and the blood was dripping, seeing which I didn’t wish to wait for a longer and tried to release her along with Angre while we heard an evil laugh and we did understand it was Kabir and without paying heed to his nonsense we were in releasing Chachi off that torture.

But to our dismay, her hand ropes were out but we couldn’t free her feet and she wasn’t even moving. And that’s when we received another shock or can say the limit to which Kabir can stoop to kill his birth mother.

Kabir: Guys… (laugh) Guys don’t try as you can’t save her because she is stick to that chair and cant move and that chair is glued to the floor and the chair too cant be moved. (laughing)

Me: What do you mean by she can’t move? (confused and concerned)

Kabir: Aww… poor nephew trying to save his Chachi but the fact is you can’t (glint in his eyes) because I pinned her to the chair using a chemical inserted nail directly onto her neck and that nail had Neurotoxin

Listening to which Angre gasped and rushed towards her back and saw how a nail was pierced to her neck and chair

Angre (anger): WHAT THE HELL Kabir!!!!!!!!!!!

Kabir (laughing): Seems your investigation firm finally is useful today and your worry shows you understood the effect of the toxin

Me (concerned): Angre what are the effects of that toxin?

Angre (worried): Vansh I’ll explain later but at present, we need to try to pull this chair off the ground, her life is in danger.

Kabir (laugh): And you think I’d give a chance for you all to do that? No!!! NEVER!!!! Before you could pull the chair out, she’ll burn to death. Wondering how? (smirk)

Me: What… what do you mean Kabir?

Kabir: Angre, have you ever come across Fluoroantimonic Acid during your investigations of cases? (evil laugh)

Angre (worried, afraid): Kabir!!! What… what to do with that… acid!!!!

Kabir: There (pointing towards the bucket hanging above) that bucket contains that acid and my one click and it’s going to fall over her (evil laugh)

Angre (gasped): NO!!!! No….. no Kabir you…. you can’t do this. She’s you MOTHER GODDAMIT!!!!!! (anger, shouting)

Kabir (yelling back): SHE’S NOT MY MOTHER

Kabir: Enough of all these foolish talks, it’s time to kill her



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