#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 67 – Mission Riddhima!

Hey guys!! Am sorry for the delay in posting this FF. Actually, as you all are mostly aware I was working on the other 3 so couldn’t give time to this. And actually have been planning Valentine’s week in my 2 FF’s so the next episode of this FF may be delayed!!! Hope you’ll understand and excuse me

Episode starts with…

Rudra: How do I inform Chanchal!!!

Angre: Uncle I don’t think you should inform at this hour! She’ll be worried. So, it’d be better if you can inform her tomorrow.

Rudra nodded as he knows what her reaction would be and he didn’t want to risk losing her. Everyone was contacting their sources to find Riddhima! Vansh was being restless while Angre was worried and Rudra was impatient. Girls were anxious. All were equally worried but there were two persons who were worried about something worse!!! They were having negative thoughts but were trying to ignore them by trying to overpower their thoughts with positivity but in vain because their hearts were overpowered by brains. They were Vansh and Angre. They were now in study trying to contact their sources for some information. Vansh was constantly checking his phone with some expectation but was being disappointed.

Vansh: Angre any information on them? Are they behind this?

Angre: Am worried yes!!! Not sure though! But there’s a 50% possibility that it may be them

Vansh: Angre we can’t rely on possibilities we need confirmation!!! It’s been 4 ½ hours and we still didn’t achieve anything!!! We need to speed up our search.

Angre nodded and left to have a conversation with his informers while Vansh was left alone in the study and he saw the windows open. He went towards the windows and stood there to see the pitch darkness. Everything was dark but yet there was some ray of hope. Vansh was having memories of Riddhima from the previous night!!!

Vansh: What did I do Riddhima! I know that there’s danger yet I confessed my feelings and me myself dragged you into danger and see my instinct was right! I have put you in grave danger. 24 hours back happiness entered our lives and now!!! Now our lives are twisted! Am sorry, I couldn’t make up to my promise. I assured you that I’ll solve this issue and protect you but I failed!!! I failed Riddhima!! I failed to save you from the danger! How do I find you! Where are you!! How are you!! Where are you, sweetheart! Give me one signal, please!!! I can’t live without you. This 4 ½ hours without your glimpse is a living hell and am unable to live this way. Please come back! At least give me a signal where you! One signal sweetheart, please!!!!!!!

“She’ll be fine!!” Vansh turned around to see Ishani standing. She made her way towards Vansh who was now wiping his tears. She went and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Ishani: I know you are worried but I trust you and your love. Wherever she is she’ll be fine and might be waiting for you to save her. Your love is strong enough to connect you both and this is not going to end this soon!!! Trust your love bhai and never ever please say that you did a mistake to confess your feelings! You see yourself how happy all were with your love confession. So never ever blame your love!

Vansh understood her POV and assured her that he’ll never talk about his love confession as his mistake!

Vansh: Vaise Ishani I wanted to ask you if you have seen anyone or remember anything about anyone at least!

Ishani: Bhai as said earlier, I couldn’t see their faces due to smoke but yea I did hear a person’s voice and have seen his retreating figure! Other than that, I didn’t see anything. Am sorry bhai

Vansh: No Ishani! You shouldn’t be. You are not at fault and we’ll find her. Don’t worry!

Vansh received the call of the officer DGP was speaking of

Vansh: Hello!

Officer: Hello Mr. Vansh!

Vansh: Yes who’s this!

Officer: Mr. Vansh this is Officer Gagan, DGP Sir had informed about your case.

Vansh: Yes, any information?

Gagan: Sir am near the said location, am not being allowed in by your guards

Vansh: Hand over the call to them

Vansh: Allow him in!!!

He instructs the guards to allow the officer in and even he proceeds towards the living room along with Ishani. All were already present there when Gagan entered

Gagan: Hello! Am officer Gagan. Can I meet Mr. Vansh!

Vansh: Am here Mr. Gagan

He was descending down the stairs along with Ishani. Once down, he shook his hand with Gagan

Gagan: Sir, we wanted to ask few questions regarding the case

Vansh: You can

Gagan: So, sir who was with Ms. Riddhima when she was kidnapped!

Vansh: My sister Ishani (pointing towards Ishani)

Gagan: If you permit can we question Ms. Ishani!

Vansh: Sure

Gagan: Ishani can you please tell us what exactly happened!

Ishani started telling him everything in detail. The constable who came with the officer was recording her statement for further purpose while other was writing FIR. Ishani was giving every bit of the detail as she didn’t want to miss even a small point as that’d miss their chance to lead them to Riddhima.

Gagan: I hope you have given every required detail

Rudra: She can’t miss even absent-minded

Gagan: You are?

Sejal:  Mr. Rudra Pant, father of Riddhima

Gagan: Hello sir! I have heard about you sir; it was nice meeting you. And you are Ms.?

Sejal: Am Sejal sister of Riddhima

Gagan: Ms. Sejal where were you when all this happened?

Sejal: I was with Siya in the guest room. We locked ourselves

Gagan: Siya?

Ishani: She is Siya my sister

“Vansh!!!” everyone turned to see Angre coming in and his glare fell on Gagan and his team. He was giving them questioning looks while he proceeded towards Vansh

Angre: Vansh they are!

Vansh: Angre DGP has sent Gagan and his team for the case

Angre nodded while Gagan was still glaring at him

Vansh: Gagan he is Angre, brother of Riddhima

Gagan: Sir if am not wrong you are the owner of AR Private Detecting Agency right!

Angre: Yes that’s me!

They shook the hand.

Gagan: Sir May I know where were you and Mr. Vansh when this occurred?

Vansh: We were here till 10:45 pm, we left towards my residence which is few meters away from here, and reached back at 11:30 pm. All this occurred in this gap.

Angre: Any information?

Gagan: Sir, we have arranged extra force near check posts and are even keeping a tab on the CCTV Footages of this area and surroundings. If we find any we’ll let you know. We want to examine the spot if you could direct us there

Vansh: Yes officer. (he turned towards Ishani). Ishani, come let’s go!

Ishani along with Vansh reached the backyard and Ishani told them where they stood where the kidnappers were and where they left after kidnapping Riddhima. The team was examining every bit of the backyard and observing if they could find any lead! Vansh was occasionally checking his phone with some expectation and was upset for not receiving any.

Its 5:30am, AR house,

Vansh: What the heck Angre!!! It’s been 6 hours and we didn’t receive any information! Where is she Angre!!! Where is she!!!! She is innocent Angre! I can’t lose her! She is my life. How come your team isn’t able to find them yet! We are losing time and I need her within 42 hours!!!! Why aren’t we getting any updates! What is your team doing!

Ishani: Bhai, please calm down! Angre is trying and you pretty well know that he won’t leave a chance to find her. She is important to all of us. And even police are doing their best in finding her! She’ll be back soon bhai. Trust yourself!

Angre: Am sorry Riddhu! Am unable to find you!!! Am a loser! I don’t deserve to be called your brother!! Forgive me Riddhu!!! Am unable to find you!

Ishani hugged him to calm him down

Ishani: Have you both gone nuts! Why are you always up to blaming yourself for whatever happened! Can’t you understand that it’s not time to accuse yourself but to search Riddhima. How can you accept defeat without finding her! Is this your love??? Is this what she means to you? Don’t you want to find her? Why don’t you both understand that she needs you and is waiting for your arrival. But what does she know that here her brother and love are blaming themselves for not protecting her!!!! Disgusting!!!!! I accept you are blaming for not protecting her but why aren’t you understanding that she needs you and your protection now! Why don’t you both do your so-called protection by saving her from those kidnapper’s clutches!!! Why do you want to accept defeat!!!!!!!! Bhai don’t you love her? If yes then why aren’t you inserting all your effort in searching for her rather than blaming yourself being here! And you Angre you always told me that you lost her once and won’t like to lose her once again, then what are you doing now? Why aren’t you focusing on finding her rather than sitting here and accusing yourself of not saving her when she was kidnapped! Why don’t you understand that whatever happened can’t be changed but you can save her now before it’s too late!!! Then why don’t you focus on that!!!

Vansh and Angre stared at Ishani who was now leaving the place being fed up with their behavior. She was indeed right!! Her outburst had points that Vansh and Angre weren’t paying heed to!

Vansh: She is right! It’s not the time to accuse ourselves! We need to find her at any cost. Am going in search of her, if you get any information then do let me know

Angre: But where will you search her?

Vansh: I don’t know but I can’t sit here waiting for information! Am going around the city with the hope to find her and am sure I’ll definitely. Inform Sejal that her bhai will fulfill his promise made to her. I’ll get her sister back!!!

Precap: Vansh!!!! Bhai!!!! Dad!!!! Ishani!!!! Is anyone there

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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