#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 64 – Girls reconcile with Vansh!!!

Episode starts with…

Its 1:30am, AR House,

It’s been 2 hours since Riddhima has been kidnapped and neither Vansh nor Angre could get any information. Vansh was losing cool while Angre was breaking apart. Angre receives a call

Angre: Yes tell me


Angre: Where?


Angre: Am coming

Angre: Vansh, one of my informer wants to share some news, am going there! Will you join?

Vansh: Angre that’s a great news. You go now!!! And no!! I am not going to accompany you leaving the girls here again. I’ll be with them. You go and see what information he has.

Angre nodded and left in hurry while Vansh reached guest room to see the girls and he saw that all were lying on bed with eyes closed. He entered the room and covering them in duvet, he

Vansh: Am sorry guys! I know the pain you are going through and the reason is my carelessness. But I assure you now, I won’t let even a shadow approach anyone of you. My first priority now is finding my Riddhima. Once she is back to me then I’d get my life back and am sure this will bring a smile on your faces too which now has grudge and anger on me and Angre. But I request you to trust us one last time. As said she’ll be here in front of you before next 46 hours.

“Bhai! Am sorry!!!!”

Vansh was puzzled as he thought his sisters were sleeping but the voice broke his thoughts and he saw all the three moving the duvet and waking to come to him

Sejal: Bhai! Am sorry!!! I shouldn’t have spoken to you and Angre bhai in such way. I know how important she is to you both. I know that you both are the one’s affected but still, I accused you. Am sorry bhai. I… I was broke bhai. I didn’t know what I was speaking and …. (crying)

Vansh hugged her to calm down

Vansh: Sh…. Sejal why are you explaining me!!!! I know you. You are dearest to her and you can’t bear if anything happens to her. You both have been together for years and we just entered her life and these few days with her is affecting us as if someone snatched my soul then I can expect what you might have been going through. Am sorry Sejal its indeed my fault that I couldn’t save your sister

Sejal: No bhai! I know you’ll never let anything happen to us or Riddhima. She is your everything and I can understand how her absence and news of her kidnapping is effecting you. It’s not your fault. And I trust you bhai when you are there nothing can happen to her. Don’t blame yourself bhai

Ishani: Ha bhai! She is right. Don’t blame yourself. I know how broke you are and Angre!!! He might have lost himself and as you even he is blaming himself for what happened with Riddhima. But bhai it’s not your fault and now our priority should be to fight our enemies and in this we are and we will be together.

Siya: Bhai!!! Bhai will the same 3 years back unfateful night come in our lives once again? Will we have to lose our family once again? Will they attack our family once again? (weeping)

Vansh (hugging her): No Siya! This time we will not let them hurt us and you need to be strong to fight them and am there with you to protect you. Do you trust your brother?

Trio (unison): Yes Bhai!!!

Vansh hugged them and calming their hearts

Vansh: Now you all take rest and don’t think much. We exactly don’t know who is behind this and whoever it is they need to face Vansh Rai Singhania now. I’ll get your sister safely and that’s my promise.

Girls nodded and were about to go to bed when

Sejal: Bhai! Ma and Pa!!! I mean we need to inform them about this! They are unaware and hiding such a matter with them might trigger many issues.

Vansh (giving a thought): I think…

Before he could speak Sejal’s phone rang indicating Rudra’s call. Sejal eyed Vansh and he gestured to put the call on speaker

Sejal: Pa!!!

Rudra (worried): Sejal where is Riddhima? Is she fine?

Everyone her got tears understanding the bond the daughter and father shared even when their relation wasn’t with blood but with heart. Sejal was almost about to collapse thinking how to disclose the bad news to her father who loves her sister. Ishani held her and Vansh taking the call he decided to speak with heavy heart and before he could he heard Rudra

Rudra: Sejal please speak! Am worried. Am having an intuition that my daughter isn’t safe. And that she is in some danger. Is she fine? Am trying to call her but my calls and messages have been left unanswered. Sejal!!! Beta speak something! Is my daughter safe? I have been trying to call her since almost 1 and half hour but no reply so called you to know if you have any information!

Vansh: Uncle!!!

Rudra was shocked to hear Vansh’s voice and before he could react

Vansh: Uncle! If possible can you come to Angre’s house now and please make sure aunt isn’t coming.

Rudra (worried): Vansh! Is everything fine? Why do you sound cold and where are my daughters!!

Vansh: Uncle, please come here

Rudra finally agreed to come without Chanchal but worry didn’t leave his heart and mind. He was worried for Riddhima as he felt she is in danger.

In fact, he’d feel so because she wasn’t his adopted daughter she was his daughter and more than his own daughter. Isn’t it the relation a father and daughter share! None can take a father’s place in daughter’s life and for fathers their daughters are everything and for them they could bring the heaven on earth.

Rudra and Riddhima shared same bond even after not being related to him through blood, their hearts were connected and that was the magic of their relation. They didn’t need blood to connect them, their hearts played that role and one in danger was sensed by the other. Riddhima was his dearest and even a danger inching closer to her was first identified by Rudra. Even today he was right! Indeed, his dearest daughter was in danger but what will his reaction be when he gets to know what happened to his princess!!! Will the father be able to handle such unwelcomed news!!

Precap: You and bhai were playing a prank on me right few hours back!! So, this is the payback for that

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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  2. Awesome episode🥰😍….. Eagerly waiting for the next part but what I think on one hand that it was all a prank by girls(51%) 😁😜 and on other hand I think that it is a dream(49%) 😑🙁..

    1. Bro I don’t think so I don’t think that it was plan by all the girls as they know how serious this topic was like they know right, about past but riddhima don’t know I think she was only envolve in this prank

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  6. Amazing episode

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  8. 😳😳😳 Don’t tell me that it was a prank pulled by Riddhima as a pay back to her brother and love.. according to precap… But if indeed it’s a prank here after Angre and Vansh will never play any stupid prank again on Riddhima showing them how the HELL it feels to play with someone’s emotions 🤣🤣🤣 if it happens to be true Angre and Vansh deserved it 🤣🤣🤣😇😇 but siya, ishan and sejal didn’t sorry for them😞

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