#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 63 – Sejal’s outburst

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Episode starts with…

Vansh: Are they safe?

Ishani: Bhai am not sure but yea, when we were going out Riddhima, asked them to lock themselves in the guest room and after that, I didn’t notice them.

Angre: I think we need to check them.

Vansh: Angre you stay here. I’ll go to see them. Meanwhile, try to track her phone and put all your informers to work and I need her information at any cost.

Angre: Of course, Vansh am up to that. Am pinging all my sources

Vansh left towards guest rooms to find them and was constantly hoping that they were safe. He went knocking and opening all the rooms and when he reached a room he found it locked from inside so he started knocking the door but didn’t receive any response.

Vansh (worried): Sejal!!! Siya!!! You there!!!


The silence was making him more worried. He had lost Riddhima and now is repenting and now he didn’t have the courage and strength to lose anyone else and the silence from the room was making him weak.

Vansh (a bit louder): Sejal!!!


Vansh: Siya!!!!

“B…bh…. bhai!!!!” (murmurs)

Vansh who heard the murmurs understood that its Sejal

Vansh: Sejal!!! Sejal it’s me Vansh. Please open the door

Then he found the door opening and there stood Sejal shivering of fear. Finding Vansh was like a ray of hope for her and pounced on him and hugged him tight to relieve her fear. Now she knows that none can dare harm them. She was crying while Vansh was trying to calm her and was assuring everything is fine when he clearly knows that when she gets to know about Riddhima she’ll break. But for him, it was his duty to calm her being her brother he can’t let her be in this state of fear. So, he was assuring her that everything is fine.

Vansh: Sejal, where is Siya? Is she fine?

Sejal: Ha bhai she is. Actually, we heard a sound in the end and out of fear I hid her in the washroom and I hid here.

Sejal went and opened washroom door to find Siya laying in the water tub. Seeing Sejal and Vansh there Siya felt like she has got her life back and coming out of the tub she ran to hug her brother. She was inconsolable. Seeing her state Sejal and Vansh tried to calm her but in vain. She was petrified. Vansh was sorry for what they were facing. He accused himself for not being there to protect them when they needed him the most. And this one mistake of him costed separation of him from his soul. He was blaming himself for putting their lives at risk. The thought that what would have happened was freaking him out. After calming them down he took them towards living room and once there Sejal and Siya ran to hug Ishani and Angre.

All this while Sejal’s eyes have been searching for her best friend, her sister but she didn’t get any glimpse. Vansh and Angre understand her gaze and they themselves are unaware of their love and sister’s location so what do they tell to Sejal! Sejal couldn’t take her absence anymore and that silence was killing her. She couldn’t handle it anymore and wiping her tears

Sejal: Bhai! Where is Riddhima?

Siya too realised her missing and

Siya: Ha bhai! Where is bhabhi?

The trio looked at each other. Ishani gestured the boys that she’ll explain and so the boys left towards the main gate and were discussing how to find Riddhima. Gathering courage Ishani told the truth which broke the girls apart. They couldn’t digest that there that sister who was with them few minutes back was now not in their midst.

Sejal was inconsolable!!! She didn’t know how should she react on learning the reality. Her that sister who was with her few minutes back is with someone else and her state isn’t known. How she isn’t known. Where she is still a maze.

Siya ran to Vansh and was weeping asking him about Riddhima

Siya: Bhai!! Bhai!!! Where is bhabhi? Please bhai find her! How is she! Who took her and why!!!

Vansh had no answers for the questions his sister was asking. He was staring at those innocent eyes which had love and affection for his love.

Angre: Siya, we all are worried for her! We are trying our best

Sejal: Seriously bhai!!! If at all you both were worried, why did you leave us alone and go your way? You pretty well know that danger is around us and yet you left us alone. Kaash the kidnappers kidnapped me instead of Riddhima! She is innocent and isn’t aware of the danger around us. We don’t even know if they are the one who kidnapped her or is there anyone else who did this! How do we find her now! Where will we search for her! How do I reach my sister! We don’t even know how she is! We don’t even know what the kidnappers are doing with her! We don’t even know the motive! We don’t know if they are hurting or torturing her! We don’t know where they took her! We don’t know how many people are involved! We don’t know what she is doing there! You know she is scared of darkness and now don’t know how she is and she doesn’t have anyone to handle her!!! It’s all because of me!!! I should have not listened to her and should have gone out with Ishani. Now how is she and where!!!!!

Sejal collapsed and was weeping inconsolable. Her outburst was valid and she was indeed right!! In fact, Vansh and Angre blamed themselves for Riddhima’s disappearance! With Sejal’s outburst they too had tears in their eyes which they were trying hard to control but her outburst has broken them more and they could feel the tears flowing.

Vansh: Am sorry Sejal! I couldn’t protect your sister! You are absolutely right! I shouldn’t have left you all alone. Trust me for one last time. This time I won’t break your trust. I assure you I’ll get Riddhima wherever she is in front of you within 48 hours. I won’t let anything happen to her. I’ll not spare anyone included in this. This is Vansh Rai Singhania’s promise to you.

Sejal raised her head to see Vansh who was standing as a pillar with his eyes red in anger and volcanoes erupting from them. His cheeks carried the tears which rolled down in love of his sweetheart. His lips were having an anger bursting expression and his teeth were clenching in anger. The fierce Vansh Rai Singhania was back!!!!

Angre: Sejal Vansh is right! Even am responsible for my Riddhu’s state and now I with Vansh assure you that she’ll be in front of you within 48 hours and please do trust us in this for one last time. I’ll put all my sources in work and we may get her news at any time now.

Ishani: Bhai, is there any chance for these kidnappers to be them? Or is this person that unknown shadow person? How do we know who is behind this and where did they take her?

Vansh: Ishani, you are forgetting that your brother is Vansh Rai Singhania and the person missing is my life, my soul, my everything. Am not sure if they are behind this but whoever it is they are now going to face the rage of Vansh Rai Singhania. And if at all they are behind this then they are going to see their end now!!! This time sending them behind bars isn’t solution. I’ll find her from anywhere. Now Angre come we need to get to work. It’s already been 45minutes. We don’t have much time and we can’t risk her more.

Saying so they all went into the house while girls went into guest room, Vansh and Angre reached study area to decide their next move. Once in study, Angre started speaking to his sources while Vansh was eagerly waiting for some information.

Precap: Sejal where is Riddhima? Is she fine?

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