#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 4 – Riddhima reaches RS Mansion

Episode starts with…

Its 10am, RS Mansion,

As they enter the mansion, Sejal starts walking ahead due to excitement, whereas Riddhima is observing her surroundings. She was noticing everything in detail. After crossing the main gate there led a long pathway into lawn to the left and into the house towards right. Half the land where the house stood seemed to be covered with lush green trees and plants all around. As she removed her footwear to enter into the lawn, the first step she laid on the soft grass, her nerves went into trance of the softness. She noticed that in the middle of the lawn was a huge fountain surrounded by statues of fairies. Around the fountain lay chairs, cushions, some tables. She observed that the house had cameras installed for security purpose.

Meanwhile Sejal who was about to enter the house noticed that Riddhima was missing and turned around to find her standing in the lawn observing different plants and trees. She immediately rushed to her

Sejal: Riddhimaaaa!!!!

Ridhima came into senses and realised Sejal was staring at her and to avoid further annoyance,

Riddhima: Shall we head into the house

Sejal: Seriously Riddhima?? (was annoyed)

Riddhima apologies and Sejal smiles back and they both head into the house.

As they enter,

Sejal: Riddhima, you wait here, I’ll go and see where others are.

Riddhima once again started noticing the huge living area occupied with a huge semi – circle sofas on either side in the middle with 2 oval shaped glass Teapoys. She was observing a huge dining area in the left with kitchen adjoining. To the right was another small lawn with a huge Buddha statue in meditating position surrounding were few chairs and a table. There was a well-shaped staircase leading towards upper portion of the house. A touch on her shoulders broke her observation and turning around she found Rudra smiling at her. She gave him a warm hug

Rudra: Beta, when did you come.

Riddhima: Hello dad, I came just a few minutes back. Actually, Sejal went to see where others were.

Rudra: Oh Okay. Come make yourself comfortable. They’ll be coming.

Saying so, he headed her to sit on the sofa. They both sat aside when Rudra spoke

Rudra: I wanted to speak to you Riddhima beta

Riddhima: Haan dad

Rudra: Beta it’s been 2 weeks since you came home. I guess you totally forgot your dad and mom right. (Was upset)

Riddhima: Dad how could you even think that I’ll forget you both. You know what you mean to me. It’s just that, had many events lined up in the past 2 weeks so couldn’t make up. But I promise, once this event is done, I’ll show up at your door step. (Smiling broadly)

Rudra smiled back and gave her small pat on her head. Meanwhile Sejal entered and seeing her dad and best friend smiling, she enquired if they were gossiping about her

Sejal: Paa, were you gossiping about me with Riddhima? (Pretending to be angry)

Rudra: (Trying to pull his daughter’s leg) You aren’t that important to me and my daughter (referring to Riddhima. Rudra and Chanchal treat Riddhima as their daughter) that we’ll discuss and waste our precious time on you.

Everyone started laughing which made Sejal irritate and to skip this leg pulling session, she stared at everyone with a frown but that didn’t help as none noticed. After few minutes,

Sejal: If you are done with irritating me, can me and Riddhima get back to work for which we came!!

Riddhima: Actually, you are right, we have a lot to do. Let’s get back to work.

Sejal: Riddhu… (before she could complete her sentence Riddhima gave her a stern look to correct her sentence)

Sejal understood and corrected her sentence and then said what she wanted to…

Sejal: Riddhima, before we start let me introduce to everyone here.

Saying so, she started introducing each individual who already assembled in the hallway – Riddhima meet Dadi, this is Uma Aunty (Siya and Vansh Bhai’s Mom), Anu Aunty (Ishani’s Mom), Amar Uncle (Ishani’s Dad), Siya (you met her yesterday), here comes Ishani and then she was about to introduce her mom who was standing beside Ishani, when her mom cut her in mid-sentence ….

Chanchal: So now you are going to introduce me to my daughter. (Saying so she came and hugged Riddhima who in turn hugged her back)

Sejal: Acha Sorry Ma, no one will introduce to your daughter (smiling at her foolishness)

Sejal: So, everyone this is Riddhima, my Best friend and now we both are going to plan our party.

Riddhima went and touched dadi, Uma Aunty, Amar and Anupriya’s feet to seek their blessings. They gave her blessings and also gave her a hug. Riddhima for the first time had a sense of family feeling meeting the Rai Singhania family after Sejal’s parents. She didn’t want to break in front of everyone so she controlled her tears and then went to meet Siya and Ishani. They both too shook hands and then hugged Riddhima back.

Its 11am, RS Mansion,

Riddhima: Siya might have told you the theme finalized for the event.

Dadi: Riddhima beta, Siya showed us the theme and we all loved it how you guys are working in your company. I had only one preference, can there be lightings installed in the whole house? And if possible, please do arrange lots and lots of Diya’s, because its after 3 years that my Vansh would celebrate a festival and I want the house to be bright enough for his new start.

Riddhima: Madam, don’t worry it’ll happen as you want. We’ll make sure you’ll love the event.

Sejal: Yes dadi, now you be tension free. We’ll arrange the best party for Diwali (With a broad smile)

Riddhima: Sejal, I think we need to get back to work now. Shall we take measurements of all the house including rooms? So that we can get quantity required for the lights and other decorating items.

Sejal: Yeah come we shall do that.

Saying so both girls dispersed from living room to work on their plan.

They started noting measurements of all the house including lawn and rooms and even the pool area where they decided that they’ll decorate the pool area as a dinner spot after pooja and for some inner celebrations. The mansion had 14 bedrooms excluding a library, office rooms and visiting area.  So, it took them 3 hours to take all the necessary measurements. Siya was helping them all while.

Its 2:30pm, RS Mansion,

Riddhima: So, I guess we have covered the whole house and didn’t leave any place

Sejal and Siya (almost panting): Yeah!!!!

Sejal and Siya were tired of working and walking the whole house for 3 hours straight that they collapsed near the pool sat there and were leaning on each other for support and seeing their condition Riddhima couldn’t control her laughter and burst out

Sejal: Not fair yaar Riddhima, we are tired and you are laughing at us.

Siya: Exactly!!!

Riddhima: I am sorry guys but look at yourself, the way your condition is. You guys are funny. Now come on drink some water. And then Sejal we need to leave. We need to talk to the vendors and go for shopping the decorative items.

Saying so, Riddhima handed 2 glasses of water to both the girls, which they gulped in a go and stretched their hands indicating they need more. Riddhima smiled and poured more water.

Meanwhile a person entered into the mansion and the girl’s laughter grabbed his attention. So that person went in that direction and was secretly staring at Riddhima observing her. Girls didn’t see that person standing and staring at them, so were engrossed in their own conversation when Dadi entered

Dadi: So, you girls are done with the work?

Riddhima: Yes madam

Sejal & Siya (in unison): Yes dadi (had no energy to shout so were speaking in a low tone)

Dadi and Riddhima looked at their condition and were laughing

Dadi: I can understand you all are hungry come lunch has been served and we were waiting for you.

Riddhima: Sejal you have lunch and come, I’ll leave now, I need to speak to vendors and finalize other important things. We have no time left and Diwali is day after tomorrow and we have lot more to do.

Before Sejal could say anything…

Dadi: Riddhima beta, I know you have much to do but I am not going to allow anyone of you to leave the house without eating.

Riddhima: Ma’am I am sorry but I need to rush. I’ll definitely have when I come back again. But now, I need to go. Sejal is here she’ll have lunch. Please do excuse me (apologetic tone)

Dadi: May be Sejal didn’t inform you but I am not asking you but am ordering you to have lunch and I don’t like excuses (Pretending to be angry).

Riddhima was confused and scared at the same time but when she saw dadi, Sejal and Siya smiling and trying to control their laughter, she understood dadi was pretending to be angry and so even she joined them and they all laughed together and Riddhima accepted dadi’s invitation and joined everyone in the Dining table for lunch.

I know everyone is waiting for Riansh to meet. I am working on it to give the best situation. Hope you’ll love their meet. Mostly you’ll meet them 1 or 2 episodes

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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    Really liked it!
    Just a small suggestion if you could add precap or just explain in short as what will happen in next episode. This generates curiosity even more. Well, it’s on you.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you. I’ll definetely consider your suggestion for upcoming episodes. I actually have already submitted another episode, so that’s not gonna have precap but i assure you the episodes I’ll upload after those will definetely have 🙂

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    Story goes on really interesting ❤️😍🤩

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      Thank you :). Without you guys support I couldn’t have done it

  4. Riansh Lover ..love them alot❤

    Oh i didnt see this one but it was interesting…like he says intresting , very interesting

  5. Nice dear, I guess that person staring person is vansh if it was vansh then am really happy

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you. I donno if that person is Vansh or not. But you’ll meet them today

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      Thank you :). You’ll witness Riansh meet today. I’ll make sure to add precap from today.

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