#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY Episode – 34 -Will Riddhima accept her love for Vansh!!!

Episode starts with…

Its 3pm, AR House,

Ishani and Sejal worked on their plan as to how’d they make sure that Riddhima confess her feelings for Vansh. They reached her house where they saw Riddhima sitting on her swing in her balcony and writing her diary. Lost in thoughts with tears making their way onto her cheeks. She didn’t realise the arrival of Ishani and Sejal. She was just staring at the road and reminiscing her memories with Vansh, when she heard a knock on her door and thinking it to be servant she didn’t turn and said

Riddhima: I don’t want to eat anything please leave me alone

“But we won’t and you should eat”. Riddhima turned towards the door to see Ishani and Sejal standing with food for her. Riddhima wiped her tears and hid her diary under the cushion on swing. Ishani and Sejal walked towards her and

Ishani: What the heck did I just hear!! (angry)

Riddhima: What happened Ishani?

Sejal: Why didn’t you have anything since morning?

Riddhima: I am not feeling well and so didn’t feel like.

Ishani: Ohh I see and may I know the reason for your absent-minded personality from past 1 month (raising eyebrows)

Riddhima: There’s nothing such. It’s just your misconception.

Sejal: Ohh yea. Ishani she’s perfectly fine we are just over thinking. Even now she’s happily staring at road thinking something and is having happy tears. Am I right Riddhima (sarcasm)!!

Riddhima: Sejal!!!

Ishani: What Sejal? Answer us what happened! Before that you’ll eat lunch. You didn’t even have breakfast. Servant told us that you have sent back the breakfast too which Angre bought. So, no ifs and buts and you are supposed to eat this or else….

Sejal: Or else… I am going to tell Pa & Angre Bhai about this behaviour of yours and actually they have some important meetings and if they get to know about you then they’ll leave the meetings and run back to you.

Riddhima: Don’t you dare disturb them. They are busy

Ishani: Then eat first or else we’ll do that

Riddhima had no other option as she didn’t want them to bother her dad and bhai so sat to eat while Ishani and Sejal were up to something. After a while when Riddhima was done with her food,

Ishani: So, now you are done with your food and we have lots of time, we shall discuss the issue of you behaving odd

Riddhima: Me being odd? When!!!

Sejal (sarcasm): In our dreams

Riddhima: Sejal!!! (stern look)

Ishani: Shut up Riddhima. No more ifs and buts but you’d be answering our questions if you have any

Riddhima was shocked as to how they both were behaving but as she didn’t have any option she sat there as they started their questioning

Ishani: What happened that you didn’t come home from past 1 month,

Sejal: Why were you not concentrating on work,

Ishani: Why were you being lost in thoughts,

Sejal: Why were you not being yourself, why were you being confined to yourself, you do so when you are upset or something is bothering you, so, what’s that’s bothering you,

Ishani: So, if you have answers for all our questions, we are eager to listen…  (tapping her fingers on her arms indicating that she’s waiting)

Riddhima was struck as she didn’t have any answers for their questions and which shocked her more was that they were observing everything. She wanted to run from all those questions, but she know that she has been cornered.

Sejal: Why are you silent!!!

Riddhima: What do you want to know, there’s no base in all those questions, so what should I say

Ishani: Sejal, yaar seriously you remember once bhai said that your this sister is stubborn! She indeed is!!! (making a face)

Riddhima: So, if you guys are done then please excuse me, I need to go out

Ishani moved a bit to let her go but Sejal had some other plans and she was reading something listening to which Riddhima turned around to see Sejal reading her diary, she tried to stop her but was stopped by Ishani and so Sejal continued reading –

“What are these feelings of mine? Why do I feel safe; secure and protected when am with him; whenever I see him it feel like being attracted and connected to him; why does his presence and absence affect me; why does my heart skip a beat whenever he touches me; why do I feel butterflies in my stomach with his touch and voice; why does my heart beat increase its pace whenever he’s near me; why am I unable to control my feelings for him; his one glance and I totally forget the world around me; why does my heart wait for him to take my name; why does it feel that his voice and touch keep me secure around; what are these feelings!!!”

Sejal paused for a minute and then continued

“It’s been 1 month 14 hours and 25 minutes since I saw or spoke or even meet him; I am trying hard to pacify my feelings for him but that seems to be next to impossible. What’s that’s keeping me connected to him; why do I feel lost without him; what happening to me!!!

It’s been 1 month since I behaved myself. I know I have been hurting bhai and Sejal with my odd behaviour but how do I tell them my ordeal; last week when I visited Mom and Dad, they too observed change in my behaviour but I just crossed that saying it’s just their protective nature speaking so and am perfectly fine, but the truth was am not. I am always lost in his thoughts and his memories are the only medium which keeps me alive, without which I don’t know what would have happened.

That night when we were playing, was the amazing night in my life, which I could never forget. We were engrossed in each other’s embrace. Our dance, our bonding, our naughtiness, everything was just worth remembering. It felt like I entered a dream land. But after that night I couldn’t even meet or speak to him because of my feelings for him. I don’t even know if he feels for me the same way as I do. But why do I feel like these feelings are wrong!! Why do I feel that if these feelings are revealed then might cause differences between bhai and him; I can’t let this happen as they have been with each other for years and my one wrong step would create many misunderstandings leading to breaking their friendship and I can’t bear this happening.

After trying to understand these feelings I realized that these feelings are indeed …. ….. …. …. LOVE!!! Yes, I Love Him!!! Yes, I Love HIM!!! I LOVE VANSH!!!!! I never thought I’d love someone but then I fell for him. Not once, but every time I see, I speak or meet him I fall for him every moment. Every moment with him is a lifetime experience and I don’t want to miss any chance of being around him but the truth is this can’t happen due to 2 main reasons – 1 is bhai and he are best friends and my love for Vansh can be proved a drastic disaster in their friendship & 2 I don’t even know if he loves me!!!

But I loved him, I love him and will always do so until my last breath.

Whenever I am away from him, my heart ponders over his absence making me think if he is taking care of himself, did he eat or is engrossed in his work that he forgot to eat or even drink. Ha-ha!!! My Vansh I such. He takes care of everyone but never cares for himself. He is always worried for his family and friends wellbeing but forgets that its needed for him to be safe and sound to take care of others. He understands about everyone’s issues and sorrows before they could even share it with him, but he never shares his pain with anyone. Never ever!!! I have seen his tears but he didn’t share his pain. But his eyes speak many things which his lips couldn’t. I could sense his pain but I couldn’t heal. I just wish he gets some healer in his life who could help him in healing his pain.

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second reminds me of him, his cologne, his dark brown eyes which stares me with much care and affection, his gentle touch sends vibration down my spine, whenever he pulls me towards him it feels like my world has stopped and I am in the safer place. Whenever I hug him, I could hear his heart beat and then realize that my heart beats faster and it may stop in his arms. Whenever he leans on me, I could sense his breath and that takes me into a trance of dream land where only we both are present and then our love for each other.

Am unable to control my feelings for him. Tried doing so since a month but what did I achieve! My feelings for him increased. I can’t let this happen.

To avoid all this, I think I need to….”

Ishani and Sejal were shell shocked to read her confession in her diary while Riddhima collapsed on her bed and was literally weeping. Ishani didn’t realise that Riddhima loved her brother to such an extent that none could ever expect. She realized that there could be none who could be the best pair for her brother than Riddhima. She felt like if there’s anyone who could bring back the old Vansh then that’s only Riddhima’s love and presence. Ishani was crying happy tears while Sejal had tears of joy and happiness. They both hugged each other and before Riddhima could see or speak anything Ishani ran out followed by Sejal

Ishani: Sejal, she loves bhai so much and till today none has ever loved him such. Bhai is lucky to get her (excited and happiest)

She was shouting and jumping out of happiness while even Sejal was unable to control her happiness.

Sejal: Ishani I think we need to tell her about Bhai’s feelings too. And should assure her that she isn’t disturbing Angre Bhai and Vansh Bhai’s friendship

Ishani realised something and said

Ishani: NO Sejal we shouldn’t reveal their feelings to each other as that’s their right to explore themselves and we can just help them by creating a path and I have an idea for that but before that I need to speak to Riddhima as there’s an incomplete sentence and want to know what does she want to do

Sejal nodded and they both went back to see Riddhima weeping like a kid holding her diary. Ishani went and sat beside her and patted her head affectionately and seeing her state even tears from her eyes rolled

Ishani (weeping): We didn’t know that you love bhai so much.

Riddhima (crying): It’s one sided Ishani and my love is wrong

Ishani: Not at all. I mean love is never wrong. Tell me one thing…

Sejal: What were you about to do? I mean what was the last line of the diary!  You were saying that to avoid all this you need to… what’s after that

Ishani (worried): Don’t tell me you were about to kill yourself!!

Sejal: Did you even think about all of us! Did you even think what would have happened to us if you did so and what about bhai!!!

Riddhima looked at her in shock

Ishani (covering up): She meant what about Angre. He’d have broken

Riddhima: I didn’t mean to kill myself. I’ll never ever do such foolish act. I know mom, dad, bhai, Sejal you all love me and I can’t do any such acts to hurt you. I was thinking to move from this place to avoid these feelings (wiping tears)

Ishani and Sejal relaxed and asked her not to do any such baseless acts.

Riddhima: Please don’t tell about my feelings to anyone please it may create many misunderstandings

Ishani and Sejal nodded and asked her to calm down and relax. They assured her that her feelings for Vansh are safe with them. They spent some time with her convincing her to take rest and sat their until she slept and then they went to RS Mansion to discuss about further planning.

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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    What episode u gave us today u impressed me. U just nailed today dear ivanhsiaV.What episode u gave us today u impressed me. U just nailed today dear ivanhsiaV.What episode u gave us today u impressed me. UjustnailedtodaydearivanhsiaV.Whatepisodeugaveustodayuimpressedme.UjustnailedtodaydearivanhsiaV.

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