#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 3 – Riddhima’s Only Wish

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I know everyone is waiting for Riansh Meeting but let me tell you, it’ll happen asap. Till then please cope up with Riddhima. Riansh Meeting is gonna be total different and I hope You’ll love it when it happens. But for atleast 7 – 8 episodes Riansh won’t meet. Sorry for delaying their meet but I hope you’ll understand


Episode Starts with….

Its 8pm, Dream Events,

Riddhima and Sejal finally packed everything and are heading home after a hectic day of planning what all they need to work on after reaching RS Mansion the next day and what all are supposed to be bought. Sejal suggests to drop Riddhima home as Riddhima gave her car for servicing the previous day but the latter refuses and says she’ll go by herself.

Riddhima loves walking on streets at night. She decided she’ll walk for a while and then take a cab home. So, she started walking. The always busy roads were calm as everyone were retiring to their respective homes after their hectic work. She was enjoying the breeze that was touching her body and taking her into a trance of relief and peace. She was observing how the road side fast food trucks were busy serving the customers who lined up to calm their taste buds. The smell of the food being cooked tempted Riddhima to take a bite and so she didn’t think a second and ordered a plate of Gobi Manchurian for herself and as the food was served, she licked her fingers and plate enjoying her food. She looked at the time and as it was almost 9:30pm so she took a cab home.

She reached her home by 10:15pm and entering her flat made her realise how lonely her life was here. Though she almost spent her time with Sejal and staff in her office and back to home she always felt lonely as there was no one who’d ask her if she ate food, if she’s tired, if how her day was, what did she do all day long, why was she late…. She felt lost in her own home away from chaos she would experience when she was out of her home. But she knew nothing can be changed in her life. She changed into night wear and sat in her bed writing her diary of all that happened today and how badly she misses her family and mainly her brother whom she loved the most and was missing him. She thought how beautiful her life would be if she had her family with her today. Though she cannot change what all happened with her in the past, she had only one wish of finding a person who’d give her the family of her dreams, who’ll love her and make her realise that she’s worth loving, who’ll take care of her small to small wishes, who’ll bring back her original lost smile back. She wanted to meet such person and marry him so that she’ll get a family of her own.

With all these thoughts running in her mind she didn’t even knew when she fell asleep.

The next day she woke up to find a message from Sejal

Sejal: Riddhima, I spoke to Uma Aunty and she wants us to come to their home by 10am.

Riddhima messaged her that she’d reach Sejal’s house by 9:30am and then they both can go from there. After that she got ready and took all the necessary things needed, she straight away went to the servicing centre to get her car back and from there, she drove to Sejal’s house. Sejal was waiting for Riddhima and as soon as she entered, Sejal started collecting things she had, which were to be taken to RS Mansion.

Riddhima: Sejal, where are Ma and dad?

Sejal: They went to RS Mansion and are waiting for us.

So, both the girls reach RS Mansion in Riddhima’s Car while Sejal is driving and as soon as they reach

Sejal: Riddhima you enter the mansion; I’ll park the vehicle and join you.

And so Riddhima got down and started walking towards the gate and as she was entering into the mansion, the security guards stop her enquiring her who she was and how can she come into a restricted place without prior intimation and appointment. They were in no mood to hear Riddhima’s pleas of having an appointment. She was fed up giving explanation and so she stood in front of the gate and thought to call Sejal and as she was dialling her number, she saw Sejal coming towards her.

Sejal (in a serious tone): Ridhima I asked you to enter the mansion and you are still waiting here?

Riddhima (With clear frustration): Do you think I won’t go if they allowed me!!

And she told what all happened with security guards. Sejal understood and with an apologetic expression proceeded towards Security room to confront them for misunderstanding Riddhima to be an intruder. As soon as the guards saw Sejal, they wished her morning and when she confronted them for stopping Riddhima and told them who she was, they were apologetic and apologized to Riddhima too for their behaviour.


So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

  1. RiyaVaghani

    Dude! I understand! But don’t scratch it till 7 8 eps! It will drain out the interest… they should be in contact somehow if not face to face… anyways! Cool update!

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you for your kind suggestion, I’ll make sure they meet in 1-2 episodes

  2. I can understand but pls make riansh meeting in further episodes even they are fighting, not trusting whatever it may be but they are together and they know each other, so just pls think about their netting once.
    Coming to the episode it’s neither interesting nor boring

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Yea I can understand, I assure you that tomorrow you’ll meet Riansh

  3. Wait …sejal is like a well known person there ….thank you for letting us meet riansh💙💙💙 ….most of us are sad from today’s episode …immj2 so we need our riansh 💔💔💔

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      I can understand, after whatever happened in today’s episode. I’ll try to upload 2 episodes tomorrow if possible, if that heppens then I assure you you’ll meet Riansh tomorrow

  4. Rianshfan

    Real IMMJ 2 too , Riddhima and Vansh had a misunderstanding and today’s too …So , I m searching that here atleast they meet !!!

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      I understand, I assure you here they wont have any misunderstandings and they’ll meet soon.

  5. It was amazing.Hope riansh first meet will be sweet and cute I mean hope their won’t be any misunderstanding.Waiting for your new post and I read your above comment that you will try to post 2 episodes today if yes then I will be very happy.
    Lots of love…keep writing and entertaining us..

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you,I am trying to post 2 episodes, but lets see if that happens. Riansh meet is definetely not gonna start with any misunderstandings. Its going to be totally different. Hope you guys would like it

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    any ff writers here. Pls help me….
    im not able to submit my article could you please point out why its happening so?

    1. Riaa

      hey! You’ve to register yourself as a member on this site first, and then you’d be able to submit articles. I hope this helps!

  7. Amazing….😍❤

  8. I hope Riansh meet soon. The episode was amazing!!

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      If they allow us to post 2 episodes to day then you’ll meet Riansh today or else tomorrow

  9. Ohhh glad to see that guards are available for the protection of the mansion!!😂😂
    Nice update!! Keep going lots of love to u💗

  10. I loved the way you narrated about streets. It’s all good. Keep up your writing dear.

  11. Riaa

    This is amazing! I’ve been wanting to read this FF for a while, and I just finished. I really liked the storyline, and can’t wait to read further. 🙂

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