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Episode begins with… 

Vansh sees riddhima crying and comes near her. Riddhima notices him and goes away ignoring him. Just then, uma calls vansh. So, he goes.. 

DAY 8…

Vansh comes to the hospital and sees angre taking care of ishani. Seeing them, he smiles. 

VANSH: Angre, where is riddhima? Even while coming, I didn’t see her anywhere.

ANGRE: Vansh, is she not in the house? She is not here. I thought she was there.

VANSH: No angre. I’m coming from home. She is not there. I thought she was here..

ISHANI: Bhai, just call her…

ANGRE: Wait, I’ll call her..

Saying so, he calls riddhima. But, she didn’t pick his call. 

VANSH: What happened? 

ANGRE: She is not picking.

VANSH: ( thinking) If she is not picking his call then, she must be upset. I even saw her crying last night.

VANSH: Angre, you be with ishani. I’ll take care of this.. Once I find her, I’ll inform you.

ANGRE: Ok.. But, be careful..

Vansh leaves. 

Saying so, he comes out. Just then, he recieves call from aryan. 

ARYAN: Vansh, are you searching riddhima? I know where she is? Don’t get panic. I didn’t kidnap her. Actually, it is she who came in search of her death. When she is away from you then, it is a jackpot for me. In that case, how will I miss this chance. But, she is not with me. I know where she is. If I know her place then, how will she be safe? Right, she is not with me but, she is trapped by me. This time it is she, who came and fell into my trap. 

VANSH: Aryan, where she is?

ARYAN: I won’t tell..But, today it will be a blast!! You made a big mistake. Now, I’m in this stage because of you. I couldn’t come out of this place. Police is searching me everywhere. Before I get caught, I’ll kill her. This will be your life’s biggest loss. I want see you in that state. It will happen. You have only 20 minutes left. Will you find her? Or, will you save her? Can you do both in this twenty minutes? I don’t think so…

He laughs and cuts the call.. 

Vansh thinks for two minutes. 

He immediately calls uma and asks her about riddhima. 

UMA: No, she is not here. Is everything fine?

VANSH: Mom, you call riddhima. I’ll be on line. If she attends the call then, put the call in conference. Don’t tell her about me. Just ask, where is she?

UMA: Ok..

Saying so, she calls riddhima. Riddhima attends her call. She connects the call with vansh’s call. 

RIDDHIMA: Aunty, tell me…

UMA: Riddhima, where are you?

RIDDHIMA: Aunty, I’m in my house.

UMA: Why did you go there? Why haven’t you inform me? I was searching you.

RIDDHIMA: Sorry, aunty..

UMA: Ok, come fast…

Saying so, she cuts the call. Vansh too cuts his call. 

Vansh starts his car.. 

VANSH: Why did she go there now? Has she become mad? How many times will I tell her that it is not safe for her to go out? Now, I have only 10 minutes left and this traffic… Oh my God!! 

Vansh comes to AR Mansion. He gets down from the car and walks. Just then, he notices that the gate is locked.

VANSH: How is this gate locked? Riddhima said that she is here. But, how is this gate locked? He calls riddhima repeatedly. But, all his calls were left unanswered. I have to confirm, whether she is inside?

Saying so, he shouts calling her name. He shouts repeatedly. But, he didn’t hear any answer. 

VANSH: Now, I have only 5 minutes left. Where is she now? I think, she is not inside.. 

Just then, he sees riddhima coming outside. 

VANSH: Why did you lock this gate? Open it.. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t lock.

VANSH: ( thinking) Then, it must be aryan’s plan.. But, why did he lock this gate. It means, he doesn’t want anyone to go in. But, why? Then, there must be something inside the house. I must first get in. But, how? I can’t climb this gate. Now, I have only 3 minutes left..

He thinks for a second..He takes a big stone from the road and hits the lock. He tries hard to break the lock. Meanwhile he gets his hand injured. But, still he tries. Finally, the lock breaks.. He gets in. Riddhima notices his injured hand and comes forward but then, she backs off. Vansh, notices this.. 

VANSH: What happened to her? Even after seeing my hand, she is calm. By the way, I couldn’t find anything danger here. But, why did aryan called me? What is his plan? Just then, he notices… 

PRECAP: Vansh slaps riddhima… 

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