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Here the episode begins.

ANGRE: Vansh, I’m too tired.

VANSH: Me too. By the way, what’s the time?

RIDDHIMA: Just 10.30

VANSH: Oh my God!! Angre, we have to attend client meeting by 11.00

ANGRE: Vansh, come fast.

Saying so,  they both leave. 


VANSH: Angre, I’m so tired. My legs are Paining. 

ANGRE: Mine too..

VANSH: Of course, Now I accept that these girls are devil.

ANGRE: Talk slowly. If anyone hears this, then again we’ll be the Sufferrers. It would be better, if you keep your mouth shut.

VANSH: Ok, I’m going to freshen up.

ANGRE: ( shouting) Vansh!!

VANSH: What happened? Why did you shout like that? Have you seen any ghost? Even if it is so, then I’m sure that it won’t be that cruel than your sister.

ANGRE: Actually, vansh today is the first day of the challenge.

VANSH: Are you speaking about Aryan?

ANGRE: Of course. But I think that nothing happened today. What is Aryan upto?

VANSH: Angre, I forgot to say. Actually, ( tells everything)

ANGRE: Vansh, why didn’t you tell me this?

VANSH: Sorry, I thought that I must tell you after reaching home. But then, I was busy in cooking.

ANGRE: ( banging his head) Ok, leave that. But do you have any idea that what will he do tomorrow?

VANSH: Seriously, no. Moreover, I’m tired now. So, I’m going to take rest. I don’t want to speak about him or think about him.

ANGRE: Vansh, how come you are so cool?

VANSH: Do you think, Am I in love with him?

ANGRE: What??

VANSH: Definitely, no. Then why should I think about him all the day.

ANGRE: Thank God. You were joking.  You didn’t say yes.

VANSH: Don’t worry, My love only belongs to riddhima. Wait, what did you say? You were afraid that whether I would say yes, right? Which means, you think me like that.

ANGRE: Who knows?

The very next moment vansh throws a  pillow at angre. In return, he throws another pillow at him. 

Their pillow fight continues for almost half an hour. Finally they both sat laughing by seeing each other.


ANGRE: ( seeing vansh laughing) This is what I need vansh. You always concern for others and take care of others. But when it comes to you, you don’t even think about your self. But, don’t forget that I’m here for you. I’ll be there for you, throughout my life as a best friend. From your childhood, I’ve seen you. I very well know that, you have sacrificed many things in your life for your family. But, I want you to be happy. Usually they say that love lasts for seven births. But, I want our friendship to even continue for seven births. 

Hearing these vansh immediately hughs angre. His eyes were almost filled with tears.


VANSH: Seriously, when did you learn all these? From when, you have become this much sentimental type? 

ANGRE: Stop kidding.

VANSH: But, seriously angre the only one person whom I trust blindly in my life is you.

ANGRE: Ok, Fine now you go and sleep. Tomorrow morning you have a meeting, right?

VANSH: OK, fine. But, you?

ANGRE: I have to make a presentation for our clients. So, you go and sleep.


DAY 2, 8.00am

Everybody except sejal was having breakfast. Suddenly, sejal comes running to them..

SEJAL: Bhai!! Bhai!! Bhai!!

VANSH: What happened Sejal? Why are you so tensed?

ANGRE: Is everything fine?

SEJAL: No bhai. Actually, Aryan has leaked all those photos in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and more than 7 lakh people have seen that.

VANSH: Morphed photos??

SEJAL: Bhai, see this…

Saying so, she shows her mobile and vansh sees the photos followed by him angre sees it and then ishani and sia sees it. 

ANGRE: It’s the same photos which Aryan showed to his office staffs.

SEJAL: Yes bhai. Moreover,

Just then riddhima snatches the phone and sees those photos. 

RIDDHIMA: No, This is not true.

Just then riddhima recieves a call from unknown number. 

VANSH: If I’m right, it must be aryan. Put it on speaker.

Riddhima answers the call.. 

ARYAN: Riddhima, this is my second day. I’m sure that you’ll never forget this day in your life. Do you know, more than 7lakh people have seen that and now many have commented on those photos. Now whenever, you step outside of your house many will ask you regarding this. And what will you answer them. Now, none will believe you. First tell me, what will you explain to them?

Before he could speak further she cuts the call and throws the mobile.

Immediately, riddhima runs to her room… . 

ANGRE: Riddhimaaaa..

SEJAL: Riddhimaa, stop.

Everyone except vansh runs behind her.

She locks the room. Everyone knocks the door. But she doesn’t open it.

VANSH: ( thinking) Why did aryan do that. His challenge is to kill riddhima, then why did he do that..

Just then something strikes his mind.

PRECAP: VANSH: I won’t spare him. 

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