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Here the episode begins…

VANSH: What’s the idea?

ANGRE: Ok, first tell me. What’s the time?

VANSH: 6.00am

ANGRE: Ok, you be here and just act like cooking. I’ll come soon.

Saying so he gets from the bed.

VANSH: Act?? Angre, I can’t understand anything.

ANGRE: Vansh, I can’t answer any of your questions now. Ok, bye. Manage something till I come.

Saying so Angre leaves the room.

VANSH: Both brother and sister are same. Sometimes, they are like puzzles for me. They just do what they think. Ok, I’m going to see YouTube videos and cook.

Saying so he goes to the kitchen taking his mobile.

VANSH: Ok, Now I’m going to prepare kichidi and chutney and veg pulao.

Saying so he watches some videos and gets ready to cook.

Just then ishani comes down and seeing vansh in kitchen, she was almost in shock. She runs upstairs to inform the other girls.

ISHANI: Sia, sejal and riddhu come down. Just come down and see, what’s going on there.

SIA: Ishani, what happened? Why are you so nervous?

SEJAL: Have you seen any ghost?

ISHANI: Shut up! I have not seen any ghost but,… But..

SIA: What?


SEJAL: How come you know? I mean, still now you are with us, right?

SIA: Guys, please any one of you say it, clearly.

RIDDHIMA: Wait, I’ll tell you. Actually ( tells everything)

ISHANI: Which means bhai has challenges you?

RIDDHIMA: Of course. And I know he will lose in this challenge because,..

SIA, ISHANI&SEJAL: It is cooking.

ISHANI: Bhai and cooking are opposite poles.

SEJAL: Guys, come we’ll go down.

SIA: Sure, I’m excited to see bhai in kitchen.

They all come down and hides behind the sofa. Hiding there, they all we’re watching vansh.

Vansh by now was almost done with his cooking works. The kitchen was totally messed up. It looks like as if though a storm has come.

VANSH: Fine, almost done. The only thing left is tasting these food.

Just then angre comes there.

VANSH: Angre, come. See, I’ve completed my cooking challenge. Come and taste these dishes.

ANGRE: Me? No, I won’t.

VANSH: Angre, being my friend you must.

ANGRE: Vansh, I can even take a bullet for you and die. But can’t eat these foods.

VANSH: Angre… This is the last time, I’m telling. You must taste these foods.

ANGRE: My god! Please help me..

Saying so he tastes the kichidi.

The very next moment his eyes was filled with tears.

VANSH: What happened angre? Was my my food is that much tasty, that your eyes were filled with tears? So, How is it? Have I won the challenge?

ANGRE: Water… water..

Vansh gives him the water.

VANSH: What happened? Is everything ok?

ANGRE: Seriously, who told you to cook? I told you to just act like cooking. And you are asking me, whether the food was tasty? Seriously, first of all tell me, what is the name of this dish?

VANSH: Kichidi…

ANGRE: Vansh, what have you done? Tell me, how much chilly powder have you added in this?

VANSH: Just half a packet..

ANGRE: ( almost banging his head) Half a packet? Oh my god!

VANSH: Why? Was it not tasty?

ANGRE: Tasty?? First you taste this food.

Vansh tastes the food. As soons as he tastes a little bit of that kichidi..

VANSH: Water..

Immediately angre offers him the water.

VANSH: Sorry, I think I have added chilly powder a little bit extra.

ANGRE: Little bit??

VANSH: I have an idea. We’ll put some sugar and can equalize the taste.

ANGRE: Sugar!! ( banging his head) Seriously, vansh do you think this cooking as a chemistry practical, like you can add a solution and equalize the concentration?

VANSH: Can’t we?

ANGRE: I think, I’m going to die only because of you. How are you asking me such a questions being a great business man?

Seeing all this, the girls were trying hard to control their laugh.

VANSH: Ok, atlest taste the other two dishes?

ANGRE: No. I won’t take such risks.

VANSH: Then, who will taste these foods.

ANGRE: Wait. Some fool will come for us.

Just then kabir comes there.

The girls notices kabir.

SEJAL: I think, this fool is caught. Now, none can save him from bhai.

VANSH: Angre, see there. Kabir is coming.

ANGRE: Vansh, you be quiet. We’ll use him for our testing.

KABIR: Hi,..

ANGRE: Hi, actually I’ve been waiting for you.

KABIR: For me??

ANGRE: Of course. See, come and taste this pulao.

KABIR: Pulao!! It’s my favourite. Who made this?

ANGRE: First taste it.

Excitedly, kabir tastes a little bit.

The very next moment he runs while vansh and angre follows him.

The girls follow them.

Kabir comes to the washroom and vomits.

The girls were hiding behind the door and controlling their laugh.

KABIR: Seriously, who made this? Is this pulao? If I get the person, then I won’t spare him. I won’t hereafter even think about the pulao in my life time.

ANGRE: ( uncontrollably laughs) Actually this pulao was made by the great Vansh Raisinghania.

As soon as he heard it..

KABIR: Vansh!! Seriously, if I had known this earlier, then I wouldn’t even have smelled it.

VANSH: Shut up. At least taste this chutney. I’m sure this will be nice.

Hearing those words kabir runs out of the house.

KABIR: No. I won’t…

Angre was laughing uncontrollably..

VANSH: Will you stop your laughing? What will I do now? Am I going to lose?

ANGRE: No, Until I’m there vansh won’t lose in any challenge.

VANSH: But, How?

ANGRE: Don’t worry. I already know that you can’t cook. So, I’ve bought some foods. Come, first we’ll go to the kitchen before anyone comes. If the girls come to know about all these, then they won’t leave us. Because all those are devils.

Saying so, angre leaves followed by vansh.

The girls comes out..

ALL FOUR : Devils??

RIDDHIMA: Just wait and watch, what these devils are going to do.

PRECAP: VANSH: Please, riddhu I can’t do this. No, I won’t.

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    1. Cassyvax

      Thank you so much. Even I loved those lines. I’m very happy that my update made your day.

  2. Samaila

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      Thank you so much. Even I were laughing while writing the episode. I’m very happy that my update made you to laugh.

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      Thanks for reading. Even I’m very happy that your stress has gone because of my episode. Do your exams well but don’t take stress too much. Just put your best and I’m sure that you will get your reward. All the best for your exams

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      Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get your reward for your hardwork and sincerity.

  6. Awesome episode….it was so hilarious…..I kept laughing like a mad person

    1. Cassyvax

      Thank you so much. Even I were laughing while writing the episode


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    2. Cassyvax

      No problem. I understood.

    3. Cassyvax

      Thank you so much. I’m so happy that my updates made you happy.

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