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Here the episode begins…

10.00pm VR Mansion..

SIA: Riddhima, what happened? why are you behaving like this?

Vansh’s eyes was almost filled with tears. The other three we’re also very much frightened.

VANSH:( thinking) God, please I wish this to be a dream. I don’t want riddhu to go away from me. I can’t live a life by staying away from her. God, please help me.

Breaking his thought, he heard a laughing sound.

Everyone turned towards the direction from where the laughing sound came. It was sejal.

SEJAL: Riddhu, finally we won.

RIDDHIMA: Of couse. I told you, right. Just see their faces.

Saying so even riddhima, begins to laugh. Both were laughing uncontrollably and seeing them all the four we’re puzzled. They couldn’t understand anything.

ANGRE: Will you both stop your stupid laugh and tell us what happened? First of all sejal when did you come.

SEJAL: Bhai, I’ll tell. Actually bhai, I came just now and I saw riddhu down. And when we both came here we saw you hugging vansh bhai and telling that there must be no sorry and thanks between you. Just then we remeber what Kabir told morning, and then riddhima came out with a plan to fool you. Riddhima acted as per her plan and fooled you while I were hiding behind that door. But bhai, seriously you all believed her that she was angry. It was all her plan to fool you.

Hearing those words everyone felt relieved.

VANSH: Riddhima, So you were making fun of us?

RIDDHIMA: Of course vansh. But as Kabir said, Even I think that bhai and you love each other.

Saying so, riddhima laughs and this time even sia and ishani laughs.

ISHANI: Bhai, I think riddhima is right.

RIDDHIMA: Ha.. Guys, just think always bhai and vansh’s taste are same. They both always support each other. And now after seeing you both in that pose…

ANGRE: Riddhu, will you stop you nonsense?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, but I’m sure that you and vansh together will make a good pair.

Just then kabir enters the room..

KABIR: Guys, what happened?

RIDDHIMA: Do you know? Actually, even I think what you said was right.

KABIR: What?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai and vansh are made for each other. Now we all believe you.

KABIR: See, I told you na. This time I’m right. Whenever, I see them I have that strong feeling.

Hearing him riddhima, sejal, ishani and sia begins to laugh. They were laughing uncontrollably. Seeing them,

KABIR: Vansh, what happened? Why are they laughing like a mad?

ANGRE: It’s not them. You are mad.

KABIR: Me!! What did I do?

Just then vansh throws a pillow at Kabir.

VANSH: Kabir, I won’t leave you. It’s all because of you. First you started, and now all are making joke of us.

Saying so vansh throws another pillow followed by angre. They both together were continuously throwing pillow at kabir.

KABIR: Guys, one second. I don’t know what happened. But still you both are together fighting with me. The truth is you both are made for each other.

VANSH: Kabir, I won’t leave you.

ANGRE: Even, I too.

KABIR: See again..

Saying so Kabir leaves the place and runs out of the house.

Just then vansh turns towards riddhima.

VANSH: And you, what did you say? You fooled me right?

RIDDHIMA: Yes, of course. I have all rights.

VANSH: Of course, you have all right. But, I won’t leave you.

RIDDHIMA: What will you do?

VANSH: Wait and see “lazy goose”.

SIA, ISHANI& SEJAL: ( unison) Lazy goose!!

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I won’t leave you. Don’t call me like that…

VANSH: I will. Lazy goose… lazy goose.. Lazy goose.

Saying so, vansh runs from the room while riddhima also runs chasing him.


ANGRE: And ishani, you were also supporting riddhu and making fun of us. Saying so he takes a cushion and before he could throw it ishani runs from there and Angre follows her.

While running she was about to fall and just then angre holds her.

ISHANI: Thank you angre.

ANGRE: Ishani, actually I must thank you. Till today, you have supported me in all my decision.

Thank you so much Ishani.

Saying so he leaves the place.

ISHANI: ( thinking) You don’t need to thank me angre. I love you and I’ll always support you in all your decision. Because, I know that you decisions can’t be wrong.

Breaking her thought, sia and sejal call her.

SIA: Where did this bhai and riddhima go.

ISHANI: Bhai, will be enjoying being with her love. So don’t worry. Come, we’ll go and sleep.

SEJAL: Guys, wait. What do you mean by love?

ISHANI: ( Tells her everything) . Sejal don’t tell this to riddhima.

SEJAL: Why will I? Even, I’ll help you guys. But I’m sure that bhai and riddhu will make a good pair.

Saying so, all the three together share a hug.

Meanwhile, both riddhima and vansh were still running and finally sit near the swimming pool as they became tired.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh I’m so tired.

VANSH: Even, I’m tired riddhu. Sorry, riddhima.

RIDDHIMA: Why are you saying sorry?

VANSH: Because, unknowingly I called you riddhu.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I was just kidding at that time. You can call me riddhu.

VANSH: Really?

RIDDHIMA: Of course, vansh. You have all the rights vansh.

Meanwhile angre comes there and sees them.

ANGRE: ( thinking) I think, I should not disturb them. Ok, then I’ll go and sleep. Let them have their own time.

Angre leaves…

VANSH: Riddhu, do you remember? Those days, we used to go for a night walk. Every Saturday, we used to enjoy by having street foods and roaming around the park.

RIDDHIMA: Yes, vansh. I do remember. Actually, In these six months, I used to think of those days. Those were the sweetest memories of my life. Do you know vansh? I really missed you badly.

VANSH: Riddhu, even I missed you.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, do you remember? In those days, we used to roam around the roads and have ice cream. Those days are sweetest days of my life vansh. Even today, sometimes I wish to go back and live those days. But it’s impossible.

VANSH: Ok, riddhu come.


VANSH: For a night walk.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, it’s 11.45pm now.

VANSH: Just come.


They were enjoying the night breeze and walking on the road.

It is a winter season and they could feel the cold breeze touching their skins. Riddhima’s hair strands were floating and dancing according to the wind’s tune. Vansh was observing those hairs and smiling.

Riddhima’s lips were shivering due to the cold breeze. Just then vansh lends his jacket.

RIDDHIMA: Thank you vansh.

VANSH: Riddhu, you be here. I’ll get ice creams for you.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, you don’t need to go anywhere.


RIDDHIMA: See there.

Just then vansh notices a ice cream shop situated at the corner of the road.

VANSH: Ok, you be here. I’ll buy and come.

Just then vansh receives a call from an unknown number.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’ll go to the shop and buy the iec creams.

VANSH: Ok, you go. I’ll join you.

Saying so vansh attends the call.

VANSH: Tell me aryan.

ARYAN: How did you find me?

VANSH: When it comes to my riddhu, I won’t be that much careless. The very moment I accepted your challenge, I collected all your informations. Don’t think that you are smart. If you do so, then just remember that I’m smarter than you.

ARYAN: Vansh, you speak too much. Ok, let me come to the point. Do you remember? Today is the first day of our challenge. I’m sure that I’ll make this day an unforgettable day for you.

VANSH: Well, All the best. Try as much as you can, but you can’t win.

ARYAN: Let’s see vansh. All the best to you too.

Saying so, he cuts the call.

PRECAP: VANSH: Riddhimaaaaa.

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