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Here the episode begins…

Everyone present there were very happy as they thought that they got their riddhima back. They almost waited for six months to hear these words from her mouth. Everyone hugged her.

ANGRE: Riddhu, I’m so happy today. Do you know, who is the reason for my happiness?


ANGRE: No, it’s vansh..

Saying so he runs and hugs vansh.

ANGRE : Vansh, thank you so much. You are the reason for my today’s happiness. I’ve been waiting patiently for this day. Till today I prayed for a miracle to happen to get my riddhu back. And finally, today that miracle happened. It’s all because of you. Thank you so much vansh.

VANSH: Angre, just stop this nonsense. I’ve already told you that there is no sorry and thanks between us.

Breaking their hug and conversation…

ISHANI: Bhai, What will you do now?

VANSH: Oh my god!! Ishani, won’t you speak anything clearly? You are grown up, but still you behave like a child.

ANGRE: Sometimes, even she still behave like a baby.

KABIR:It’s all our fate to handle such a grown up baby like her.

VANSH: Of couse…

Everyone begins to laugh…

ISHANI: Bhai, don’t tease me. Even I’ll get a chance. Did you forgot your promise.

VANSH: ( understood) Ok, come let go.

RIDDHIMA (towards Ishani) : Which promise are you speaking about?

ISHANI: I’ll tell you later..

RIDDHIMA: No.. No.. Tell me now. Please..

ISHANI: Ok, Sorry bhai. Actually riddhima..

Just then…..

VANSH: Ishani, just shut up..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh… .

VANSH: Riddhima, if you didn’t stop questioning, then I’ll reveal your pet name which I kept for you.. Did you remember it?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh… No…

KABIR: What’s going on here.. I can’t understand anything. What promise? What pet name?

VANSH: It’s better, if you didn’t understand anything.

Everyone begins to laugh..

VANSH: Ok, shall we leave.. Actually riddhima, even for this 10 days, you and angre stay with us in VR Mansion. If we are together, then aryan can’t even touch us. Otherwise he can easily distract us and can harm any of us.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, if bhai is ok with it, then I don’t have any problem.

VANSH: I’ve already spoken to him and he doesn’t have any objection with me.

KABIR: Wow! What a friendship between you both. Actually I think there are so many secrets between you both. And I’m sure that you both are made for each other..

On hearing this Ishani, sia and riddhima began to laugh uncontrollably..

VANSH: What!!

ANGRE: Have you gone mad?

KABIR: Actually, I didn’t mean that..

VANSH: Guys, stop all you nonsense.. Shall we leave?

ANGRE: Of course.. If we leave them then they’ll keep laughing whole day.

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, chill. We’ll leave immediately.

Everyone leaves the AR Mansion.

VR Mansion…

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, where is aunty? Usually whenever I come, she used to first hug me. But today, where is she?

VANSH: Actually riddhima, she went to my chachi’s house.


VANSH: Angre you can share my room. And riddhima, you can stay in ishani’s room.

ANGRE: Vansh you go, I have to make a call.


Saying so, vansh moves towards his room while, sia and Ishani followed him.


VANSH: Why are you both following me?

ISHANI: Bhai, did you forgot your promise?

VANSH: Which promise?

SIA: Bhai, don’t try to act smarter than us. Now just answer all our questions.

VANSH: Why should I?

ISHANI: Bhai, if you don’t then we will go down and inform everything to riddhima.

VANSH: What will you guys say? First of all , what do you both know?

ISHANI: Bhai, we will tell her about you considering and calling as your riddhima.

VANSH: ( thinking) I think that I have caught between two monkeys.

ISHANI: Bhai, just answer our question.


ISHANI: Bhai, just answer frankly, do you love riddhima?

VANSH: Yes. Since three years, I’ve been in love with her. I love her so much that none in this world would have loved anyone that much. I know that she doesn’t love me but still I love her. I just want to spend my whole life by seeing her. You guys don’t know, actually the past six months I felt like living in a hell without seeing her. I was just longing to hear her calling me “Vansh”. Even is she doesn’t love me it doesn’t matter to me. Because my love for her is alone enough for us. I can just spend my whole life by seeing her smiling face.

Hearing those words both ishani and sia we’re astonished. Till today they know only vansh as a strict businessman and a strict person who cares for his family. Till today they hadn’t even thought in their dream that their vansh bhai will love someone.

SIA: Bhai, when you love her this much, then why didn’t you confess it.

VANSH: Sia, I love her. But till now she is considering me as only a friend. I don’t want to hurt her or her feelings by expressing my feelings. Even if she consider me as a friend, I’m happy that she is with me. I’m afraid, whether I’ll lose her if I confess my love to her. I can’t lose her. I’m sure that one day or the other she’ll accept my love and till then I’ll wait for her. Even if it takes months or even years it doesn’t matter to me. I can wait for her but can’t lose her.

ISHANI: Bhai, is this you? Till today I have not seen you speaking like this.

VANSH: It’s the magic of my love for riddhima. And please, you both don’t say anything to her. Just forget about this..

SIA: Bhai, don’t worry. We won’t tell anything. But we will help you to get your love. Till today you have done so much for us, and in return we are going to help you getting your riddhima.

ISHANI: Of course bhai. We both will promise that we’ll be there with you.

Just then they heard a voice.

ANGRE: Even I promise you that I’ll help you to get your love.

Just then vansh turns and was shocked to see him.

VANSH: Angre, when did you come?

ANGRE: I came ten minutes back and even heard your confession. I already knew that you love riddhima.

VANSH: How do you know?

ANGRE: I saw you once while you were speaking to riddhima’s pic. It was exactly a year ago. Ok, leave that now. But just answer my one question?

VANSH: What?

ANGRE: How much do you love riddhima?

VANSH: I can’t express it in words. But one thing, I can give my life for her but can’t live a life without her. I can do anything to see her smiling face. Angre, now tell me. Will you accept my love?

ANGRE: Why won’t I? None in this world can be a better partner for my riddhu than my best friend. I’ll be there for you throughout your life and support all your decision. Because, I know you very well that all your decision will be right. I’m sure that no one is best like my vansh.

As soon as vansh heard this tears rolled down from his eyes. He runs and hugs angre.

VANSH: Thank you so much angre. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for believing me. Even I’ll say that none is best like my angre. No one can understand me like you. I’m very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you so much.

ANGRE: I think now I have to make you remember. Did you forget now? There must be no thanks and no sorry between us.

Just then they heard a voice.

RIDDHIMA: Stop this nonsense.

All the four we’re shocked to see riddhima. They were very much frightened that whether she would have heard their conversation.

RIDDHIMA: How come you guys even think like this.

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I didn’t expect this from you.

VANSH: Riddhima, what happened? Why are you speaking like this to angre? Why are you angry?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, just stop all your acting. You can’t hide anything from me.

ISHANI: Riddhima, please listen to us.

RIDDHIMA: No.. I won’t. Till today vansh and bhai we’re hiding this from me. And vansh, I didn’t expect this from you. Earlier, I had a doubt, but after listening to your confession I understood everything.

VANSH: Riddhu, please listen to me once.

RIDDHIMA: Stop calling me riddhu.

PRECAP: ARYAN: Vansh, do you remember? Today is the first day of our challenge. I’m sure that I’ll make this day a unforgettable day for you.

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