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Here the episode begins…

Riddhima leaves the office and comes home, while sejal follows her.

RIDDHIMA’S FATHER: Riddhu, what happened? Why are you so nervous?

RIDDHIMA: Da.. Dad actually,..

RIDDHIMA’S MOTHER: Riddhu, first sit and calm down. Drink some water.

Meanwhile sejal comes there…

RIDDHIMA’S MOTHER: Sejal, what happened? Why is riddhima so tensed? Even you are looking tensed, what happend?

SEJAL: Mom actually at the office… ( explains everything about the photos and colleagues gossips)

RIDDHIMA’S MOTHER: This is not true. My riddhima can’t do this. There is something wrong.

SEJAL: Mom, calm down. Even I know that riddhima can’t do this. I know her well. That’s why I came here following her.

RIDDHIMA’S FATHER ( angry) : Who did this? I won’t leave this matter.

RIDDHIMA: Dad, please stop. This is not important. Actually bhai is in danger. We must save him.

RIDDHIMA’S FATHER: What happened to angre? What’s going on? Where is he now?

SEJAL: Riddhima, please tell us. We can’t understand anything that’s happening. We can’t solve any problem until you tell us. Just calm yourself and tell us what happened.

RIDDHIMA: Actually..

Riddhima explains everything about Aryan and the video proof. She tells them about angre being kidnapped by Aryan and his countdown.

RIDDHIMA’S FATHER: How dare he? I won’t spare him.

RIDDHIMA: Dad, please stop. First we have to save bhai. It’s more important than punishing Aryan. We have only 2 hours left. I swear dad, I won’t leave aryan. He must be punished for all his deeds and I will punish him. But before that we must save bhai. Please try to understand dad. Believe me I won’t leave him for sure.

SEJAL: Dad even I think riddhima is right. We must save bhai. It’s more impotant. You please calm down.

RIDDHIMA’S MOTHER: Riddhu, why didn’t you tell us yesterday about Aryan or video proof?

RIDDHIMA: Sorry mom, I thought that we can handle this. Moreover I don’t want to give you any stress.

SEJAL: But riddhu, where will we go and search for bhai. We don’t know where Aryan have kept bhai. What will we do now.

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry, I have a plan to save bhai.

RIDDHIMA’S FATHER: But, Riddhu what are you going to do?

RIDDHIMA: Dad, don’t worry.

SEJAL: Dad, you please don’t worry. I’ll be with her.

RIDDHIMA’S MOTHER: Both of you take care.

Riddhima and sejal reaches that godown.

SEJAL: Ok riddhu, what are you going to do now?

RIDDHIMA: Just wait and watch.

Riddhima takes her phone and calls Aryan.

ARYAN: Tell me riddhu, what do you want? It’s just 1 hour left to save your bhai.

RIDDHIMA: Please Aryan, I accept that I’ve done wrong. But please don’t do anything to my bhai.

ARYAN: I know riddhima, that you will accept your mistake. You shouldn’t have crossed my path. But how will I leave your bhai. You have done a big mistake by taking that video. Do you know, how many mistakes you have done? You shouldn’t have Intereferred in my drug buisness, and that’s your first mistake. Atlease you shouldn’t have recorded that video, and that’s your second mistake. If I had been little care less then these two mistakes would have spoiled my life by now.

RIDDHIMA: Aryan, now you have done another mistake?

ARYAN: What do you mean?

RIDDHIMA: Aryan I have recorded this call and now whatever you had spoke is been recorded. Now I have another proof to demolish your life.

ARYAN: Oh, riddhima!! How many times will you do the same mistake again and again? Ok, let it be. What will you do with this proof.

RIDDHIMA: Aryan, I won’t repeat my mistake. This time I’ll give this video in media and all the news channels will publish it. If once this recording reaches the media then just think about your future. This time you can’t escape.

ARYAN: Riddhima, you can’t do this. If you take this recording to media then you can’t see your bhai alive. I’ll kill him.

RIDDHIMA: Aryan, you can’t blackmail me now. Now it’s my turn. If you want to save yourself then you must release my bhai, now. Now I’ll fix a timeline for you. Within half an hour my bhai should reach my home. If not then I’ll not even think a second to hand over this recording to media.

ARYAN: No riddhima.. You shouldn’t do that..

RIDDHIMA: Now stop ordering me.. It’s my game and I’ll play it. Already you wasted 3 minutes. Now you run… run.. Within 27 minutes my bhai should reach my home.

Saying so riddhima cuts the call.

SEJAL: Wow riddhima, when did you become such an intelligent.

RIDDHIMA: Just now. Now see within 20 minutes bhai will be there in our house. And then after that just watch my play..

SEJAL: Riddhu, what are you thinking?

RIDDHIMA: Nothing, come let’s leave.

Meanwhile Aryan couldn’t control his anger. He throws all the things around him.

ARYAN: Riddhima, I won’t leave you. You have touched my ego. Once I get that recording then I’ll show you the real hell. I’ll definitely make your life a living hell. Till today none have spoken to me in this way. None have touched my ego. Today you have done that, and for that I’ll show you the result.


Aryan reaches AR Mansion along with angre. He rings the bell and riddhima opens the door.

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, are you ok.

She runs and hugs him.

ANGRE: Nothing riddhu, I’m fine. When I have such a sister like you, then none can even touch me.

While both his parents comes and hugs angre. Then sejal hugs angre.

ANGRE: Now you all stop crying. I’m fine.

ARYAN: I’ve done as you told me. Now give me that recording.

RIDDHIMA: No. If you want the recording then just touch my parents and bhai’s feet and ask sorry.

ARYAN: Riddhima, this is too much.. I won’t do this..

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t ask permission. I just ordered you. See I’ve already given that recording to my friend who is working in media. Just one call, she’ll release it. Ok, I can’t wait anymore.

Saying so riddhima takes her mobile in her hand..

SEJAL: ( thinking) When did riddhima meet that friend? From morning, I was with her. Moreover, whose that media friend? Till today I thought only sia, ishani, kabir and vansh were our friends. But who is this sudden media friend?

Breaking her thoughts…

ARYAN: Don’t call riddhima. I’ll do it. Saying so he touches all three’s feet and asks sorry.

ARYAN: ( thinking) Riddhima, I won’t spare you.

ANGRE: Riddhu, I want him to even touch your feet and ask sorry to you.

RIDDHIMA: Of course bhai. He has to..

Aryan touches riddhima’s feet and asks sorry.

Riddhima slaps aryan 3-4 times.

RIDDHIMA: Don’t even again dare to touch my family. Otherwise, you’ll have to face many consequences.

ARYAN: Riddhima, please give that recording to me. Please..

RIDDHIMA: Oh my god! The world’s most egoistic person who had spoken much in the morning is now begging in front of me for a recording even after getting slaps from me.

ARYAN: Riddhima please, give me that recoding..

RIDDHIMA: I won’t give you that recording now. For that you have to wait till tomorrow…

ARYAN: Riddhima please..

RIDDHIMA: No. Now just get out of my house. Get lost..

Saying so riddhima pushes him out and shuts the door.

Aryan fumes in anger but can’t do anything. So he just controlled his anger and leaves the place.

( Guys sorry, I know the flashback is so lengthy. Tomorrow the flashback episode will end and then you’ll see vansh’s reaction)

PRECAP: ARYAN: Riddima, you have done so much.. Today is going to be your life’s worst day. Hereafter, I won’t leave you..

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