RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 30 . 2 days mystery – Part 2


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Episode 30 :

2 days Mystery(part2)

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Flashback continues.  

Angre sees some shadow outside Vansh’s office. 

Angre  : Boss someone is listening to our talk. I will catch it 

Vansh  : What  ?

Kabir sees vansh expression and laughed at him 🤣😆😂😄😅. 

Angre went to catch the person. That person run.  Angre threw a bottle at that person’s leg . That person fell down . Angre caught him. Angre sees the person’s face  

Angre  : You  , Anjali,  you’re listening to our talks . Why ?

Anjali  : I wanted to know whether my brother’s murderer is going to jail or not. 

Angre and Anjali continued their video call with KaVa . 

Kabir  : Angre , leave her….Anjali could be helpful for us .

Anjali  : Kabir  , What do you think i will help my brothers murderer . 

Kabir  : Anju, try to understand….we four have to be one now…because a more stronger enemy is coming infront of us . And vansh has promised me that he will proof that he didn’t killed Ajay. 

Anjali  : Ok , i will believe him this time . What we have to do .

Vansh  :  That drone sender is leaving in Mahabaleshwar ( hill station ⛰) ….so we will catch him later but first we have to concentrate between riddhima and Arrow man and Red Diary connection. 

Day – 2

Kabir  : What do you think will she tell us about red diary and vaaz connection so easily. 

Vansh  : I know that she won’t tell it easily….but we have to bring her emotion infront of her….then only she will tell . Angre and Anjali you both keep an eye 👁on Riddhima 

Angre and Anjali – Ok we will do .

They both end the call .

Vansh  : Listen kabir  , you have to do a fake drama of my death infront of everyone…..so that riddhima will feel her weak ….. FLASHBACK STOPS) 

Present time .

Riddhima : It means that whatever kabir told about your death was fake and it was your plan. (EPISODE 23)

Vansh  : Yes , that death story was fake but that accident was real . I told kabir to make up fake death story so that you will feel sad and tell about red diary and vaaz connection .

Riddhima  : Ok , but what about that ” DEATH BED CONFESSION ” Kabir showed us ( Episode 24) .

Vansh  : That death bed confession was also fake.


Kabir  : But vansh do you think that i will tell everyone that you are death and everyone will believe me .  We need some solid proof .

Vansh removes his gun and hit on his head . Vansh head started bleeding. 

Kabir  : Why are you hurting yourself….no one could hurt you except me .

Vansh  : You fool , Make a video of it . 

Vansh lays on the ground and started acting.  

Vansh  : You will make this video of mine and show this video as my death bed confession.  Everyone will believe in this video .

Kabir  : But the script of your fake death bed confession will be according to me .

Kabir recorded Vansh’s entire death bed confession which he showed to everyone afterwards. 


Riddhima  : It means that death bed confession which kabir showed to the entire family 👪was also fake (episode 24 , scene 4)  .

Vansh : It was also fake.

Riddhima: Vansh  ,  now you said that death was fake but the accident was real.  Which accident are you talking about  .

Vansh  : After we shooted the death bed confession.  I thought to go with kabir so that everyone will think me death .As we were going another car followed our car .

Kabir  : But i tried to prevent the accident with that car with my ultra pro max driving skills 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . But still our car hit the tree 🌳 . We thought that the car which accident us was by mistake…but it was an intentionally made accident.

Riddhima  : Then what happened next .

Vansh  : Some goons came out of that car and tried to attack us ….but I and kabir worked together and defeated them.

Angre : The person who send that stranger to activate drone in vr mansion (episode 12) was the one who send these goons .

Kabir  : Those mens were from mafia world ….and tried to kill us but i defeated everyone. 🤣🤣🤣

Vansh: Please anyone save from this kabir’s jokes . After the accident and defeating the goons we were going when kabir gets a call .


Kabir gets a call .

Vansh  : Who is it ? 

Kabir  : He is my friend and owner of basu business..Mr Basu .

Kabir picked up the call . Mr basu was in panic…like he is scared 😨from someone  .

Kabir : Mr Basu what happened  ? 😳

Mr basu  : Inspector Kabir  , please save me….i am at basu tower . A person who was carrying bow and arrow entered into Basu tower . He wants to get that Pendrive.  But at the very moment..i have the Pendrive and he is after me . And did you remember that goon attack on basu tower when you come to India in helicopter  ( episode 11 , scene 2) ….actually that attack was also made by this arrow man.  I am hiding but still he will catch ….please save me and that Pendrive  . Calls disconnected. 

Kabir  : I have to go to basu tower now 😥😥….to save him😥 . He said that a person with bow and arrow is following him.  He was scared And that person did goon attack on basu tower ( episode 11 , scene 2) 

Vansh  : A person with bow and arrow 🏹….it means that person could be vaaz . 

Kabir  : It means Vaaz want that Pendrive.  Vaaz already have the red diary (episode 15 , scene 2)  and if he gets the Pendrive also…then our one biggest secret could come out.  I have to stop him .

Vansh  : Don’t take tension kabir.  I will capture that arrow man.  You go according to our plan .

1) Go to vr mansion and tell everyone that i am dead .

2) Emotionally weaken  riddhima to force her to tell the truth .

3) Use that fake death bed confession as proof . And i will handle vaaz in Basu tower. Just believe Me  .

Kabir and Vansh hugged each other 😢😢😢😥😥 .

Kabir  : Thanks ,vansh….i promise that i will remove the truth of vaaz and red diary connection with  riddhima . But you will save the Pendrive and Mr basu . 

Vansh takes kabir’s car and goes to Basu Tower and Kabir goes to VR MANSION by walking and then reached VR MANSION and he told everyone about the death of vansh ( episode 21) 


Riddhima  : It means Vaaz took that Pendrive and everything  ? What happened to Mr Basu….please tell me guys …?

Vansh  : I will tell you . But did you remember that when you captured kabir and tortured him using electric shocks ( episode 25) …someone saved him by cutting the supply wire.

Riddhima  : yes,  that person saved Kabir  .

Vansh  : it was me . I cut the suppy wire to save kabir

Riddhima  : Please tell me about what happened between you and vaaz in basu tower ? Did he got the Pendrive.

Vansh  : okay listen ….

Precap  –  2days mystery FLASHBACK CONTINUES- Vaaz and Vansh both have duel in Basu tower . Vansh was at the edge of tower 😳and he could fall down . Vaaz pushes him from the tower. 

Episode ends.

So how did you like todays episode  .

1) Are you enjoying the 2 days Mystery  ? And how did you like my planning of 2 days secret ?

I hope that 2 days secret didn’t disappointed you like makers 6 hrs mystery.

2) Which biggest past Kabir and Vansh are talking about connected with Red Diary and Pendrive  ?

Above i have given the reference episode number . So that’s why i say ….every minute details of my ff is very important  .

Are you feeling thrilled  ?

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