Rhythm of Life – Tune 28 (RagSan)

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HI frnds…. Sorry for the delay…. I’m not well that’s why unable to update on Wednesday….

Friends in Tamilnadu (my state) student and public protest is going to save our culture…. LOVE AND BRAVERY IS ASSET OF TAMILIANS….. WE WANT JALLI KATTU….. huge protest is going…. We will win for sure…. Still pray for us to prove what students can do. Though tamil is not my mother tongue Tamilnadu is the place which let us to lead a successful life….. we are protesting for that.

Recap: Ragini is reading diary which was hide by Sanky for times.

Vibha turned to call her guards but they were sent away by the boy’s trick. He forwarded his steps and lust was clear in his eyes…. She and her friends started to beat her but he pushed her friends and dragged Vibha holding her hair…. Sanky blocked their way and ordered him to leave her with firm voice. The boy called his goons and continued dragging Vibha….. Sanky and the goons indulge in fight actually it seemed they are not goons by profession because they were unable to face Sanky’s beats.

The boy was about to kiss Vibha forcefully Sanky kicked the boy. The boy took a big stone which was on ground and about to hit Vibha. Sanky hit the boy by his elbow and to save her he dragged her by holding her sleeve. Due to over force her sleeve torn which was witnessed by Vibha’s goons. Her friends ran and informed goons to save Vibha. Sanky was about to ask are you…… before he could complete his sentence he got heavy on his cheek and fell down with thud.

Vibha was shocked and looked at the person who punched Sanky….. it was her guard…… both guards beat Sanky. He tried his best to defend him but before well trained guards Sanky was nothing. Sanky was injured badly. At one point Vibha stopped her goons and shouted at them. goons replied he tried to misbehave with you but you are supporting him???

“you blo*dy idiots one stupid tried to misbehave with me and tried to harm me then you didn’t came but when he came to save me you are beating him….. disgusting……” Vibha shouted at guards. Guards bent their head in shame. Vibha helped Sanky to stand and told come I’ll drop you. Sanky replied its ok I can manage. You go. Then Vibha left from there with her guards.

Vibha was sitting in living room of her luxurious house. Just then Nikhil’s PA enters and tells ma’am sir won the tender. “wow!!!” Vibha exclaimed….. just then NIKHIL entered the home dashingly. “bhaiya!!!” Vibha exclaimed and hugged him. How was the day…. Before he could complete the sentence he gets the call and lifts it. Vibha whispered in guards ear’s not to tell anything about today’s incident…. It will spoil my bro’s mood… got it. they nodded in yes.

Sorry my princess…. How was your day? Nikhil raised the question. “it was fabulous bhai…. Enjoyed it….” Vibha told and talked for some more time.
In hostel my friends found me with dressed wounds….. then I explained the incident. They felt very bad for my condition. Aham stated “already we told him to stay away from her…. But he never paid heed to us… now see how he is sitting and feeling” “I’m not feeling about that I’m thinking about something else” Sanky said. Aryan asked “then what are you thinking about?” see these news….. he showed the latest news about women abuses…. Sanky’s face was pale.

“what is the need for this acid attack, rape attempt, murder attempt….. its disgusting…… if a girl rejects a boy means its her wish….. GOD MADE MAN AS MORE STRONGER THAN WOMAN NOT TO HARM HER….. TO PROTECT HER MAN IS STRONG” frustrated Sanky said. Aryan said “ yes Sanky to said the truth….” “because of some boys the whole boys blamed…. Disgusting” a sad Aham said. They continued their conversation till they dozed off.

Vibha was not feeling sleepy….. when she closed her eyes Sanky’s image only appeared. She smiled a little unknowingly.

After a week Sanky was recovering slowly and started following Vibha…. “hey again you started following me?” Vibha asked Sanky. “of course my doll…. I saved you now also you don’t even have concern on me…. this is not fair” Sanky replied with pout. With her raised eye brow Vibha countered on my place whoever will be saved by you isn’t it? “ya that’s the fact but….” Sanky agreed. She left from there….. Sanky starts singing,


(my dear tamil friends tell me which song I translated? Hope u’ll find easily)

She smiled a little by his song but hide it.

Sanky never give up….. he continued following her…… slowly she started to fall for him…… and finally he did it. she completely fall for him but didn’t confessed…… slowly he take her out for coffee day and extra…..

Viha and Sanky was sitting in sands of beach…. Sanky wrote “Sanky loves Vibha” Sanky said I LOVE YOU in undertone. “what did you said?” Vibha asked. “vo.. voh…. I love … you” Sanky stated with stammer. Vibha said “I LOVE YOU TOO” Sanky nodded his head in yes casually….. then he realised what she said….. “hey what did you said?” a shocked Sanky asked. I said I LOVE YOU TOO Vibha said whose face turned pinkish due to blush.

Sanky was very happy….. both hugged each other….. their tight hug showed their passion. Vibha’s name was erased by the waves of sea which was written in sands on shore. Both started the duty of lovers…. Yes the duty is bunking classes and roaming in beaches and watching flop movie in which theatre no one present. They were enjoying each other’s company a lot. Visan put their hands on each others shoulder and roaming in beach….. they are feeding ice cream to each other. Nikhil saw them but didn’t went in front of them….. came to home enquired guards about them?

They informed him that the boy tried to misbehave and Sanky saved her…. They slowly to came close to each other. “what the hell you were doing in these days? I want complete details about him” an angry Nikhil shouted at guards. After sometime guards reported “his name is sanskar, studying in same college MBA 1st year, he is staying in hostel, he is from Tamilnadu.” Just then Vibha entered home with dancing walk….. she looked Nikhil present in home and silently went to her room after faking a smile to Nikhil.

Days passed like jet….. even more fast then jet….. because I completed my first year of post graduation…. After 20 days semester holidays I’m coming back to Mumbai. All these days I didn’t saw my angel….. she completed her under graduation…. Don’t know by which reason I’ll meet her again…. Tomorrow is my college reopen…. I hope she will come to meet me…. my friends know afterwards my outings with her will start so today they took me out.. Next day I was waiting for Vibha….. but she didn’t came….

Till night I didn’t even got call….. I felt something wrong….With deep thoughts I slept…. When sun rays disturbed my sleep then only I realised I was sleeping…. Soon I got fresh up and started my bike…. My foot there was no petrol…. Just then rithick came to hostel to visit us…. I took his car and went to her home and shouted her name…. but there was no response. Nikhil came from upstairs in his casuals with coffee cup in his hand. I shouted “where is Vibha?” he closed his ear by a finger and said cool…… please take your seat pointing sofa.

I was in full range…… look don’t test my patient… tell me where is Vibha?. “She cant go away from me…. you done something…. Tell me what had you done?” I shouted at him. “mmm good understanding…. I told her to stay away from you…. But she refused to listen my words…. I warned her that I’ll do anything to maintain my reputation… she didn’t paid any heed to my words.” Nikhil complained. I understood nothing.

“Do you remember the day when you was about to go to your native?” Nikhil raised a question.

I tried to recall that day….. I was waiting in park to see Vibha for the last time before I leave from Mumbai. Usually she is punctual but that day she was late…. some kind of tension also there was in her face. I asked what happened? “Sanky please marry me today itself….” She pleaded. “what is need to marry in this hurry…. If you feeling insecure then no problem sure I’ll marry you after my return.” I said. “Sanky…. My brother came to know about our love…. He is not ready to accept us…” she said. “you don’t worry he cant do anything….. just chill….. after my return I’ll marry you…” I cupped her face. I told her wait and went to buy ice cream…. Suddenly I collided a person…. I excused yet he is arousing my angry….. then both indulge in fight…… I got heavy injury…. Then Vibha dropped me at hostel after getting first aid…

Till then only you know….. Nikhil said. I nodded yes with suspicion. Then he narrated the balance story of that day…. “she came straight home and shouted at me for sending goons…. I said “already I told you that I’ll do anything…. ANYTHING to maintain my reputation…. Yet you dared to marry him…. Look this is your admission for your higher studies in abroad…. Stay away from sanskar that’s good for him…. If you tried to go close to him then I’m sorry for that.” Vibha was shocked….. cried a lot…. Finally she agreed. But kept one condition…. She wished to see you once before going to airport…. So you entered home na….. after seeing your face for the last time only she left to airport” Nikhil completed.
“what? That means she is on the way to airport…… I said and run out and took rithick’s car. in high speed I went to airport…. But when I reached the flight took off. With frustration I stumped the foot. Nikhil was laughing at me….. I hold his collar with full range… don’t take any stupid decision…. Go to your hostel and continue your studies.

I came out of airport as lifeless body and started the car….. I drove the car in full speed…. I was angry on me for not taking Vibha’s words serious…. My sweet moments with her flashed on my mind…. I completely lost in thoughts…. Nikhil’s words added fuel in my angry…. I was so stressed… I didn’t noticed the red signal….. with jerk I came out of my thought due to big sound…. I came out of car and found an old lady got hit by my car. I was puzzled.

At that time an idiot girl shout at me (the girl is none other than Ragini… it was their first meeting) I don’t know what to do…. I dropped all my angry on that girl and left from there. I handed the car to rithick and went to hostel. Aham and Aryan asked what happened….. I told all the incidents…. Their were shocked….. they felt bad for me…. they tried to console me. I was sooo sad…. They told me not to worry about Vibha…. I replied “I’m not thinking about Vibha…. I shouldn’t leave that lady like that…. I’m the reason for the accident….” My friends consoled me.

Next day I went to Vibha’s friend, pleaded her to tell about where Vibha went…. But at that time that idiot girl came again….. already she hold my collar in front of public and insulted me…. this day she blamed me that I’m trying to misbehave with Vibha’s friend. People surrounded and she created big scene…. in that gap Vibha’s friend escaped….. I
just hate that idiot girl…. I hate her to core…. I’ll teach her lesson for messing with me. she done big mistake…..

The dairy came to last page which was crushed and written “Afterwards I wont write anything in this diary….. all my sweet moments of Mumbai taken with Vibha…. I’m nothing now….. I wont write afterwards…..”

Ragini closed the diary….. tears escaped from her eyes like water coming out in full force from dam. She was totally broken….. she got answers for the questions which she had since long…… he didn’t helped the lady yet he is kind hearted person because that day he was in pain so unable realise others pain….. he was not ready to show his wallet because he have Vibha’s photo in it…. I thought he hid nothing from me…. but he hid the big secret of his life….

I got answers for my long time questions…. But a new question raised me now….. is he really loves me or still he is in love with Vibha?

Chair man: Sanky…. You are a good hard worker…. To boost up you…. This is our small gift….. he handed a car key…..
Sanky greeted him and drove the car….. in this car I wish to take Ragini for the first time….. she will feel happy…..

He applied sudden break and dashed…….

Ragini heard the sound of door bell and saw the time….. it was time of Sanky’s arrival. She wiped her tears and kept diary in table drawer. She opened the door and shocked……

Screen freezes with the shocked face of Ragini.

To be continued……………

“Forgiveness is the virtue of brave”

Howz the chappy? Did you liked it? what will be Ragini’s reaction? Will this dairy cause fight between ragsan? Or something else will happen? To know the answers stay tune on to RHYTHM OF LIFE. Keep smiling….. by yours loving Aastha.

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  1. Sindhura

    May be that girl came

    1. Astha

      Crt guess akka. Thnq sooooo much. ?

  2. Remo – pora pokil song.I am a tamiliam astha even I support for jallikattu.really we will win and show our youth tamilian power.I am from madurai

    1. Astha

      Yes dear right ? guess. Sure dear we will win and prove the power of Tamil youngsters. Thnq sooooo much for the cmnt. I’m from Salem da.

  3. Yenna senjitale song from remo
    I want to join in protests but parents didnt allow me I felt so bad
    But I sure this protests not only get back jalikattu but also justice for tamilans
    I very happy for u
    Pls updatas soon if u had time
    It’s really amazing ff
    Take care urself

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much for ur beautiful cmnt da…. Good guess its senjitaley….
      Same happening with me too. Parents not sending out to protest…. My frnds are in protest place ?
      Sure we will get justice and will prove the power of youngsters.
      I’ll update next part tonight.
      U too tc baby.

  4. Yenna senjitale song from remo
    I want to join in protests but parents didnt allow me I felt so bad
    But I sure this protests not only get back jalikattu but also justice for tamilans
    I very happy for u
    Pls updatas soon if u had time
    It’s really amazing ff
    Take care urself

  5. Sherin

    the chappy is awesome as usual…….ya the protest in TN is going on in full swing…..will surely protect our culture……coming to the song senjutalley enna senjutalley…….love this to the core…..

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear. Good guess its senjitaley… Heya….
      Yup sure we will save our culture.
      Keep smiling ?

  6. nice and amazing plzzzz next part soon don’t be late be regular plzzzzzzzzzzzz next part soon

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much for your lots of love my dear….. Sure u can read my next part tonight but I cant be regular…. I’m not getting time to write yet I dont like to stop in mid that’s y updating in sat n sun. Hope u can understand…. Again thnq soooo much for ur love to read my story.

  7. Asw

    Nice I thought Ragini find vibha for sanskar keep going

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear… In next chappy u’ll get what’s gonna happen.

  8. Asra

    awesome akka…pora pokil oru look vidu ena kondudaley…parapacham kuda pakama vachu seichudaley…superbbb song akka…i think Andha person vibha va akka…nenga Adha lady accident, wallet, diary ella twist’aiyum Inga close panidenga akka…Sanky ivalavu seikirama vibha va maranthudana akka…omg nikhil ku already Sanky ya theriyuma..vandhathu vibha va irundha…nikhil than ragsan na pirikirathu kaga vibha varavachirpan…oh my ragu…feeling bad for her…jok la jho panra mathiri lusu thanama ragu panama irundha Kk…waiting for nxt one akka….
    nanum tamil thana akka…oru tamilan’a irundhu kidu jallikata support panama iruka mudiyuma….i always support jallikatu…it’s our culture akka…yarukavum nama nama culture tradition na vidu kuduka theva illa akka…We vll fight for our rights akka.. Kandipa nama than win panuvom….tkcr akka…

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much da chellam….
      Good guess… Correct song…..
      Haan all twist came to an end…..
      Abt…. That can be vibha….
      Nikhil send vibha to create rift… Its not possible bcoz he is in jail.
      Ragini Jo Mari lusuthanama Panna chances irukalam…. Illamalum irukalam…. Ha ha ha…
      Of course nama Dan will pannuvom… But the matter is avanga ippokuda action edukuraduku reason have have to do preparation for republic day… Nothing else ?

  9. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much akka.

  10. As a tamilian I too participate in jallikattu protest ..sure dear..we’ll win..LOVE AND BRAVERY IS ASSET OF TAMILIANS…waah semma well said baby…how are you dear…fever sariyaeiducha??..ipo epdi irukka…
    Coming to the epi it was amazing dear…
    GOD MADE MAN AS MORE STRONGER THAN WOMAN NOT TO HARM HER….. TO PROTECT HER MAN IS STRONG” ..semma hats off to you sanky(TN BOYS kum)..superb darling. .song..SENJUTTALE?? from Remo ??..each and every scenes loved it dear.visan scene was nice dear…feeling bad for ragini..ragu nee epdi sanky innum vibhava tha love pandran nenakalam..avan love ah santhegapadatha ragini..sanky is such a pure heart…in previous chappy sanky avan wound ah ragini kitta marachanla antha suspence ah epo.unveil pannuva…what will be happen next….eagerly awaiting for nxt part dear..love you loads dear..keep smiling chellam?..take care…

    1. Astha

      wow…. i got ur cmnt…. actually i didnt expected ur cmnt as i know my vira tamizhachi will be in protest…. sure dear we will win.
      haan fever sari ayduchi but irumal irukuda…..
      yup tn boys proved their culture n up bringing in protest… hats off
      ragini apdi nenaichiruka kudadu…. but her situation she will think like taht only.
      abt taht wound… in next cahppy u’ll get know….
      what will happen next? even i too dont know…. i thinking….
      love u too da chellam…. keep smiling and rocking…. u too take care. umma… 🙂

  11. Dharani


    1. Astha

      thnq soooooooooooo much dear

  12. Super episode…sanky fb is nice…I hope nothing between ragsan …waiting for next part soon…

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much akka

  13. Akankshanna

    Ooossssmmmmm……..think vibha came…..

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear

  14. Zelena81196

    amazing…. loved it….. update soon…..

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear

  15. loved it

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear

  16. Ragz_teju


    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much akka.

  17. Senjitinga akka awesome and so sry for commenting lately

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much chellam…. no prob… always cmnts welcomed. 🙂

  18. MI_MAHI

    Oopss…i m super late….sorrryyy…and about chappy…i loved the fight scene….and song too…it’s supersomaziiiggggg as always…loved it…tc..love u…?

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much for ur lovely cmnt dear

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear

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