Rhythm of Life – Prologue (RagSan)

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Hi…… frnds. I’m AASTHA. Hope some of u know me and remember me……. this is a short story….. don’t know how much chapters it will last…… this is a simple love and family oriented story hope you’ll enjoy it.

Heavy rain and very loud thunders…….. lightening is only source for light in that dark forest………. Red saree wore girl and white shirt wore boys running in that deep forest as somebody chasing them…… a rock hit the girl’s leg and she slipped from there and fell in sloppy place…… by screaming NOooo…… the boy too jumped in that slope.

In that moment three girl’s said in chorus: hey idiots…… we came here after made many excuse to parents but u both watching TV? SAM (crazygirl sp) and DIYA (dc1) you both don’t have brain in ur skull….. impossible u both….
Sam and Diya turned towards the voice with “eeeeee” look.
Sam: what FAIRY, FIZO and NIDHI u three only don’t have brain…… how interestingly we r watching u trio disturbed us.
Diya murmured: sam they r in peak of angry

Diya: sry my dear Dentist, Cardiologist and Gynaecologist
Fairy: till now even we didn’t got entrance exam result too but u r calling us dentist, cardiologist n gynaecologist…..
Nidhi: absolutely ri8….
According to us when u applied for that u became dear…… while hugging them sam said.

Fizo: I think we gathered here to……… (…… was muted)
All girls: yep
A girl entered into that room n found Diya n Sam playing Piano n Guitar while others r listening it.
The girl: brainless bodies…… cant u even wait till my arrival…… now play the song from first……
Diya: hey mental…… now only got the lead n we missed it now….. PRIYA(priya15) cant u come one minute late?

Priya: without me u started na that’s y everything collapsed, she said with pout face.
Priya: now DAZZLING DAMSELS r completed …… now u can made surprise plan for ANJALI di……
A voice: what r u talking abt me? (ya its ANJALI (malika))
All girls kept and on head, especially priya bite her tip of the tongue.
Diya: nothing di….. just said that till now u didn’t came here….
Anjali: oh….. soooo sweet she pinched all girls cheeks. Ok girls now all of u in vacation….. r u excited to go clg? Which course u r going to take?

(Note: dazzling damsels are 18 yrs old….. they r going to enter in their clg life after scl life, anjali is elder sis of sam, she is just 2 yrs elder to rest….. she is the mentor of dazzling damsels)

Fairy, fizo n nidhi said: medical while priya n sam said accountancy
Anjali: then u diya?
Diya: painting di…..
Anjali: cool……

a boy around 15: di a parcel for u…..
Diya: parcel?
Fizo: give it to me…..
Sam: when this came n who received it?
The boy: maa….
Diya: ok……u go SHRAVAN…… he left from there.

With excitement damsels opened the parcel……
Nidhi: wow….…….
Anjali: design is soooo beautiful…..
Fizo: ya white colour rose designs……
Sam: is this diary or book?
Priya: RHYTHM OF LIFE? Sooooo silly…… see this rhythm of life….. music has rhythm…. Is life has rhythm?
Diya: y not…… how stressed and unstressed tones makes music rhythmic just like that STRESSED AND UNSTRESSED SITUATION ARE THE RHYTHM OF LIFE.

Fairy: but who sent this to u?
Diya smiles n says…… it was sent by a special person…….
Anjali: now what is our duty?

Are u all ready to read RHYTHM OF LIFE? Tell me through cmnts…….

It’s a RAGSAN story…. from tmrw u can see them….. hope u’ll support me.

Special thanx to Fairy, Fizo, Sam, Nidhi, Priya, Anjali di for cameo appearance


“If someone asks me who I wanna be with,
I would simply say,
Someone who can understand that I’m not perfect and who will never leave me because of someone else”

Drop ur valuable cmnts in cmnt box……. Keep smiling…… by urs loving Aastha

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    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooooo much CAsush?

  1. Interesting.eagerly waiting for 1st part

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooooo much my dear ammy?

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much my dear lovely ?

  2. Ragz_teju

    very excited

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooooooo much Aki di?

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooooo much akka.?

  3. Akshata


    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooooo my dear akshu?

  4. waiting to see how will the rythm of life be.good begining.waiting for it to start.stay blessed..

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much for such a sweet cmnt my dear akaashi?

  5. Hi Asthu dear…epdi irukka chellakkutty..exam epdi eluthuna..i hope you remember me..dear i read only kkb page..just now i saw ur cmnt..i am very happy and come to read ur story..superb dear..i missed you soooo much dear…love you chellakutty..take care..ummmmma????my fav anchor Astha chellam luv you…

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooooooo much chellam. 1st nan Tamil la cmnt pathadhum niyadan irupanu nenaichen but Ni kkb Dana padhipa so doubt oda open panni paths nee Dan. Very very happy chellam. Haan nalla panniruken. Exam Ku padhichadu marandalum marakum unkagala ellam maraka mudiyadu madam….. Namaludu story bond abhigya love Mari payabullaku memory loss anapramum epdi pragya mela care ah irukano adhey Mari nanum Unna maraka matten…. Love u lots my dear? ❤ ? ? ❤?

  6. Awesome di .
    Continue it eagerly waiting for it .

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much my dear ashu ?

  7. Nice…Interesting

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much niriha?

  8. Malika

    choti detective really love it… Hahahhhhhhhh ragsan story woooooow eagerly waiting…… Update sooonnnn…..

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much di?

  9. Mind blowing promo..I loved it..ur intro part is super..eagerly waiting for first epi …I’m crazy to ready this ff..I’m.waiting for ur first epi mm.keep smiling….

    1. Astha

      Thnq thnq soooooooooo much akka. Nyz to hear that u r being crazy to read my ff. Exam nalla eludi iruken akka. Keep smiling ?

  10. And how is ur exams and nalla.eluthu irukkiya…

  11. Astha Akka u r back with a bang I’m so happyyy… Exams lam eppadi yeluthuniga Akka.. easy ah ….
    And awesome prologue Akka waiting for ur update

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much chellam. Yedhobparavalla….. Easy illa…. Thnq for the warm.welcome?

  12. Moni_ragz

    Nice .. keep gng..

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much moni?

  13. AMkideewani

    Superb my dear sis and thanks for making me a part of your story, I love it and I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much for the cute cmnt my dear sis? thnq sooooo for cmnting here too?

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome sweety❤️?

  14. Jazzy

    superb dear interesting story update next part soon

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much jazzy ?

  15. Nice update….I am missing ur ff…..pls update soon….eagerly waiting for ur next update…..

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much akka…… Paravalla enna miss Panna kuda inda ulagathula aal irukanga? sure akka tmrw morning u can see the 1st part….? keep smiling ?

  16. Asra

    awesome prologue akka….xam yeapadi panenga akka…u come back with bang…waiting for ur update akka…
    i miss ur one dialogue akka…’coffee with astha’…fav dialogue in ur ff akka…tkcr akka. ..

    1. Astha

      Oh dialogue miss panriya…… Papom…. If chance then u can see coffee ? wid Aastha….. But nan Vera onnu plan panniruke…. Epdi um nan Vanda climax la Dan variven…. Exam nalla panniruken da…..thnq sooooooo much for the sweet cmnt da chellam ?

  17. Inu


    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much inu?

  18. Fairy

    o m gggg!!!!!!!aasthu it ws so so sooooooooooooo interestng yaaaar!!!wen u told dat u r going to start ur new ff,i ws super excieted for it!!!!!
    bt wen i read it ,it comes out to b a surprise for me yaaar..
    frst of all …
    its such an unique way to start a story!wah!!!
    !loved it dr!!
    hatts off to ur creativity!!!n imagination…
    n wohooo m also hhere hahahahah thnku so much for takng me in ur story 😉
    ….sam,anji,priya,fizo,nidhi,diya all r here wowww!!!
    u always amazes me wid ur ideas n concepts….
    its always a pleasure to read ur stories sweety 😉
    n who send dat dairy!!!???
    n dr d title ws sooooooo amazngggg !!!
    super doooper eagerly waitng for nxt part!!!!
    sooo curious to know about ragsan!!
    keep rockng n stay blessssed my doll!!
    love u cho chooooooo much yaaaar ..umaaaah..
    take care 😉 😉 😉

    1. Astha

      ya dear…. i thought to give surprise…… thats y i never told abt this…… tried to give in different way…. happy that u liked it…. creativity…. imagination….. i’m drenching in praise rain…. i amaze u…. u amazes me with ur rocking ff…..
      who sent that diary????? it was a special person…. till now i didnt conformed that character…. title…. really u liked?????
      i really dont know what to put in title…. after lots of thinking i decided this…. when i decided this title then confused for prologue…. bcoz by this title everyone will think this is music oriented story but this is not…. i was seeking definition for title finally i created quote as stressed & unstressed situations is the rhythm of life.
      sure dear…. tmrw morning u can see 1st chap i already posted it…
      love u too……… keep smiling n rocking umma……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Fairy

        n i loved dis surprise 😉 thnku so much for dis doll 😉 😉
        no dr its u who always amazes me yaar!!
        m waitng for dat special person 😉
        ya dr title is really amazng!!!n d way u described it ,it becomes more awesome..
        m sooo xcieted to know about ragsan n dere storyy…
        waitng for morning 😉 ..keep smilng sweety 😉 😉 tc 😉

  19. Priya15

    Hi diiiiiiii…. After along time…. My xmz going on di.. It l end on 19th only.. I opened tu after one week.. I saw ur pm… And I read this story to make my mood fresh as its maths on 19th..

    And this is soo sweet of u di.. Luv u soo much… And di that anjali word stroke me…. U know y… Haha…

    Missed u alot didu….. Luv u akka… Big big Hugs….. Hope ur fyn…. Let’s see u on Sat.. I won’t come to tu tmr bcoz of xmz….. So until then bye from ur sissy…. Miss me Okay????

    1. Astha

      Love u da chellam un cmnt pathadum evlo sandosama iruku teriuma…. Oh emakandam(maths) pathu nalla podu…. All the best…. From 19 my sweet thangachi will be free yuppie…. Nan nalla iruken da Ni….. I accepted ur hugs n kisses take big teddy hug from my side…. I won’t miss u bcoz u r in my heart ♥? love u umma…..? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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  21. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear..

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooooo much my dear sis… (now I know u r girl so I wont confuse by name ?)

  22. Asheeyana

    Samma akka suuuuuuuppppperrrrrrr…… update sooon

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much da chellam. Nan already update panten…. Inda msg Ku mela pin back nu irukula adhan next chap link. ???

  23. Wonderful

    1. Astha

      thnq sooo much tani 🙂

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