[email protected] 5 july

[email protected] 5 july

I wonder whether Bedi brothers really came from Aerica. If that is so, why dont they have awareness of proper technology progress over there. Why could not they think of a camera earlier? Even if so, serials like Ek haseena thi made better use of spying softwares more than this bedi brothers. Why couldn’t they think of a camera which they can monitor from their location. Why they just move out and enquire with tanu’s friends or neha’s friends. This serial brings out the heights of stupidity.

Either I doubt that they came from patiala and not from America or that they can never grow up mentally. Yeh bedi brothers to bacche hai ji. Desi village munda Pawan is more smart. I’m sure the way they discuss their top secrets loudly or openly someone must have payed attention and tipped off to Pawan. Mostly it can be Bani. What was the need for Manpreet to go there when he can be revealed? They could have sent for someone else as well.

  1. They are too damn excited for everything they do. They should know that to tackle someone like pawan they need to be extra cautious.
    But whatever it is, only their bonding and nature makes me watch this serial. Otherwise, I would have never watched it, if not for these bros

  2. yap hight of stupidity man!!! tired of listening their daily drama. pavan n neha scene is nt ending it’s going on n on like a chewing gum. so stupid it has been more than month n they r just dragging n dragging leaving this serial.

    1. Mona146

      I really feel nervous and hallucinate as if I go and wake them up. I feel i can give better ideas to Rish and his team to do things cleverly.This serial only increases my nervousness. I remember kahavat ఎంకి పెళ్లి సుబ్బి చావుకొచ్చిందట. means that Some one marriage had so many struggles that it eventually led to someone else death.(meaning they got totally exhausted.)

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