REVIEW BOOK for Fanfictions of TU (Review of third nomination)

Here is the review of Friendship, love & nothing else written by a very amazing writer Anokhi .

TITLE – I really like ur title .It is different & suit ur story very well.

CONCEPT – Your concept is very simple nothing new but it’s very appealing . You know how to make ur reader fall in love with the characters . An amazing thing is that all the characters are positive .The bond between them is really good.All the four leads Arnav,Shruti, Swadheenta & Sid are actually complimented each other & different in their behaviour .

DIALOGUES – Some dialogues are on point & u really write well . I suggest u to add some intense dialogues for Arnav’s character as his character is deep .

WRITING – Girl, u get a great sense of humour .Every & each scene is so funny & cute .As u say , it’s a romantic comedy , I must say it is indeed consist humour & romance .You are using short forms of words .Try to avoid them . I love how u sometime add comedy in serious situations in your ff .That’s pretty cool.

STORY MOULDING – I love how your story moving forward .I don’t say much because there are only some parts but u are really going very well.You make me fall in love with Shruti’s character.Such a cute character she is .

FLAWS – I think you have to avoid short forms & please read once your article before submitting if u have time because there are few grammatical errors .Don’t worry ,they are common . I am just suggesting u .You can add some heart touching dialogues for Arnav as I say .

I must say , u deserve more response but she can’t get it . Please don’t feel disappointed dear. Your story is very cool. Those who love romance & a lot of comedy ,Please follow her ff.

Rating – 8/10

Hope u don’t feel demotivating . Whenever u update , don’t forget to send me the link.I would love to comment . I can’t believe that it is ur first fiction .You have a great talent .Keep writing & Take care .

Stay safe & Stay blessed


Hania & Neha

  1. Anokhi21

    Hi….Good Work Haniya…Tq so much for reading my story…I m very happy that u liked it…Actually,ur review made my day…Today morning,when i opened my eyes,the first thing i saw was ur review…I m really overwhelmed…I am not hurt and ur review actually motivates me to write more…This is the first recognition for my writing….Thank u so very much again…And sorry if i had disturbed u again and again asking when will the review be published…I was really curious to read it and i was checking frequently after i returned frm colg…Tq for ur review dr…

    1. Hania

      Glad to know dear u like it .Thank you & Keep smiling .

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