Review Book for Fanfictions of TU ( Review of Sixth nomination)

Hi all, here is the review of Bubbly Swara intelligent Sanskaar by a very sweet writer Praneetha.

TITLE – Your title sounds so cute but still u make better choices.

CONCEPT – Concept is noting new but it is good. Your story is just about Swara & Sanskaar’s love journey . Uttara is super cute character in ur ff. Most amazing thing is that there is no negativity in ur ff . Everyone has positive character in ur ff.

DIALOGUES – Dialogues are ok for me . They lack creativity & emotions sometime that’s why try to wrote heart touching dialogues.

WRITING STYLE – You writing style is nice but need lot of improvement . Take care of punctuation & your sentences too as u left them incomplete sometime. Your describing of emotions is simple & sweet.

STOURY MOULDING – Your way of blending ur story with ur cute characters is the best thing about ur ff . Some scenes are so sweet that any reader can’t resist such cuteness . There is seven parts only that’s why I don’t tell u much.

FLAWS – There are some grammatical errors which u can avoid from checking ur article before submitting . Keep ur dialogues realistic & Take care of punctuation too. Enhance ur vocabulary for new desribing words.

Rating – 7/10

Those who want to read sweet love story , they can definitely try.

Hope u like the review .



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