Reversed Destinies (RagLak) 1

Reversed Destinies Episode 1

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We have seen many fan versions for sR different tracks. But, this track will be completely different..
This track goes back of 20 years..

When Janaki comes to know Shekar has a relation with Sharmista. Now, everything will change.
Janaki is not over reacted but feels sad for the shattered love story of Shekar and Shomi. Then, Daadi enters and frustrates on Shomi.
Janaki tries to prevent Daadi.


Shomi is standing at the edge of steps. Daadi was scolding Shomi, Janaki holds Daadi.. but she pushes her..
Daadi’s hand accidentally touches Shomi and Shomi falls of from steps..

Shekar, Janaki and Daadi shocks.

Janaki and Shekar runs near Shomi who was lying in pool of blood. Swara who is a two months baby comes there crawling crying.

Shomi: shekar, swara is your daughter.. please take care of swara..

Janaki(in tears): swara is my elder daughter from today shomi, swara is my daughter..
Shomi smiles and leaves her last breath. Shekar cries holding Shomi and Janaki takes swara into her hands and cries.

The screen freezes.

After one year.. Janaki gives birth to a baby girl. They name her Ragini.

Shekar and Janaki have left Daadi and they are staying with Dida now.

Janaki:: Shekar ji, not just Ragini.. but swara is also my daughter.. so, don’t worry..

Shekar smiles.

The screen freezes again..

———(After 20 years)——–

Shekar and Janaki receives Ap, Dp and Laksh. They will sit.

Janaki:: i will bring swara..

Ap and Dp nods their head. Laksh was silent. His phone rings, “Just a minute, an important call..”
He takes an excuse and goes aside.

Laksh was talking in the phone.

“I’m feeling nervous, we came to see a girl..” LAksh is saying.

“Bhayya, don’t panic. You are a boy..!! be strong and talk in modern way.. don’t be sanskari..!!” Uttara says.

Laksh smiles and nods his head.

Then, he hears a shout of a girl, “Ahhh”

Laksh shocks and looks aside…

A girl was wearing dark pink lehenga, a choli has fell on her face… and she couldn’t see anything…
Her legs were trying to balance on skating shoes, she was sliding on legs along the corridor,.. she comes towards Laksh in such a speed, before Laksh realizes what is happening..!

That girl bumps into Laksh, Laksh’s phone falls aside.. and She falls in Laksh’s arms. They both are in filmy pose now… she has wrapped her hands around his neck without falling.

{guys, we have to admit a fact.. how many times we may see this scene in movies or shows.. still we love this scene.. right..!!}

Laksh was holding her in his arms and she was looking at him in shock. Laksh can look at her slightly from that half transparent choli.. her big eyes, small lips and cute cheeks.

“Make me stand, i’m going to fall..” that girl says in staggering tone. Laksh makes her stand, but she slips again being couldn’t balance on those wheel shoes.

“ahh,..” she shouts again and about to fall.. now, Laksh holds her from front.

Laksh:: easy.. easy..
He says.

As there is no other option, that girl stands holding Laksh’s hand, she removes the choli on her head now.

Laksh gets mesmerized to see that face which was hidden under the choli till now. Her face is revealed as Ragini. She was seemed annoyed with everything.. but, her face is looking even more cutest.
Laksh was just looking at her being lost.

Ragini removes her shoes in annoyance.
“I will never ever get skating again..!!” she sighs. And then, looks at Laksh who was looking at her.

“Hey, who is this??” she asks looking at him. Laksh then comes into world,

“Laksh.. Laksh Maheswari” he says.

Ragini bulges her eyes as soon as she hears that name.

“Damnnnn…!!” she says and runs back holding her lehenga a little up.

Laksh was still looking at her in enlarged smile.

Ap from inside,
“Laksh, come here..!! swara has come..!!”

Laksh then goes inside. He was just a little surprised to see swara who was sitting before them wearing a modern dress.

Ap and Dp are seemed not pleased at all. Janaki and Shekar were also looking at her in upset.

Swara was not even paying attention towards Laksh. Laksh was lost at the girl whom he bumped.

After sometime having a little talk, Dp and his family leaves.

Janaki:: swara, why are you doing like this?? See, they will not come back to us to marry you.. if you behave like this.

Swara: maa plz, i wanted to select a groom on myself. Please, give me freedom..!

Janaki sighs. Shekar looks at Ragini who was looking everything silently.

“Ragini, swara never listens to us. At least you listen to us. Promise me, that you will marry a guy whom we choose.”
Shekar says.

Ragini smiles,

“Yes Papa.. I will marry the guy whom you see.” Ragini says.

Janaki too smiles. Then, swara hugs Janaki..

“Maa, now are you happy..??” she asks. Janaki smiles.

Screen zooms to Ragini’s face with a fast guitar music in back ground.

The screen shifts to a girl who is playing guitar on stage madly…, her friends are closing their ears.

“Ragini… stop..!!” they shouts.

Ragini stops the guitar with a high pitch tone. Her friends sigh.

Friend 1: arey, what happened 2 u yar??

Ragini sings in rhythamic way..

‘why always Ragini has to adjust?’
(a guitar sound)

‘why Ragini has to sacrifice..?’
(a guitar sound)

Now Ragini in high pitch… “Have i born to sacrifice..????”
(guitar music follows)

Friend2: dude..!! now stop the drama and say what happened??

Ragini then sings,
“Sonuuu… it’s a big story..!!”

Her friends corous, “story..??”

Ragini:: sonu, i was modern..!!

Friends: modern..!!

Ragini:: sonu, i act traditional..!

Friends: to make your parents happy..!!

Ragini:: now i gave a promise… that i will do shaadi, on their wish..!!

(Guitar music turns into a tragic music)

Her friends become calm and look at her.

Ragini: why are you silent?

Then her both friends laugh.

Ragini irritated:: don’t laugh yar. I wanted to be modern always, but sacrificed for swara as my parents asked at least one girl should listen to them..! today, i have sacrificed my wish to do love marriage again for her.

Friend2: why are you interested in love marriage?? You will get love in arranged marriage too..

Ragini keeps the guitar sadly at a side.

“You guys don’t know my story. My story is different from you all. You will understand once if you see my parents..!!” Ragini says and silently goes out.

Friend1: what happened to her??

At MM,

Laksh was checking one file. Ap brings a cup of milk to Laksh.

Ap: Laksh, have you not slept yet?

Laksh:: i was checking for the project file maa. I will sleep later.

Ap smiles and sits beside him.

Ap:: think about you sometimes Laksh. Always only work??

Laksh smiles.

Ap: what do you think about swara?

Laksh: maa, nothing on my side. Your wish is my wish.

Ap:: but at least tell me, what kind of a girl do you want?

Laksh puts file aside and he keeps head on Ap’s lap.

“Maa, whenever i see you and dad i feel so admired. I want a wife who takes care of her husband just like you maa. I want my and my wife’s relation just sweet as yours and dad’s.”
Laksh says. Ap smiles.

Laksh: i will marry the girl whom you show maa.

Ap smiles and goes out. Laksh grabs his comfortor to sleep, and then he looks at Jhumki which is stuck to his sherwani.

Laksh takes to his hand. Ragini’s shining face comes into his mind.

“who is she?” Laksh thinks.

At Gadodiya house,

Ragini was holding Shomi’s picture.

“Maa, if you and papa would have married.. your love would have been successful..!!”
Ragini cries looking at her photo.

She is thinking Shomi is her real mother. Just then, Janaki enters the room.. Ragini hides that photo.

Janaki: what are you seeing beta?

Ragini:: nothing maa.. I love you..!!

Ragini says and hugs Janaki. Janaki kisses her head.

“I really love you maa. You gave me the true mother love..!!” Ragini buries her head in Janaki’s lap.


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