Before starting will clear u all this is a pure SwaSan fanfic and teen fiction too..!! It will contain Tashan , Romance , love , hot stuffs , action , friendship , cheating , cravings etc…!! So this story will be written by me nd my bff mahi..!! So hope u guys will enjoy..!!

Lets start with the Promo and Intro..!!



A girl of 16 is seen talking with her friends a boy of 17 came nd taps her shoulder..!! She turns nd asked what..!! ” I LOVE U..!! ” the boy said nd get a tight Slap in his cheek..!!

He rubbed his cheeks ” u ll pay for this my Darling ” said the boy with a Smirk..!!

The same boy is seen sitting in his knees infront of the same girl..!! ” I Love u Swara..!! I really do..!! ” but this time his eyes clearly shows his love towards Swara..!!

Swara held his hands nd made him stand..!! ” I Love u too Sanskar..!! ” said Swara nd hugs him infront of the whole school..!!

Girl nd a boy seen kissing eo passionately like their life is depend on this kiss only..!! The girl pulling the boy more on him through his hairs..!! Duet lack of oxygen they broke..!!

” U r an awesome kisser Sanky..!! ” said the girl..!! ” I know kavi baby..!! ” said Sanky with a Smirk..!!

Girl is standing facing her back to the boy..!! ” Swara listen..!! ” thats it he got a Slap nd Swara ” Dont u dare to take my Name from ur dirty mouth ok..!! ” Saying so Swara leaves from there..!!

” huh Go..!! I have many other girls to Share my bed..!! ” said Boy seen unaffected by her slap..!!

A Girl nd a boy is seen getting intimate..!! Looking like the boy is manipulating her..!! ” Sanskar..!! Its wrong at this age..!! Plzz..!! ” said the girl while trying to push him..!!

” Swara baby..!! U love me nd I love u..!! Than whats wrong in this..!! ” said Sanskar nd pushes his rough lips on hers..!!

A boy is standing at the edge of terace in 10 th floor with a bear bottle in his hand..!! ” I cant live without u Swara..!! ” said the boy nd jumps from the terace..!! While in the ground seeing all this with a smirk..!!


SANSKAR ROY : A spoilt son of politician..!! I cant tell his age accuratly coz the stroy will travel from the school to adulthood..!! Love & Lust he cant diffrentiate this..!!

SWARA MODI : A bubbly matured girl..!! But coz of one person she always slips from her decisions..!! Age as i told u guys i cant tell u accurately..!! She is obssesed with her studies..!!

Thats it guys this is a new try of us..!! I mean hot stuffs nd all..!! Lets hope for the best..!! Nd guys if u wanna read this..!! Than comment below..!! Nd yeah no bashings ok..!! Guys we going to post this further in our page only..!!

” SwaSan – Imaginary world of love ” like this story for read our this nd other stories too..!! Here is the link..!!


Love u all babye..!!

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