Revenge Love story (Episode 3)



guys few are itrally confused let me tell you its a short story that might end soon…


a gloomy cloudy day..
a day full of fits..
we see a guy walking aimlessly on the road..
and sudenly the rain starts pouring all around..
and he was bidden unconsious..

after an hour he woke up only to be hit with a reality..that he never wanted to..
he was with the man who helped him to cm to hospital..

kunj kunj sarna..
but this time sanskars eyes were not of hatred or anger it was of asking mer forgiveness from the man who always protected his little sister twinkle..
but he was such a fool to think him as stalker..

he was today not able to meet kunjs eyes..
s..twinkle was not dead..but was in coma sice that dredful night..
she actually never died..
and when kunj was quetioned by sanskar about asking y he hid his sister..
y did he seperate a sis from a brother!

he was numb to know that..
all he did was to just save his lil sister from a dredful people..
but what he did..?
he just turned all upside down..
the actually saver of his twikle was kunj but he taught the saviour was stalker..
and the worst of all was he had not only hurt them but also someone else..
s he had hurt the soul..he loved the most the soul that made him forget everything…
his life his wife..! had been a month that they both were married..
and aditya came back from usa only to get a shock..that sanskar married swara !

by the time he had come to know that swangli’s name was swara..
he had talked to her brother several times in cell…
but never recognized him to be kunj sarna..
he knew that she was actually swara sarna that later turned ut to be swara sankar maheshwari..
but everything turned upside down..

he cursed his life now..
he disowned his life..
his swara..
his lifeline..
and hmself is left with none..
he had a verbal argument and then everything…changed..

a year later..

As human beings, being vengeful creatures are already innate in us.

When we feel that our dignity and human rights are being violated, we rise up and swear vengeance to those who stepped over the line.

Whether revenge is good for us or bad, only those who have experienced it could elaborate on the true nature of revenge,
A confession of pain always leads to revenge.

An eye for every eye, a tooth for every tooth, a hand for every hand is the punishment for any further injury inflicted.
it is said karma is the best revenge..
and it did work in his case..

s today his life ll be back to him..
as legally wedded wife..
as a venture..
as a life line..
but he missed he best part of his life..
he is missing his sister..
and she is missing her brother..

but many things are making the things worst to know what keep waiting..!

kyun batun mein wts next..!

#puh and craazy!

  1. SidMin

    Loved it interesting to read that Twinkle is alive 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

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    awesome amazing

  3. Awesome amazing episode plsss asap

  4. Priyanka (Hyderabadi)

    awesome episode loved it

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    It ws really good yrr awesome

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