The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 11, 12, 13 & 14 combined) story completed

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Abeer sees Meher sleeping and kisses her forehead covering her with blanket and stands up from the bed.

Abeer: I will have to find a proof against dad, now its high time.

He goes to Madhvi’s room and opens the cupboard, he looks for clues and goes through many things, files, family photographs, everything. He looks into the albums and every album just had pics with him or Madhvi. Then he comes across an album and opens it and sees photos with some unknown people and of some unknown people without him too.

Abeer: who are they? And what relation do papa have with them?

He keeps the album on the table and looks for more clues and gets some documents.

Name: Rajnath Goenka
Married to: Sakshi Goenka
Children: Kangana Goenka and Shaurya Goenka

And much more was there, Kuber’s photo was there on this document.

Abeer: holy crap, he cheated on my mom, he has another wife too and children too, he has a daughter too but then also not caring of karma he raped my innocent wife, I won’t leave u dad, I won’t, u did much bad to us, me, Ishaan, Meher, mom everyone suffered because of u…there is an address here too…I will go to this address.

He takes some other document and album too and leaves to that address. He reaches and double checks the address and goes and rings the doorbell and is greeted by a familiar beautiful face.

Abeer: Namaste aunty, is Rajnath sir here?
Woman: yes, who r u ?

Abeer shows his photographs with Kuber/ Rajnath and the woman(Sakshi) is shocked.
Abeer: doñt u think double identity is not accepted anywhere?

He asks showing a document which had Kuber/Rajnath’s pic and the document said:

Name: Kuber Malhotra
Married to: Madhvi Malhotra
Children: Abeer Malhotra

Sakshi gets angry and goes to Kuber/ Rajnath who was on the couch. She holds his collars.
Sakshi: Mr.Kuber Malhotra, lier, which identity of yours is real? Which wife and children are real?

She starts hitting him and throws him on floor. He is in pain and Abeer enjoys this.
Sakshi continues beating Rajnath/Kuber and he lies on the floor in pain while Abeer enjoys his condition.

Sakshi: u kept deceiving me, cheater, tumne mujhpe cheat kia, itne saalo se ye chal raha tha, tumne mujhse bhi shahdi ki, kisi dusri orat se bhi shahdi ki, y r u here? Go live somewhere else, double identity, double family, double kids, double wives, I m fed up.

Abeer: aunty, not only this, but he is a rapist too, that too of my wife, he keeps affairs with young girls too , he plays with their respect and bribes them, he went to jail thrice, u r living with this man? Your children’s future is not secure, maan lijiye meri baat.

Abeer goes. Sakshi kicks him out of the house. Abeer goes back to his house.
Abeer: maa!
Madhvi comes.
Abeer: ye dekhein maa, papa ne humein kuchh or matters me bhi cheat kia hai (he shows her the document and album, Madhvi cries) maa yeh Rone ka time nh, unko rulanay ka time hai, or yehi mauka hai badla lene ka, he cheated u and me, he raped my dear wife, don’t u think its enough of this injustice?

Madhvi: yes, we will take revenge.
Abeer: so u r in?
Madhvi: yes

They join hands and Meher too comes and keeps her hand on their hands.
Meher: I m also in.

Abeer smiles.
Abeer: my dear wife, don’t ever feel lonely, I m always there with u

He side hugs her and Meher smiles cutely. The trio have a hug.

In Kuber’s other family’s house (Goenka Mansion):
Kangana (Sakshi’s daughter): what?! Papa did this?

Sakshi: yes, and we should join hands with Malhotras to take revenge on him

Kangana: hmm

In Mehbeer’s Royal House:
Abeer and Meher were in their room, Meher doesn’t talks to Abeer, he feels sad.
Abeer: listen
She ignores him.
Abeer: m talking to u
Again no reply. Meher was sitting on other end of bed facing her back towards him playing with her saree’s pallu.

Abeer irritatingly: Meher
Meher: (angrily): kya hai?
Abeer: what’s this way of talking? Ab kia hua?
Meher turns to him.
Meher: dunia k liye tum mere husband ho, I will behave normally, lekin akele mein we r strangers, u did my deal, u left me to die, meri jaga Ishaan hota to bhi tum yehi krtey

She was about to go but he pulls her and her head lands on his chest. They have an eye lock.
Meher: what is it yr?
Abeer: when u treated me like a baby did I said anything? No right

He puts his arm around her shoulders.
Abeer: u r s*xy in sarees.
Meher: u r cute in anger

They laugh.
Meher: oh God, we fight like kids
Abeer: hmm

She keeps her arm around him and he unpins her saree pallu and undoes it and throws it away, she was only wearing an ankle size petticoat and blouse, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He keeps his arm around her bare waist sending a shiver down her spine, he frees her hair from the clutcher and runs his fingers in her hair, he entwines his hands with hers and comes on top of her shifting her head on bed and kisses her forehead, cheek and jawline, slowly their lips meet, she keeps his hand on his back and runs her fingers in her hair and they share a kiss.

Meher was working in kitchen thinking about the recent happenings, the kiss that took place just sometime ago, the deal Abeer did with Kuber of giving her and taking Madhvi, how Kuber betrayed everyone, she can forget whatever Abeer did, she can forgive too, but she won’t be able to take it if the same happens with her son. Abeer comes in kitchen.

Abeer: need some help wifey?
Meher: nope, u can go.

She says not wanting to have a conversation on what she was thinking. She was thinking to talk later.
Abeer: what is it? Stop ignoring me.
Meher: m not ignoring u
Abeer: then?
Meher: need some time
Abeer: its night, can’t u take rest?
Meher: I took a lot of rest, m completely fine.

Yeah m physically fine, but inside I m disturbed. She thought to herself.

Abeer: why r u angry on me? What did I do?

He knew her very well, she would say she’s ok but she will be angry inside.

Meher: I can’t take it that u did a deal of me

She stammers as she didn’t wanted to get separated by him, she loved him a lot no matter how much angry she got. He eyes her for sometime, her eyes were filled with sorrow, she didn’t knew how to explain it.

Abeer: it was a mistake, this happened first time, sorry.

Meher: promise me u won’t do it again?

Abeer: promise.

He hugs her, she does the same.
Meher: let’s go back to room, Ishaan is alone.
Abeer: hmm

They go upstairs hand in hand. He always made her feel she’s a queen and she just loved it.

They reach their room and sit on bed after seeing Ishaan is sleeping.
Meher: this bed is so comfortable, I m sleepy.
Abeer: then let’s sleep, but with Ishu in between us.
Meher: ok

She says happily not because she wanted distance from Abeer but closure with Ishaan.
Meher: sorry I won’t be rude again.
Abeer: its ok

He keeps Ishaan in between them and sleeps holding hands on Ishaan with his hand in between.

Kuber roams on the roads fully drunk not knowing where to go. A car comes and dashes with him. He falls on the road. Next day, Sakshi and Madhvi receives a call that Kuber has met with an accident, they rush to the hospital, they come face to face and give each other cold looks then smile.
Sakshi: I hope our plan works.

Kangana: we’ll have to join hands with Malhotras to expose him then.

Sakshi: yes

She calls on Madhvi’s number which she secretly saved from Kuber/Rajnath’s phone.
Madhvi: hallo
Sakshi: hallo, I m your sautan.

Madhvi was about to cut the call.
Sakshi: please don’t cut the call, it’s important, u want your…I mean our husband to go to jail right? I can help, in fact my whole family will help.

Madhvi puts the phone again on her ear.
Madhvi: how to trust u?
Sakshi: its simple, u give me all the proofs against him, I have a lawyer who can help us.
Madhvi: (after thinking for awhile) OK

Call disconnects and the proofs were given to Sakshi but with many copies of it in case she cheats them.
Fb end.

Doctor comes.
Doctor: he has gained his senses.

Sakshi nods, he goes.
Sakshi: I will go and distract him, u call on this number, just tell the location and the ward number

Madhvi nods, she goes. Madhvi looks at the business card.

Anuradha Khurana
+91 91 67 548906

She calls on the number as told by Sakshi, she tells the location and ward number, call disconnects. After sometime, a lady in her 30s came dressed as a lawyer. She introduces herself as Anuradha Khurana and asks for Kuber/Rajnath. Madhvi tells the ward and she goes in. She shows the videos to him.
Anuradha: what’s all this? U were fooling around with some young girls, your daughter in law, and your two families? We need your statement.

Kuber is unable to say. She turns to Sakshi.
Anuradha: will u say something?
Sakshi: I think we should..

Sakshi signs her with her eyes.
Sakshi: we should let him take rest

Sakshi says in her heart that I will have to take him on my side and let him think I m with him, but I m not with him, that’s what I told lawyer.

Anuradha: but I will come back, once he’s OK

She leaves.

Meher was playing with Ishaan later that day, Abeer comes and sits by her side.
Abeer: I m missing the old days a lot.
Meher: they won’t come back until that stupid is gone.

She says completely irritated.
Abeer: I hope everything happens fast.

Two three days passed, Kuber/Rajnath was fine by now. Sakshi had convinced him she’s on his side and that she will give statement in his favor. Now was the day for the hearing of court, both the families were gathered there and in one witness box, there was Kuber/Rajnath and in the other witness box, Sakshi was called first. She comes and passes a smile to Kuber, an evil smile.

Sakshi: he always said he love me, n I believed in him, but I didn’t knew he’s such a jerk, I don’t want my daughter to call him father, he’s a rapist, all proofs are the witness.

Kuber is shocked. Kangana is called next, she too says the same, all the Goenkas were against him, now his only hope was his son. Abeer is called next.
Abeer: in the past u had sentenced him to death, but he came again, but this shouldn’t happen again, he should be killed now, make sure, because now my son was also harmed by him.

Madhvi too says the same, Meher too gives her statement, the court case ended and Kuber was declared guilty and sentenced to death after he forcefully accepted he’s the criminal. Finally he was out of their lives. The rest of the lives, Goenkas and Malhotras remained as friends, everyone accepted each other, Ishaan grew up to become socialist, he became a good man and supported his family, everything was fine like before. Both the families lived happily ever after.

Finally completed the sequel too, liked it? Want a new ff?

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