The Revenge of Love (chapter 2)

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Shalini says in heart: From today, I m Meher n not Shalini…Shalini is dead.

Doctors secretly injected Shalini with an injection which stopped her heartbeat temporarily leaving her face injured. Then they told Abeer that Shalini is no more. Abeer comes to OT. He cries vigorously seeing Shalini.
Abeer: I m sorry Shalini, u died because of me, kaash k main tumhe samajh pata or ghar se bahar na nikalta, to aaj tum yahan nh hoti.

He continues crying and runs out of the OT going out of hospital and runs on road. He stops seeing a temple and goes in angrily.
Abeer: why? why did u took her from me? Among so many people why her? why not someone else? how will I face everyone? how will I tell everyone about her death? I will have to tell them.

He goes to Meher’s mother’s house and rings the doorbell cryingly. Suman opens the door.
Suman: u here? u came alone? did Shalini not come with u? why r u crying? is my daughter OK?
Abeer cries.
Abeer: she won’t ever come now, she’s dead.
Suman: no, don’t lie, she’s alive.
Abeer: she’s dead mummy ji and it all happened because of me.
He tells them everything.
Suman slaps him.
Suman: what was her fault? why did u kick her out of your house? did u hate her too much that u killed her?
Abeer: it was an accidental death
Suman: to jao, I want her back, I want my daughter back, can u do this? no right? don’t show ur face to us ever! which hospital is she in?

Abeer: city hospital
She goes along with others. Till they reached, Shalini was treated and given a new face, she was shifted to another ward, her body was replaced with someone else. It was finally the time to burn the body and then immerse the ashes. Everyone were crying a lot. Abeer told his family as well, some were happy on her death while some were sad. Everyone believed Shalini is dead.
Fb end.

Shalini/Meher: thank u doctor for listening to me and understanding my pain.

Doctor: u r like my daughter, don’t worry, no one will know ur secret.

Shalini/Meher: can u make my discharge papers?

Doctor: yes, till then u rest.

Meher changes her sim card and does hotel bookings. The doctor signs on the form as her father and does all formalities , finally she is discharged.
Doctor: If u ever need any help, I will be there.
Meher: thanks it means a lot.

She goes out of the ward and sees Abeer standing there. She is shocked.
Meher says in heart: what is he doing here? oh c’mon Meher, he believes u r dead, u have a new face, he won’t know u r actually Shalini.

Abeer was continuously looking at the room where Shalini was when she was injured. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Meher looks at him angrily and gets teary eyed. She goes from there hurriedly. She takes an auto and leaves from there. She asks the auto driver to stop and gets down the auto. She pays him and he leaves. She goes in the hotel and does entry in the register. She asks the receptionist for room 203. Luckily the room was available, she goes after getting the keys. As she reaches the door of the room, she recalls her and Abeer booking the same room once. She goes in unlocking the door. She looks around the room. She sees all the old moments.

Shalini and Abeer were laying down together on the bed with her head on his chest.
Abeer: When I m close to u I feel so good.
Shalini: me also, now living without u even for a moment is impossible.

He kisses her hair and promises to stay with her always. She smiles. Meher cries.
Meher: u broke ur promise Abeer. Because of u I have to stay away from my family and act of being dead. Don’t know what they might be feeling. I m sorry Maa, Bua Tunnu. Really sorry.
She lays on the bed and cries. She sees Abeer laying on the other end of bed.
Abeer: u were always my life n will always be, I won’t forget u.
Meher looks at him.
Abeer: hmmm, I won’t break the promise again, sleep, u must be tired.
She adjusts herself in his lap, her imagination breaks when her head touches the pillow. She cries and hugs the pillow, she didn’t knew when she fell asleep.
Abeer comes to his room and cries seeing Shalini’s pics. Laakh dunia kahe tum nahi ho tum yahin ho…plays. He caresses her photo. He recalls the last time he saw her, how she jumped off the cliff and how he saved her, her accident, he recalls his last day with her.

Abeer holds her arm tightly and takes her.
Shalini: Abeer leave na I don’t want to go…I won’t be able to live without u…chhoro, mujhe nh Jana.

Till then he takes her till the exit and pushes her out of the house.
Shalini: see its raining, how will I spend night here.

Abeer gives her umbrella.
Abeer: take it, don’t come in my house.

Fb end.

(After that u know what happened)

Abeer: m responsible for ur death.

He cries.

Meher gets a dream of her last day with Abeer and wakes up with a jerk. She picks her phone and looks at Abeer and her photos. She deletes them cryingly and looks at everyone’s numbers in her phone.
Meher: kaash main aap sab k saamne aasakti or bta sakti I m alive…(she cries and then gets an idea) I will tell them the truth, I can’t make them suffer because of Abeer.

She goes from the hotel room.

Will Meher be able to tell everyone? Or will she end up falling weak? Will anyone believe her? How will Meher take revenge from Abeer? To be continued.

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