The Revenge Of Love (chapter 19)

Meher’s POV:
I kept consoling Abeer’s mother, I felt so bad for her. She is like a second mother to me, I couldn’t see her tears.
Me: Maa relax sabb theek hojayega
She: kuchh theek nh hoga, meri zindagi to barbaad hogi hi, lekin Abeer ki puri zindagi bachi hai, sabb us par ungli uthaeingay k uska baap aisa hai to vo bhi aisa he hoga.
Me: koi aisa nh krega Maa
She: Tum nh janti is society ko, Abeer k papa ne tumhare sath bhi kia kuchh nh kia, or mujhe kuch pta bhi nh chala.
Me: Maa plz fikar mat kijiye, kuchh nh hoga.
She kept crying, I felt like killing Abeer’s dad. First me, then Abeer, then his mom. Doctor came out, I immediately asked about Abeer.
Me: Abeer kaisa hai?
Doctor: unko internal bleeding hogai hai, he can have memory loss, we don’t know when will he get conscious.

He went and Maa stood up and looked at Abeer through the glass and cried vigorously. I hugged her again.
She: I will just come
I nodded and she went, I felt a hand hold my both hands in his one hand and palmed my mouth dragging me all the way out of hospital. I resisted but it kept pulling me, I couldn’t shout. I was taken out of the hospital and pushed onto the backseat of the car, I heard the person lock both the doors and sat in the front seat. Gosh, it’s him again, Abeer’s creepy dad.
Me: uncle why r u doing all this? M ur daughter in law for God’s sake.
He paid no heed to me, I actually started crying and banged the windows of the car. He pushed me back in the seat.
He: chup bethi raho, koi nh aane wala tumhari help k liye
He laughed evilly and I cried and cried, he stopped outside our house and pulled me out. I pulled myself back but he was too strong. He pulled me to the entrance and pushed me on the floor closing the door, I got hurt. He approached me and I started moving back, I cried begging him not to do anything but my pleads were going in deaf ears. Suddenly my back collided with the wall, i looked at the wall and then at him.
me: uncle plzz leave me
I said cryingly. He made me stand by my hair and I started shouting.
He: kia laga tha tumhe? Abeer hai to main kuchh nh krsakta? Hahaha, ab Abeer hai wahan hospital mein or tum ho yahan meri nigrani mein.
He threw me on the floor again, my feet got sprained, I cried out louder. My crying voice was echoing in the whole house.
End of POV.

Madhvi looks for Meher but doesn’t finds her.
Madhvi: kahin usse Abeer k papa le to nh gaye? Main call krti hoon usse.
She called her but her phone was on the bench.
Madhvi: Meher kahan gai?

She panics and calls Kuber angrily. He receives it.
Madhvi: Meher kahan hai?
Kuber: mujhe kia pta

Meher shouts and Madhvi hears it, she disconnects the call and rushes towards the exit, she sits in a cab asking the driver to drive fast. She hurriedly tells the directions and reaches, she pays him and goes inside the house unlocking the door. Kuber was holding Meher by her hair, she was crying a lot. He throws her and Madhvi holds her. Meher looks up to see who’s it. She gets relieved seeing her. Meher hugs her.
Meher: Maa
She sobs.
Madhvi: chup hoja agai na main, kuchh nh hoga tujhe.
She says hugging her back. She slaps Kuber.
Madhvi: itni giri hui harkat krte hue sharam nh ati? Hath mat lagana usey.
Kuber gets angry and was about to slap her but she holds his hand.
Madhvi: hath nh uthana mujhpe, main aapse kabhi shahdi nh krti agar mujhe Zara sa bhi idea hota to. Janwar hain aap insaan nh…I m divorcing u, Abeer or Meher ko apne sath lejaungi yahan se.

She goes from the house taking Meher.
Madhvi: m sorry beta
Meher: aapki galti nh hai
Madhvi: tum yahan aai or tumhare sath phir bura hone lag gaya
She says while coming outside holding back her tears.
Meher: is me aapki kia galti hai? Yeh meri qismat hai or Jo hona hai ho k rahega.
Madhvi: Beta, tu kuchh dino k liye chali ja apni family k pas, u will be safe.
Meher: nh, abhi Abeer ki haalat kharab hai, mujhe bachane k chakkar mein yeh sab hua. Kaash vo hota abhi mere sath…jab tak hosh nh ayega usse main yahin hoon…wese Maa, yeh hairclip mein recorder or locket mein camera hai, sab record hogaya hai.
She tells her everything.
Madhvi: achhi baat hai…chalo Abeer k pas chalein.
They go from there hiring a cab. They reach the hospital and gets the news that Abeer is conscious. They go to his ward, he was laying with eyes closed.
Meher: Abeer
She goes to him and cups his face.
Meher: tum theek ho na Abeer?

Abeer slowly opens his eyes and looks at her blankly.
Meher: Abeer tumhe meri aawaz arahi hai na? Tum theek ho na Abeer?
Abeer: tum kon ho?
Meher is shocked and looks at Madhvi.
Madhvi: yeh wife hai tumhari, Meher.
Abeer chuckles: wife? Meher? My wife was Shalini, meri is se kab shahdi hui?
Meher gets teary eyed.
Meher: Abeer tum mazak kr rahay ho na? U remember me na?
She says in a heavy trembling voice.
Abeer: Maa, yeh kon hai? Shalini kahan hai?
Madhvi: ajaegi, filhal tu aaram kr, kuchh mt bol.
He closes his eyes and Meher slowly goes out of the room. She cries closing her eyes tightly, her eyes were completely red because of crying whole day, they were burning too. She keeps her hand on her eyes and falls on her knees cryingly. She feels a hand on her shoulder and it was Madhvi, she looks at her. Meher stands up and hugs her.
Meher: Maa yeh sab kia horaha hai mere saath? Pehle papa chale gaye humein chhor k, uncle ne mere sath aisa kia, Abeer ko bhi main yaad nh, main apni family se bhi kuchh nh kehsakti, sab pareshan hojaeingay. Kyun horaha hai yeh sab?
Madhvi: bass beta rotay nh hain, sab theek hojaega, hum usey dheere dheere sab yaad dilaengay, usey tum bhi yad ajaogi.

Meher cries hugging her. Later Abeer is brought home, he looks around and gets blurry flashbacks of Kuber and Meher. He holds his head and goes to his room. He again gets some blurry flashbacks of him and Meher. Just then, Meher comes there and gives him food.

Abeer: thank u, lekin Maa bhi to asakti thi, tum q ayi?

Meher: vo Maa busy thi isliye.

Abeer: waise tum ho kon?

Meher: I am Meher.

Abeer: ohk, why did u reacted that way seeing me in such condition in hospital?

Meher: just like that

She turns to go but he holds her hand, she is confused and looks back at him.

Abeer: your touch is familiar

Meher: oh achha

She frees her hand but he again holds it turning her towards him. He gets lost in her eyes and sees Shalini in her, he gets closer to her joining his forehead with hers.

Abeer: i have met u somewhere

Meher: no

She gets away. He sees the tattoo on her wrist.

Abeer: u r my Shalini

Meher turns away and leaves. Abeer gets thinking.

(I will update childhood love as soon as I get idea, and together forever will be ended soon, so none of u wants a sequel right? Everyone wants another ff on Mehbeer? Tell soon….and if any of my kyy ff reader is here, then let me tell u I don’t know what to write in that ff, whenever I get idea I will write…thnx…love u all ?)

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