Revenge and live together (Part 8)

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So guy thanks for comments I am happy thanks for your comments so let’s start
Note the party is not over yet .

So , people were felling jealous as this young age all the four had reached heights which are equal to sky which people are still trying to reach the four them were busy talking with different people about business and they wanted to talk to each other which was not being possible . jai , niti, manya and ankush saw this and planned something and ankush went to the stage and announced a dance and he signaled arneil . arneil understood this and asked rasam for dance and even rasam understood the plan . all eight of them came and started dancing slowly
Arjun had held radhika’s hip smoothly and radhika put her hand on arjun’s sholder all the coples were In the same pose

Arjun “ ra do you think now it is correct for planning for wedding as I think our revege should complete first .
Radhika “ arjun it is the correct time don’t worry even if we start planning our future now it will take atleast a year and half for our kid so I think it is the correct time and I have already given you , nesam enough punishment and nesam they sacrificed everything for us their love their marriage their dream I don’t want them suffer any more “
Arjun “ ra don’t you say anything like don’t even think of it and about nesam you are right for them atleast we have to continue our marriage life .
Radhika”aru don’t worry everything will be fie it just matter of few months “
Arjun was dam happy because for the first time in these 12 years radhika has called him aru . only radhika used to call him like that and he to likes that but after that incident everything chaged radhika even asked arjun for break up but arjun was always there as she was his pillar of support .
Same time nesam

Neil” sam see chashni and arjun bhai they are so happy together “
Sam” yes neil , you never call arjun jiju as bhai why suddenly “
Neil “ yes but from today I will because arjun bhai always asked me to address him as bhai I never did it but I will do it from now and I will call chashni as bhabhi you never call arjun as jiju why now “
Sam “ let me if he is your bhai then even my friend’s husband so I have the right to call him”
With neil started acting romantic with sam ( Am I not good I romance no romance so sorry for it )

Now the song changed and sam went to arjun niti to neil radhika to ankush maya went to jai all were dancing and speaking about radom stuff after the dance got over when ardhika and nesam were standing ad talking to some guest when radhs heared some guest speaking to ankush
Guest “ are they not your bosses”
Ankush “ yes”
Guest “ what ever the boss say remember that you’re their workers one day or other they will throw all of you out looking at anya and jaini

The moment radhika listened it she went and slapped the guest and said “ don’t you dare say that again to my brother or my sisters for your information they are more than family to me think before you speak they did not harm me when I was alone they did not use me ad throw like some did looking tyk and said I cancel all your deal and projects with Mishra , ar group and mehra global ad rs event management mr rastogi .
Arjun said yes please take the official statement tomorrow from jai looking at jai and jai nodded his head neil turned towards anya and jaini and said next somebody talks you like this then say it your elder sister or brother don’t be scared of anything
After the party there was small press meet and all four of them knew they will be questioned on the slap and the knew what to say and what not to say

Precap : press meet , marriage rituals

Guys I am going to end the revenge part soon and I am thinking of something else so pls do comment guys and thank you for your valuable comment and how was my pat or radhs . I only added about being a big family others all are true I am still angry on them do you think my anger is correct . bye tc sorry for typos ad grammatical error . bye tc and teddy hugs to all of you .

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  2. arti viswanathan

    Baaby darling superb,excellent,outstanding,marvelous,mind-blowing episode…… I loved it to the core…. I liked all the scenes….. I liked the way radhika,arjun,neil and sam supported thwm when they needed the most… And i liked radhika supporting ankush, anya and jaini and neil went to anya and jaini and said that they should go and tell this to their elder sister or elder brother…….tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…..

  3. Roma

    Awesome, lovely episode. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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