Revenge and live together (Part 6) radhika’s past

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So hi guys happy republic guys so all wanted the past so i am writing it .

Radhika mishra radhika ‘s father media like radhika . But if was due to the reason he did not want his kids to be a spoilt sport . Radhika was in a dark completion fat girl she was very ugly ahe did nit have friends in her first year of school but then in the second year she had some friends the her bad luck her friends left the school the next year . Kriti was alone because of her wring attitude and talks . But kriti was a good girl from heart . Sam tarushi Yamya had come new to school all the five had a good friendship. Till one day they found. That it was just for sam they were bearing radhika till then sam and neil had developed. Feelings and arjun and radhika were already. In a relationship arjun loved the golden. Heart radhika had and neil and radhs were bbf neil was a small bro for radhika . One day like this when radhika was alone in the class tyk came and tried to molest her radhika saved herself. This was in their last year of school fir the rest of the left few months radhika avoided coming. To school whenever possible. Sam and arniel were showing their full attitude. To her radhika remembers. The day when they said she look fat ugly she was nit even like a girl the nightmares she had after that radhika had gone to plasticsugery and liposuction she had tried everything not to become that radhika in the class molested . Sam neil arjun stood with her in her tough and thin time she was searching these people like mad she wanted revenge she married arjun in a temple and mainted distance with him because he was her true love. And if she loose him and by chance she gets pregnant. Then her revenge will affect the child this was same with nesam they became shadow if ardhika sma left he dream of becoming a author. And neil he always wanted to help ardhika bro and sil or bbf or sis .

So guys this their past

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Baaby

      thanks brin once again will upload agian

  2. Sreee

    Oh god rads past is painful for any girl… it was soo good dear.. waiting for the next chap.. love u

    1. Baaby

      yes that ‘s what happened with me just giving my story in the shape of radhiak

  3. Nikuds

    So at last you are back Baaby. I was egeaarly waiting for your ff. UPDATE SOON.

  4. arti viswanathan

    Baaby darling superb,excellent,outstanding,Mind-blowing episode…. I loved it to the core….. Will be waiting for next episode…. What a painful past radhika had… But neil, sam and arjun stood with her when she needed them….. Tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…..muuuuhaaaa

    1. Baaby

      thanks nikuds i am sorry for not updating these may days but will surely do it now

    2. Baaby

      thanks nikuds i am sorry i had a major accident that’s why

    3. Baaby

      thanks nikuds

    4. Baaby

      arti dear thank u and from my side a muuuhaa and teddy hug and lots of love past are said to be painful like mine

  5. Sulbi

    Awsme dear…

    1. Baaby

      thanks sulbi

  6. super ……….

    1. Baaby

      thanks subha

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