Revealed!! Nimki Vidhayak to go OFF AIR from THIS date

Were you a fan of the show Nimki Mukhiya? And then did you like Nimki Vidhayak? Well, we too are fans as the show portrays women empowerment and is all about the inspiring story of a girl. But sadly today we have a sad news in store for you. The show is going off air and we now know it’s last airing date.

As per the latest reports, it has been revealed that Nimki Vishayak will air it’s last episode of February 1 and after that new show Kartik Purnima will take over the time slot. The show’s producer, Zama Habib also confirmed the news to the portal negating any scope of speculations.

IN a chat with a leading entertainment tabloid, the producer also revealed how it was indeed a great satisfying journey and how she is happy that she could manage to tell a story through Nimki Mukhiya the way she wanted to.

Well, it’s time for fans to bid adieu to the show and make way for something good once again.

  1. Enoughshanti

    Ouch, I was not really a fan of this show but this is the last show which started from at the very beginning of star Bharat. Plus I thought after nimki vidayak, there will be nimki mantri, nimki mukhiyamantri and so on……

  2. Well what will the ending be like at the moment looks like she has not achieved any thing.

  3. What a sigh of relief! The show show-cased an extra marital, selfish, power hungry, cruel murderees of her own child and husband,named Nimki, as the heroine, where as she is a ruthless vamp, and that too, under the garb of women empowerment. It has done incalculable damage to the institution of marriage and some of the time tested and universally cherished values of the Indian society. But the greatest damage that this serial has done is the Indian Womanhood itself under the pressure of feminist jingoism. Sadly, no women organization, except for a handful of free lancer women, opposed it. Let this serial get buried. RIP.

  4. When ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ came in Aug 2017, it brought a fresh breeze of cheers and hope for the TV audience. Its TRP soared, and so soared the expectations of the audience. But the TRP started dipping within a year because – 1) the Makers became in-receptive to the audience comments, and 2) the makers went against the eternally and universally cherished socio-cultural values of the Indian Society in their faulted sense of women empowerment which got progressively corrupted to feminist jingoism. Let’s diagnose their major mistakes: 1) Nimki turning extra-marital (check definition of extra marital before reacting), 2) Nimki making her sister-in-law, Sweetie, elope with her own extra marital lover BDO (the cause may be justifiable but the method was not), 3) Nimki getting her husband Babbu dragged out of Haveli to Police station for shooting Sweetie and then incessantly abusing and humiliating him there (Babbu was wrong, but Nimki was not right. It could have been done by some one else like BDO and Nimki could have given evidence against Babbu. Remember, the judge only may award death sentence, but the convict is hanged by the hang-man), 4) no appreciable activities by Nimki as Mukhiya, 5) Nimki always provoking and humiliating her husband Babbu in public (rape of Babbu by Nimki), 6) Nimki not taking divorce from Babbu, 7) unjustifiable rape of Nimki by Babbu, 8) Nimki getting Babbu killed, 9) totally rubbish ‘Nimki Vidhayak’, and 10) others.

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