Return Of Light In Our Lives.. Chapter 4… My Family

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” Anika…”



Anika woke up with a jolt. Again. The same voice could be heard. Again. She placed her hand on her heart hoping it would help to ease the pain and shock. Her breathing was ragged. She suddenly felt the need to move out. She removed the quilt and walked out of her bed to the balcony. Leaning forward on the railing, she watched the moon light up her surroundings. She just wished someone would light up her world the same way. She stayed there till she calmed down. After feeling good, she looked up at the moon one more time. So peaceful and calm unlike her life.  Sighing, she returned to the room and sat near the foot of her bed, resting her back against it.

It was definitely not easy for Anika after the accident. The hardest part was she forgot who she was, where she belonged and everything about herself. If it was hard to learn who the people around her were, it was even harder to know her own name and details from them. How could she trust anybody just like that? But they helped her through it. They clearly understood her fears and were patient with her. They waited and gave her the time she required. And their patience was paid off. Anika trusts and loves them with all her heart. Though life became a bit easier with them, it was still the same way. Unknown people, unknown things. She felt like a complete stranger. She knew they aren’t her blood-related family. And that they  are surely hiding something. But even if she got to know her past, it won’t be the same anymore. She will not be able to recall it as a memory. It will just be stored as another fact about her life she didn’t know. And Anika didn’t want that. She was fine with the slow pace of her improvement.

But it seems like one person, in particular, one voice wanted to make things complicated for her. It was the same voice that didn’t let her sleep. It was not the anonymity in the voice that perplexed or saddened her. It was the yearning. Someone was yearning for her. The voice just spoke her name always. It was not clear and loud. It was muffled, strained. This voice terrified her as much as it soothed her. Her name in that voice was painfully soothing. Anika brought her knees close and hugged herself. Life was not easy. It was complicated and difficult. Tears welled up her eyes. ‘Why?’, was all she could think of. Why it had to be her? Why?Why?Knowing it wasn’t good for her if she continued crying, she wiped her tears and got up. Turning the lights off, she exited her room and made way to theirs.

Anika knocked on the door and within a few seconds the door was opened by him. Not waiting for any response, he hugged her and took her in.

Arjun, her dear friend, her brother, her family and what not. He was the one who saved her. If she was standing here, sound and mind, all credits should go to him. He guided her through this phase of her life and took care of her like any brother would take care of his sister. He always stood up for her. At times she had felt she was a burden for them. But he made it clear to her that there was nothing as such. And now, even if people say so, Anika knows that she is not a burden to them.

“Are you alright?”, Arjun asked breaking her chain of thoughts.

She nodded and then said,”I was unable to sleep”.

“Oh! The same voice? Calling out your name?” He asked as he rose his eyebrows.

She nodded once again and both of them sighed. They both know it was difficult for her. They both wanted to do something. But they both could do nothing.

He went towards their bedside and gathered his phone and stuff. This happened frequently nowadays. She will get this weird dream about this voice. Then she will come to their room. He will go and sleep in her room and she will sleep here with her.

Arjun gave me a smile as he turned around and said, ” Try and sleep well. If anything happens, call me.”

Anika nodded as she watched him and go and wake her.

Chanda, her best friend, her soul sister and more than that. As far as she knew, Chanda had been her best friend for too many years. But due to the accident she couldn’t remember her. Chanda was upset first. Still, she always put up a smile when she was with Anika. She tried to remind Anika of her past. But nothing helped. Chanda didn’t lose hope till now. And as far as Anika knows her, she will not give up. Ever. She had that auro around her that made Anika feel loved. She was her mother, sister, friend, everything a family had. So, Anika never felt she had only two people as her family. She was more than content when she was with them.

Arjun went near Chanda and shook her shoulders trying to wake her up. Chanda kept shoving his hand mumbling incoherently. Arjun facepalmed and shook his head. Anika laughed aloud as she continued enjoying the scene taking place in front of her.  Finally, after a minute or two Chanda woke up. Arjun explained the situation and Chanda immediately held her hands out for Anika. Anika happily obliged and they both tried to sleep hugging each other. Arjun pressed a kiss on Chanda’s forehead and caressed Anika’s hair before leaving the room.

Anika smiled as she thought how lucky her friends were. Arjun was lucky to have Chanda. Chanda was lucky to have him. But, she was the  luckiest to have them both.
Arjun and Chanda were the pillars of her life. If anything happens to them, she will also suffer. They were the only family she had. They were her family. ‘My family’, Anika thought as a smile spread on her face.


Hey all!

In this update I just wanted to convey Anika’s thoughts and how she is. And of course, I revealed who they i.e him and her  are. Arjun and Chanda. Yeah, Chanda, Anika’s friend.
This is shorter than the previous updates because I can’t write much about them now itself. What will be there for the future updates then?

This chapter is dedicated to itzmeprabha. Thank you so much for your constant support. Loads of love for you.<3 xx

Thanks to everyone who have read, liked and commented.

Do read, like and comment about this chapter. Pardon me for my mistakes.

Loads and loads of love,

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awwww..that was so sweet of you to dedicate this amazing episode to me…Thank you..
    Coming to update..loved the bonding that Arjun,chanda and Annika share..just a doubt agar chanda Anudi ki Best freind hai toh unhe illuji ke baare mein kaise nhi pata hai..? will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Hassi31

      Thank you. Glad you liked it. Aur.. Apne bilkul sahi samja. Anika ki best friend Chanda hai. Toh unhe pata toh hoga SSO ke baare mein. Par Anika aur Shivaay ek dusre ke saath nabi hai. Kyun?! Yeh aage Jake pata chalega apko.?

      1. Hassi31


        Take care.

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