Restless – A SiRav OS

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I am uploading here my OS on SiRav couple from SSK2. Please read and let me know your thoughts on comment below. 

Aarav is more restless than angry now. When Simar Mausi asked him to bring back Simar to his house fulfilling his promise, he just thought he needs to pick her up from her house. He thought it’s going to be awkward facing her family, but not difficult. Their house is locked and no one can be seen. He doesn’t have any of their numbers since only house elders were talking to them. He checked his phone and found only two numbers related to this house. Reema and Simar. He doesn’t care about the former from the moment Simar Mausi revealed that she has eloped from the mandap. He has the only choice now. Taking a deep sigh, he called the latter and got panicked when it said switched off. The house is locked and the phones are switched off. Did the whole family run away fearing to face his family? He hit his fist in the wall in anger. The whole family is a fraud!

He drove his car back to his house. Simar Mausi will be angry but it’s not his fault if they had decided to escape. Now he has a valid reason to tell both to her and his conscience. He didn’t abandon her but Simar did. He felt more angry thinking about the betrayal. How dare she? Suddenly a homeless man came before his car and he put a sudden break to not hit him with his car. He came to the side window and asked for some money. Without thinking much, he fetched some notes from his wallet and gave them to him. The homeless man becomes very happy and wished him a happy married life. Aarav got confused. How does a homeless man know that he got married? Does the man read the daily newspaper? Or he is more famous than he already thought? Oh right! He is wearing the wedding kurta and driving the damn wedding car. He wants to bang his head on the steering wheel. Why he didn’t change the dress? What is he waiting for? It’s not like there are going to be any post-marriage rituals, is it? And why does he have to take this car? His house more than ten but he ended up driving this. He is becoming crazier by the hour. The homeless man’s voice interrupted his thought process.

“Where is your bride, sir?” he asked curiously looking inside the car and he blinked in return. What can he say? He doesn’t think he will be able to explain his misery in a sentence and hence kept mum. When the man didn’t get any reply from him, he started moving away from the car mumbling something. Since this place is silent with no vehicle passing, he could hear the man’s murmurs.

“Is it today’s trend of grooms and brides to roam around the city separately? Modern society is very strange” He heard the man spoke and immediately got down from the car. Running towards the man, he asked him where he had seen a bride. The man indicated towards the north side of the road. He quickly boarded the car and started driving fast towards the said direction.

Thank god this road is empty otherwise he is sure he would get into an accident by the way he is driving now – Fast and Furious. The man told him that he just saw her but then how come he didn’t see her yet. She must be walking slowly since when people get sad they walk slow. Her feet too are so small that she could not cover this distance by walk even if she goes fast. Is she running? No way. She could not even walk properly with that chappal of hers. He could not help but smile when he remembered all those situations when her chappal broke. He put a sudden brake when he spotted the subject of his thoughts running across the road into a more remote area. But, why is she running? Oh no! Did he become so crazy that he started imagining her running away in the bride’s attire? He thought for a moment and decided that she could not have come so far. He decided to take a u-turn and search again carefully.

He took a last glance before turning the car and found four men running behind her. What’s happening here? He drove following them. He stopped when the road narrowed and got down from the car. He ran for some time and halted on seeing her in the middle of those goons. Yes, goons. He would call anyone goon if they chase and tries to misbehave with a helpless innocent girl. A helpless innocent girl? He, his family, and her family made her helpless. He felt guilty and then decided that this is not the right time to ponder on this issue. He needs to focus on the issue in the hand.

He was almost near them when a goon removed her ghunghat and throw it away. He quickly ran and caught the ghunghat before it reaches the ground. He had an immediate urge to break both the hands of that goon. He looked ahead and found her cowering in the middle with her hands crossed on her front. His anger grew more and he hit the nearest goon. The goon fell with the thud and the sound made all of them look at him including Simar. Their eyes locked and her frightened face immediately lightened up. He went near her and covered her body with her ghunghat. His hands lingered on her more than they should when she looked at it and then his face. He removed his hands off her and looked down to escape this awkward moment.

He heard a goon ordering others to catch her. He clenched his hands in anger and looked up to find her still looking at his face as if she is in some trance. He got angrier at her carelessness. That stupid goon is instructing others to catch her but she is standing like a statue here. He controlled himself from shaking her back to reality. How is she going to live in this society?

“What are you waiting for? Beat him and get the girl. I want her today” he heard a goon saying and his blood boiled on the word ‘want’. How dare he want his wife? He gasped. He realized that his heart had accepted Simar as his wife and then the next moment the goon was lying down unconscious since he had thrown a kick at his face. He always knew that all those tiresome pieces of training would come in handy one day.

“Don’t you even dare to look at my wife if you want to live a long life” He threatened them and the others ran away leaving the leader unconscious? He took a deep sigh and turned towards her. She held her hands together and said thanks to him. He was dumbstruck by her actions and she started walking away from him. He got confused. He pulled her towards him and she hit him with a thud. It’s her turn to get confused now.  Her proximity is making his crazy mind even crazier. He controlled himself.

“Where do you think you are going?” he asked and she pouted. For god’s sake, why she is cute?

“To my home” she stammered and held out her hand to indicate the direction towards her parent’s house.

He held that hand and twirled it around to the opposite direction. When she looked at him confused, he bent down and spoke near her ears making her shiver.

“Your home is located in this direction, Mrs. Simar Aarav Oswal”

How was it? I hope you all like it. Thanks in advance 😀

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  2. Excellent ! I love it ❤️

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