Research about Naags by Naagin (BeHir) Episode 7

Bela, Mahir and others reach Forest temple and Haveli. Bela suggested to pray first. Everyone entered into temple. Bela and Mahir felt like being at home after long time. Tears fall from their eyes. They wiped it before anyone notice.

Bela and Mahir felt something. A negative vision of couple standing infront of temple idol. Newly wedded couple.

Groom: Shiv ji I promise i will give protection to my love throughout my life. My love on her will multiply.

Bride: Shiv ji I promise i will be with my love on all his ups and downs. I will give my life to support him.

Both hold their hands and look at each other. They smiled with tears.

Groom: I love you Bela

Bride: I love you Mahir.

Both opened their eyes with sudden shock and look at each other.

Both to each other: what happened?

Both: nothing.

Bela’s pov: whether Mahir also felt a vision what i felt? May be it’s a dream because, i always wish to marry him soon and to be with him always. May be because of that, i dreamtlike this.

Mahir also thinks the same.

Pratham: what we will do now?

Boltu: let’s go to haveli na.

Suhani: why don’t we search in this temple? We will start from here itself.

Anu: yeah, Suhani is right. We can find anything in these temple.

Everyone look at Mahir and Bela. Both are lost in something.

Adi: Mahir

Yuvi: Bela

Both went near to them and shout in their eyes.

Both with suden jerk: what?

Yuvi: what?

Adi: where were you two?

Mahir: nothing

Pratham: what day dreaming?

Bela: nothing

Anu: we decided to start from temple. What you are saying?

Mahir: that’s good idea.

Bela: let’s start.

They starts examining things in temple.

Boltu shouts: hey see this,

Others eagerly: what?

Boltu: this bell seems like old one.

Everyone glared at him.

Boltu: what i meant to say is, this temple might be old one.

Adi: don’t you realise it from the look of temple?

Boltu smiles innocently. They again examine every nook and corner.

Bela: hey guys, look at this.

Everyone went to her and look at the place where something is written very minutely. Bela took magnificient glass, Anu grabbed it from her.

Anu: i will read it.

She examined it with glass and gave weird expression.

Anu: i can’t interpret what it is

Adi hit her head playfully: then why you grabbed it from her? Idiot. Give me

He also can’t able to understand. Like wise, others also. Mahir see it.

Mahir: This temple belongs to Shesha Vansh icchadari naags. This temple is the gift by Lord Shiv ji to Shesha vansh Naags when they become icchadari naags by the boon from Lord Shiva. Thakshak Vansh and Nidyok Vansh Naags can also visit this temple, but this temple only belongs to Shesha Vansh.

Bela: give it to me.

She also examine it and read the same.

Bela: i think it is sanskrit.

Yuvi: means you two know sanskrit.

Both: yeah

Mahir’s pov: i really don’t know sanskrit. But how i read it? May be Bela knows. I shoud say yes, because already i felt weird. I don’t want to make any more confusions inside me.

Bela’s pov: i really don’t know sanskrit. Then how i read it. May be Mahir knows. I should say yes, because already i felt weird. I don’t want to make any more confusions inside me.

Adi: then it is true that Icchadari naags are exist.

Mahir: yeah, but where they will be?

Boltu already his body is shaking, Pratham as well: are you going to give feast to them?

Pratham: already, i have fear for snakes. Now, icchadari snakes means human+snakes=human snakes.

Adi: Suhani how you fall for this coward?

Yuvi: your life is going to be so boring.

Suhani: i love his innocence very much.

By saying that she kissed his cheeks. He felt it by placing his palm.

Bela: excuse me, this is temple. You can continue your romance in home. Let’s go to home na. It’s already evening. We have to walk so much distance.

Mahir: yeah, we will go. Tommorrow we will come in early morning itself. So that we will get much more time.

Anu: But i am so tired, i can’t walk. Adiii

She makes puppy face.

Adi: i know for what you are planning. Ok come i will carry you in my arms.

Pratham: Suhani, if you wish i will carry you also.

Suhani: really, OMG, but i know you can’t. So, no thanks.

Pratham: don’t underestimate the power of common man.

Yuvi: Boltu, these guys are irritating us na.

Boltu: yeah, wish Kuhu also here.

Yuvi: ok, guys. Let’s have a competition. You three should carry girls in your arms, upto the place where we took rest. Let’s see among you who will win? Who will be winner is person who didn’t drop their pair down in mid.

Mahir looks at Bela with mischievious romantic smile and winked at her. Bela felt shy at his look.

Mahir’s pov: While coming you forbid me to carry you na. Now see, God itself favours me.

Bela’s pov: what to do? Your friends also idiots like you.

Both move towards each other without taking eyes from each other. Mahir take Bela in his arms. They forget everyone around them. They put away all their confusions from mind. Mahir’s legs walk in the direction without his order. His heart, mind and eyes are connected with Bela’s. Bela’s too. Bela pecked his cheeks and smiles.

Mahir: what sins my lips did?

Bela blushed and pecked his lips. Mahir joints his fore head with hers.

Mahir: I love you Bela

Bela: I love you Mahir.

How many hours passed they don’t know. Suddenly Bela realised darkness and look around. Others are going infront of them only. They reached the oak tree and boys dropped the girls at the same time. +

Yuvi: strong love. I didn’t see any kind of struggle in anyone’s face.

Girls hugged boys. Yuvi’s eyes silently search for Ananya.

Boltu: ok, little more distance to home.let’s walk.

Bela audible only to Mahir:your hand might be paining Mahir.

Mahir like Bela: not at all

Bela: it will be, i will press it after went home.

Suddenly, Ananya comes there.

Anaya’s pov: Yuvi

Yuvi turns in her dirction, but she hide behind tree.

Boltu: what happened?

Yuvi: nothing.

He turns disappointedly.

Ananya’s pov: I saw Yuvi. But he went with some other people. Who are they? I thought of follow them.

Ananya started following them. Her eyes fixed on Yuvi. Suddenly, Yuvi moved away and she saw Mahir and Bela.

Ananya without knowing to herself: Maha nagrani Bela and Maha Nagraj Mahir

She smiled at them and followed them like mesmerised. Now, her eyes fixed on Mahir and Bela.


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